Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede (Zingem, BE) win silver and bronze from Limoges yearlings and 5 pigeons in top 100 National

The Vandenheede brothers are once again busy with an unbelievable season, with already 3 provincial victories this year, today they win 2nd and 3rd place national from Limoges yearlings (and once again 1st provincial) and 5 pigeons in the first 100 national.

On the one hand disappointed that they didn’t win, as so many times over the last three years. (Last year the Vandenheedes ended just behind the national victory 7 times), on the other hand very proud with a stunning performance. Both pigeons landed almost together with a difference of only a few seconds. The first pigeon is a full sister of the hen which earlier this year won a first provincial from Vierzon. Good blood  doesn’t lie... 


2nd national Limoges : ( line Freddy x Dream Couple )

3rd national Limoges  :

Honours list 2nd and 3rd national : Click Here


Freddy, director of the primary school in Zingem, and Jacques, now retired, decided to form a duo years ago, after they had both built up impressive solo careers. A few insiders had predicted that racing together would result in something even more impressive, but no-one had dreamt that it would be at such a level. They enjoy it to the full.

Congratulations and keep up the good work! 



Congratulations Vandenheede Family ! Wink

Congratulations to my good friend Freddy and his brother , another top performance

Mick Betts

Congratulations to Freddy and Jacques with one more top result. Wishing you even more success in the future.

Poul Stærkær
Pipa Agent in Denmark

Another top result for Freddy an Jacques,'wow'you guys hav to be the most consistent flyers in Belgium.. keep up the great work fellas. Wink

Congratiulations from Romania! Smile

Muchas felicidades desde Barcelona

Congratulations . Wishing Freedy and Jacques more top results in the future Fron Eric of Koole-lofts.

mooie prestatie maar sedert wanneer is een 2de Nationaal meer voorpaginanieuws dan een eerste Nationaal
zeker om dat de eerste Nationaal een kleine liefhebber is Proficiat Ronny en Stijn Decoster met de eerste Nationaal op Limouges

Congratulations Jacques & Freddy!
Fantastic results! 2 grandchildren of De Limoges - high quality!
All the best from Denmark!

Beste, als u zaterdag op PIPA keek zal u gezien hebben dat de nationale overwinnaars al de eerste aandacht kregen. Daarnaast komt er straks een meer uitgebreide reportage over de winnaars, die opnieuw veel aandacht zal krijgen.

Great performance result from this blood line "Freddy"

Del Valle Loft U.S.A