Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, Zingem are ready… it has been proven by their double interprovincial victory from Vierzon OVV-FVOV by the old birds and the yearlings.

Next weekend the first ‘national confrontation’ from Bourges is on the agenda! In Zingem the troops seem to be ‘ready’… that was clear last weekend from Vierzon where the Vandenheede brothers had a double victory (inter)provincial FVOV!

Each one of us knows that at the start of the 2011 sport season a heavy task lay ahead for Freddy & Jacques,  in approaching or even matching the previous ‘success year’ 2010. Especially for those who closely followed the performances of the ‘brothers’. Although it doesn’t seem to have affected them there in Zingem, and they remain stoic calm… waiting for things to come. Yet even by them the temperature… with Bourges in sight… will be rising slightly. Because in the first ‘national confrontation’ of the season many eyes will be watching the performance of the Vandenheede pigeons… and the pigeons will have to perform! No problem… as was clearly demonstrated last weekend in the Vierzon from FVOV East-Flanders… where the 1° (inter)provincial was achieved against 8.336 o.b. (with 6 pigeons by the 36° prize), and 1° + 2° (inter)provincial against 4.366 yearlings (and 11 pigeons by the 38° prize)! Top class display once again!

With their performance from Vierzon Freddy & Jacques have… perhaps unwittingly… pushed themselves into a ‘favourite role’. Taking into consideration their double ‘national victory’ from Bourges 2 years ago, then it is not strange… although Freddy, as clever as he is… wipes this ‘favourite status’ from the table… especially with the predicted ‘west wind’ for the coming weekend at the back of his mind! Last weekend gave us a taste of what there is to come… not only from Bourges, but also in the following weeks :

21/05/2011 Vierzon

Club             978 o.b:  1-3-4-11-13-14… (from 49 p.)
FVOV East-Fl  8.336 o.b.:  1-3-11-32-35-36…
Club           570 Yearl: 1-2-4-5-6-7-9-11-15-16-17… (from 64 p.)
FVOV East-Fl 4.366 Yearl: 1-2-9-11-12-14-20-27-36-37-38 

By the old birds it was ‘Marius’ and ‘Mirthe’ which were clocked first… hereby a selection from their honours lists up to present :

-‘Marius’ B09-4035303

’11 Vierzon FVOV  Intprov  8.336 p. 1
’10 Chateauroux FVOV Prov  5.547 YL 1
                  Nat.    22.718 YL 2
’10 Tulle         Zone A   2.730 YL 8
                  Nat.     8.323 YL 17
’10 Argenton      Nat.    19.816 YL 791
’10 Limoges       Nat.    14.211 YL   68

-‘Mirthe’ B09-4035162

’11 Vierzon FVOV  Intprov  8.336 p. 3
’11 Dourdan-Angerville       321 p. 2
’10 Blois   FVOV  Intprov  1.519 YL 13
’10 Bourges FVOV  Intprov  2.230 YL 41
’10 Montrichard FVOV I.Pr  2.726 YL 79
’10 Chateauroux II Prov    5.547 YL 149 (13 June)
                  Nat.    22.718 YL 553
’10 Chateauroux FVOV I.Pr  4.775 YL 7
’10 Vierzon FVOV  Intprov  3.614 YL 129
’10 Argenton      Nat.    19.816 YL 2599
’09 Orleans FVOV  Intprov  5.001 YB 26
’09 Vierzon FVOV  Intprov  4.228 YB 65
’09 Bourges       Zone A  11.355 YB 254
                  Nat.    37.357 YB 3115
’09 Tours   FVOV  Intprov  2.145 Y 

By the yearlings it was ‘Annika’ and ‘Marloes’ who signed for double victory 

-‘Annika’ B10-4101204

’11 Vierzon FVOV  Intprov  4.366 YL 1
’11 Dourdan-Angerville       436 YL 3
’10 Argenton FVOV Prov     4.891 YB 223
                  Nat.    22.442 YB 845
’10 Ablis                    685 YB 7

-‘Marloes’ B10-4101284

’11 Vierzon FVOV  Intprov  4.366 YL 2
’10 Orleans FVOV  Intprov  4.892 YB 51
’10 Montrichard FVOV I.Pr  2.146 YB 53
’10 La Souterraine Zone A  6.712 YB 173
                   Nat.   17.017 YB 689
’10 Dourdan-Angerville       942 YB 31

With 4 pigeons clocked within a minute, resulting in 1° + 3° place by the o.b., and 1° + 2° place by the yearlings at interprovincial level FVOV East-Flanders, Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede have once again ‘shot’ out of the starting blocks!

Is this an indication of what is to come… or the ‘overture’ of an (at least) just as spectacular sport season as 2010? The coming weeks will bring ‘clarity’… although those in the region are already getting worried! They have known for years what the Vandenheede brothers are capable of. Once they let out their ‘demons’, there is not much that can stop them. Saturday, with Bourges I… the following appointment is on the agenda! Look what they have in store there in Zingem… 



Proficiat Freddy & Jacques, superuitslag !

Proficiat,maar ik heb wel een klein vraagje.Hoe kan er op lokaal vlak een duif tussen de vijfde en zesde van jullie komen en op provincial vlak niet.namelijk lokaal 11 en 13 prov 350en 36?

Het is prov 35 en 36.Foutje getijpt.

Freddy en Jacques een dikke proficiat.
Petje af voor deze puike prestatie, doe zo voort in 2011.

Groeten Frederik

Van harte gefeliciteerd mannen, grote klasse.
Last Son Dream Limo heeft hier een prachtige duivin, hij is er mee in zijn nopjes.
Succes verder

@ Theo: misschien omdat je op lokaal vlak de 4e en 5e duif neemt en op provinciaal de 5e en 6e duif??
Die 11e en 13e prijs lokaal vliegen dus provinciaal de 32e en 35e!

In ieder geval, kerels om in het oog te houden morgen op Bourges!!

Succes aan iedereen!

wow.u guys are up there with the best and it looks like another fantastic season ahead. keep up the great work..

Freddy & Jacques

very nice result keep up the good work

Well done freddy & jacque , super flyin guy's.

Regard's Sheldon