G. & S. Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) excel with a 1st, 3rd and 4th from Chateauroux in Sector 2 Chateauroux against 14,602 p.

Team Verkerk had their mind set on the national race from Chateauroux, and so their pigeons were in top form for this race. They eventually won a 1st, 3rd, and 4th in Sector 2 against 14,602 pigeons, as well as a 2nd, 4th and 5th overall against 47,453 pigeons. This is yet another brilliant performance from the Verkerk pigeon family.

Besides having won an impressive number of top prizes in the NPO classics, Gerard and Bas Verkerk are also one of the most celebrated fanciers in Chateauroux, the only national  one day long distance race in The Netherlands. The country's most famous father-son combination has really dominated this race in recent years, whether it be with a joint release or a separate release for each province. In 2015 they settled for a 3rd, 4th and 5th place overall in the national race, winning 11 top 100 prizes across all sectors. The unofficial result of the 2016 edition shows an even better result against 47,453 pigeons:


In other words: they had basketed 117 pigeons, 17 of which managed to win a national top 100 prize. They have also won 35 prizes 1:100, 80 prizes 1:10 and 97 prizes 1:4. That is quite a stunning result.

Gerard and Bas claimed victory in the sector and in Province 5, and they won several more top prizes:

- National Sector 2 - 14,602 p.
90th-98th-136th-138th-142nd-144th-145th-146th-147th-148th- etc.
26x 1:100, 70x 1:10 and 91x 1:4
- NPO Province 5 - 10,029 p.
72nd-79th- etc.
20x 1:100, 66x 1:10 and 88x 1:4

Super class racing cock Volcano

One of the leading names in this year's race from Chateauroux was NL14-1059635 Volcano, a top class cock that was very successful in the national one day long distance races of 2015 as well. He has now won the following top prizes:

  1st Sector 2 Chateauroux    14,602 p. 2016
  2nd Sector 1-4 Chateauroux  47,453 p. 2016
  5th Sector 1-4 Chateauroux  37,571 p. 2015

His sire is the outstanding breeder Goofy, which also bred the 2nd National Ace Pigeon Andy Murray; he is a son of Pavarotti x  Oprah. The dam is Efendi, a direct Koopman and heavily inbred to Magic Man and Solange, top class breeder of Verkerk (she comes from grandfather x sister of the dam of Solange). You can find the full pedigree of Volcano here.

The second best pigeon of Verkerk in Chateauroux is a proven racing bird as well: NL14-1059627 Fire Eyes. We take a look at the palmares of this excellent racing cock:

  3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Topwings 2015
  1st Pont-St.-Maxence    2,454 p. / 3rd fastest 32,967 p.
  6th  NPO Bourges        9,742 p.
  40th NPO Ruffec         4,133 p.
  78th NPO Blois         15,515 p.
  38th Nanteuil          12,543 p.
  38th Nanteuil          11,867 p.

Fire Eyes is a son of top class breeder Donald x top class hen Eye Catcher, the fastest from Mantes-la-Jolie against 20,506 pigeons. Fire Eyes is thus a half brother of Eternity (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Allround in the PIPA rankings), Challenger (2nd Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2013 in the province), Broken Breastbone (14th & 15th NPO and a great breeder), Nena (3rd NPO Argenton 3,778 p.), and Dedication (1st Nanteuil 12,543 p. in the province). Click here for the pedigree of Fire Eyes. You can click here for a picture of the head and wings of Firy Eyes.

A new highlight for the Solange dynasty

Chateauroux 2016 also illustrated the continuing importance of Olympic Solange for the Verkerk pigeon family. She was the best all-round pigeon in The Netherlands ever with six titles of 1st National Ace Pigeon, and she is now developing into an internationally renowned breeding hen. The bloodlines of Solange can be found in the pedigrees of all top prize winners from Chateauroux:

- 1st Sector 2 / 2nd Sector 1-4 Chateauroux
  The dam comes from Magic Man (grandfather Solange) x sister Magic Amore (dam Solange)
- 4th S1-4 Chateauroux
  The dam is a sister of Olympic Solange
- 5th S1-4 Chateauroux
  The dam is a daughter of Magic Man (grandfather Solange)
- 15th S1-4 Chateauroux
  Daughter of Magic Amore (the dam of Solange)
- 19th S1-4 Chateauroux
  Son of Feline (granddaughter Olympic Solange)
- 21st S1-4 Chateauroux
  Son of Olympic Solange
- 23rd S1-4 Chateauroux
  The sire is a half brother of Olympic Solange
- 30th S1-4 Chateauroux
  Daughter of Magic Amore (the dam of Solange)

Olympic Solange