Freialdenhofen & Söhne (Aldenhoven, DE): great successes in the long distance!

They have won many races and they have been racing outstandingly well. Their most recent highlight was the winning of a first international from Pau against 8,399 pigeons! They are among the very best in the international races.

We are talking about the pigeon loft of Freialdenhofen & Sons or, to be more precise, father Heinz-Josef and his sons Dirk and Heiko from Aldenhoven. This town is located in between Aachen, Köln and Düsseldurf. This is actually not a great location for a long distance fancier. That explains why they have won many prizes in the shorter distances. This is not surprising: a pigeon needs more strength and energy for every additional kilometre it has to cover. Despite this additional distance the Freialdenhofen pigeons have been doing great. However, we all know that the quality of a pigeon breed is the decisive factor. This breed is undoubtedly of great quality. In fact it would be difficult to find a pigeon breed that is more talented than the breed of Freialdenhofen & Sons. We come back to this later.  

Indeed, the Freialdenhofen family has won the first international prize from Pau. This is a great achievement; the winning bird beat 8,399 opponents. An international win is something special for a pigeon loft in Germany. The important victories in international classics are won by Belgian or Dutch fanciers most of the time, because they often benefit from the wind direction but also because they have excellent long distance racing pigeons of course. Anyway the race from Pau took place on 22 June 2012. 8,399 of the very best long distance pigeons were released from Pau at 6:45 AM. There was a stiff north-east wind. As a result the pigeons flew at a high velocity. The first pigeon lofts that were approximately 800km away from the release site achieved speeds of nearly 1,500 m/min. The Freialdenhofen family registered the first pigeon at 17:11.34, which had covered 941.838 km with a velocity of 1,567.01 m/min. This pigeon was later awarded as international winner. The Freialdenhofen family could add another spectacular win to its already impressive list of achievements.

The Freialdenhofen family after their international win from Pau in 2012

Forrest Junior, the big winner!

They managed to beat the opponents from Pau with the two year old champion 06348-10-196 called Forrest Junior. This pigeon had already won a few prizes before Pau. As a relatively young cock he performed very well already. He won for instance a third National from Bordeaux against 966 pigeons in 2011, as well as a 28th International against 11,444 pigeons. This is of course a great achievement, especially for such a young pigeon. He has excellent origins: his sire is Son Forrest Gump (06348-05-420), a son of the famous Forrest Gump (06348-00-789) paired to Jenny (06348-99-62). Both Forrest Gump and Jenny are top class breeding pigeons and they have bred numerous excellent long distance pigeons and prize winners. The dam of Forrest Junior is Daughter Carcassonne (06348-07-616), a daughter of Carcassonne (06348-05-665) paired to Daughter First Lady (06348-05-614). You can find several renowned pigeons with great breeding qualities in the pedigree of the international winner from Pau. When we take a more detailed look at his origins we notice how national winners can be bred from previous winners of the greatest long distance classics from Perpignan, Marseille and Barcelona. This is obviously the case in the Freialdenhofens pigeon family: they have always been looking for the very best pigeons available. They have not just purchased pigeons from fanciers; they have been searching for the most successful pigeon fanciers and it was their goal to obtain top level birds. That also explains their impressive victory from Pau. They leave nothing to chance. They took the victory with an exceptional racing pigeon. Forrest Junior had already won a third prize from Bordeaux as a yearling and he proved his value there. That race from Bordeaux was actually an overall success for the Freialdenhofen pigeon loft: they won a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th national prize with descendants of Forrest Gump. These were results achieved in 2011 and 2012. We wonder how many top results this pigeon family is going to win in 2013.

International highlights

Let’s run through the highlights of this loft that were achieved in the international long distance races over the last ten years.

1st International Dax Euregio 1,132 p. 1999
1st International Montelimar 979 p. 2000
1st International Bordeaux 1,785 p. 2003
1st International Marseille Euregio 1,180 p. 2004
1st International Barcelona Euregio 1,280 p. 2009
1st International Perpignan Euregio 700 p. 2010
1st International Tarbes Euregio 438 p. 2010
1st International Pau 8,399 p. 2012
2nd International Bordeaux Hens 1,202 p. 2008
3rd International Bordeaux 9,686 p. 2002

These are only the most important top prizes internationally. They have also won countless top prizes and first, second and third national prizes. In fact they have been very successful throughout their career. They basket their pigeons for the long distance races only, in other words the international races. This means their pigeons have to cover distances of 800 to 1,100 km (Barcelona). Their racing team consists of about 70 cocks and 40 hens. It is worth mentioning that some of their hens are raced on total widowhood.

Forrest Gump and his legacy

The pigeon Forrest Gump (06348-00-789) has become the undisputed number one breeder in this loft: he is the stock sire of the loft in Aldenhoven. His son Son Forrest Gump (06348-05-420) is the sire of Forrest Junior (06348-10-196), winner of Pau. Forrest Gump forms the old basis of the pigeon breed and he originates from the bloodlines of the Saya brothers from The Netherlands, crossed with pigeons of Yves Van de Poel/Buckley (Geetbets, B). The dam of Forrest Junior is Daughter Carcassonne (06348-07-616), which has already bred excellent descendants. Forrest Junior is now paired to Sister Pozzato (NL 06-1437042) of Wijnands & Sons, which is for instance the dam of the first National Bordeaux against 1,451 pigeons in 2009.

One of the sons of Forrest Junior will be included in the auction of Freialdenhofen & Sons on PIPA. When you take a look at his pedigree you can clearly see his origins and his bloodlines. In 2012 Forrest Junior was bred with some other hens as well, including Sister Marseille 849. One of the cocks that were bred from this combination will also be included in the auction. It would be interesting to compare the two combinations with Forrest Junior. Which combination is the best? It is hard to tell. I believe that both pigeons are of great quality.  One other son and daughter of Son Forrest Gump will be included in this auction. In addition, there will be a son and a daughter of the one and only Forrest Gump in this collection as well. These are all excellent long distance pigeons that you don’t find very often. When you take a look at the origins of all of these pigeons you will agree that this is a unique long distance collection and you will be thrilled about the quality of this long distance pigeon breed.

This is only a brief article about the Freialdenhofen pigeons but I hope that you have learned a lot about this breed. The loft that houses the winner of the first International from Pau 2012 is one of a kind.

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I have a trip in Germany,last year in aug. and I have the great oportunity to visit this great loft. Super pigeons and fanciers!Congratulation!! best regards@best wishes for Dirk ,Heiko and his wonderfull family. Mike from Romania