A flying start for Jos Thoné (As, BE) with three provincial wins in four races!

The 2013 season has only just begun and the world champion from As (Limburg) has put his cards on the table. Thoné has won three out of four provincial races in Limburg, after last week's provincial win from Gien (yearlings). Last weekend he achieved a double victory from Vierzon with a provincial win in the old birds' and the yearlings' category!

Jos Thoné (53) set a high bar for the new season, winning three out of four provincial races. It is obvious that the fancier from Limburg aims for an 8th national win. His list of achievements is already quite impressive:

-4 x World Champion
-5 x Olympiad Pigeon
-5 x Winner of Golden Pigeon
-2 x first international
-7 x first national
-1 x national champion KBDB young birds

He achieved a double provincial victory from Vierzon with Thea and Derwien last weekend. Derwien, BE11-5010133, came in first against 3,088 old birds with a velocity of 1230 m/min. Thea, BE12-12-5030332, arrived in the lofts in As five seconds after Derwien, which was enough to take the first prize against 1,190 pigeons in Limburg. The pedigrees of these pigeons explain why these pigeons are so successful.

The sire of Derwiens is a son of Cavendish (BE08-5061019), provincial ace pigeon sprint in 2008. Cavendish was paired to a sister of Avril, which is a top class pigeon of Thoné and an Olympiad Pigeon Sprint in Ostend.

The dam of Derwien is a direct Albert Derwa pigeon and a daughter of his phenomenal hen Paulin, which won an eighth Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance KBDB 2007, as well as a first semi-national Chateauroux, a first prov. Gueret, etc.. Click here for the pedigree of Derwien.

Thea is in turn a 100% Boutsen-Matthijs pigeon. The sire, Gierke (BE01-5099763) is also the sire of their Olympiad Pigeon Kaja, an Olympiad Pigeon Sprint in Poznan 2011. The dam, BE04-5054322, is also the dam of the second prov. Ace Pigeon Sprint. Both the sire and the dam have Pros Roosen origins. Click here for the pedigree of Thea.

Jos won a provincial flight from Gien in the yearling's category last week as well with his Sarita, BE12-5030072. She was the fastest of 2,463 yearlings. Sarita is a niece of Sachi, first nat. La Souterraine '12 and a granddaughter of Jutta, second nat. Vichy and Olympiad Pigeon Middle Distance Porto. Click here for the pedigree of Sarita.

A few results from 2013

4/5 Melun 171 old birds: 1-2-3-8-9-10-12-13-… 15/25
18/05 Marne 731 yearlings: 1-3-4-9-12-14-25-27-36-37-… 24/41
18/05 Vierzon prov. 3088 old birds: 1-14-108-142-159-160-… 18/23
18/05 Vierzon prov. 1190 yearlings: 1-22-50-58-80-95-... 9/12

There is no doubt that the pigeons of Jos Thoné are in great shape. The pigeons from As are looking forward to the national races!


DearJos ,
Well done .
"Jutta" is really a jewelry .Not only a super racer , but also a fabulous breeding talent .
I also performed very well with Jutta lines . Compared with many other so-called famous breeders , she is just a breeding wonder ...
Simply the best !
Good Luck !

Congratulations Jos on your outstanding start to the 2013 racing season. Your top results are the rewards for your hard work, good judgements and dedication.
I haven’t for forgot that I owe you and your good lady a meal out the next time we get together. Hope to see you both in Florida for the AU Convention later this year.

Mark Evans. U.K.