Freialdenhofen & Sons (Aldenhoven, DE): 1st-2nd-3rd-5th-7th Nat. Bordeaux yearlings

What a triumphal march for the ‘kings of the German grand distance’ in the National Bordeaux … the test for their yearlings which was passed with flying colours. Holding the entire podium with also the 5th and 7th National … a unique performance from the excellent ‘Forest Gump’ dynasty

47 magnificently prepared yearlings came to defend the honour of the utmost successful Freialdenhofen family in a tough Bordeaux. All having had 5 or 6 races of up to 200 km as a youngster and exactly the same preparations in 2011 as the Barcelona team; from the 22nd of April until the 21st of May they were basketted weekly for the programme races (up to 370 km) … then the regional races Tours (28th of May and 564 km) against 20.000 p., Orleans (4th of June and 460 km) against 12.000 pigeons and Blois (17th of June and 515 km) against 9.000 pigeons. Each time being basketted as training pigeons with the first official race being Bordeaux, each year the first big testcase for the Freialdenhofen yearlings. 


The Bordeaux team was basketted on the 28th of June and liberated on the 2nd of July at 6h45 … to then achieve a hell of a series. As stated, 47 pigeons in the competition which reported back to Aldenhoven at the following arrival times: 20h34, 20h37, 20h42, 20h55, 21h00, 21h13, 21h18, 21h21, 21h24, 21h25, 21h31, 21h31, 21h41, 21h41, 22h05, 22h08, 22h12, 22h27, 5h49, 6h04, 6h12, 6h18, 6h23, 6h25, 6h35, 6h47, 6h51, 7h11, 7h35, 7h42, 7h45. In other words; 31/ 47 home at 7h45 the following morning. An unknown result and … a real triumphal march for descendants of the new stock cock ‘Forest Gump’. It resulted in the following National series against 977 pigeons: 

1st Nat. – 2nd Nat. – 3rd Nat. – 5th Nat. – 7th Nat. – 12nd Nat. – 14th Nat. – 17th Nat. – 19th Nat. – 20th Nat. 


The winning pigeon (1st Nat.), the third pigeon (3rd Nat.) and the fifth pigeon (7th Nat.) are all grandchildren of both ‘Forest Gump’ (3rd Int. Ace bird 2002 ) as ‘Carcasonne’ (1st Nat. Ace bird 2007). ‘De Favorit’, which took first prize, had impressed Team Freialdenhofen so much in the preseason that he was nominated first. Very noticeable in the arrivals and characteristic of the wondrous stock pigoens there in Aldenhofen:
- The first, second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth pigeons are all grandchildren of ‘Forest Gump’ … the sixth pigeon is a grandchild of this giant.
- The first, third and fifth pigeons are grandchildren of the ‘Carcasonne’ … the second and seventh pigeons’ are direct children of this crack.
- The fourth and eighth pigeons are grandchildren of the 2nd Nat. Marseille 2003, 5th Nat. Pau 2004 and half-brothers of the 2nd Nat. Marseille 2010.
- The sixth pigeon is a son of the 1st Nat. Bordeaux 2009. 



Klasse !

... große Klasse unserer guten Freunde. Großer Sport. Ihr habt es mehr als verdient.
Barcelona steht vor der Tür. Ihr seid einer der großen Favoriten für diesen Flug.
Weiter so.
Gruß Mario u. Birgit