First national victory for Famille 3D (Ghlin, BE) on Bourges I with the highest speed from the 39.411 pigeons !

This is an exceptionnal performance that managed to book 'Beatrix' who won the race against the 20.282 old pigeons with a huge advance on the rest of the convoy. Famille 3D just won its first national victory after several top 10 national booked over the last 5 years.

Kevin Druart & Reinald Delaere.

Released at 07h00 o'clock, the 39.411 pigeons basketted on Bourges had to face tough flying conditions with a head wind on most of the flying line and hot temperatures but it was fair for everybody. We expected the first arrivals just after noon next to the french border and this is exactly what happened with the arrival of the pigeon from Famille 3D being the very first pigeon clocked from the race, precisely at 12h06''27 for a distance of 390,858 km, so an average speed of about 1.275 m/min. Kevin Druart & Reinald Delaere, the two managers of the loft, didn't had any clue that their blue hen just realized an astonishing performance digging a real hole on the rest of the convoy. She had an advance of about 26 m/min on the second national, the pigeon from Kurt & Raf Platteeuw, himself being 10 m/min ahead on the pigeon from Wilfried Vandemaele who runged on the last march of the podium. The pigeon from Kevin Saudoyez, national winner in the yearlings category & second highest speed from the general convoy, finished the race with an average speed of 1.254 m/min. The advance of the pigeon from Famille 3D is incredible and gives you a better picture of the performance she did.

Firework on Bourges

The result booked by Famille 3D on the national race from Bourges is really incredible. They really dominated the race and they were not far from booking another exploit as their first yearlings also won the 2nd national against 19.123 pigeons. Once the first pigeon arrived, it was a real firework realized by the 68 pigeons basketted on Bourges. Let's have a look by yourself with their clocking time:

So, 34 pigeons from the 68 basketted in a little bit less than one hour. Here are the results: 

26/05 Bourges prov - 1.669 olds: 1-26-46-146-... (13/19)
26/05 Bourges prov - 1.585 yearlings: 2-5-8-12-13-22-31-32-53-54-55-75-84-87-97-109-... (26/49)
26/05 Bourges national - 20.282 olds: 1-153-274-... (13/19)
26/05 Bourges national - 19.123 yearlings: 2-28-45-65-66-113-178-179-426-427-430-... (24/44)

A strong start of the season

You can't book a so fantastic result in a so difficult race if your pigeons are not in top condition. If you take a look at their results since the start of the season, it was clear that something special will happen sooner or later.

05/05 Toury - 942 yl: 4-8-10-16-32-33-35-43-48-51-64-66-79-90-92-95-... (23/37)
05/05 Toury l'Avenir - 701 yl: 3-4-8-15-17-24-25-27-31-35-36-41-50-... (31/43)
12/05 Toury - 1.412 yl: 2-18-20-21-23-28-39-40-41-44-46-69-70-109-110-111-114-117-... (31/42)
12/05 Toury l'Avenir - 715 yl: 8-9-22-42-43-57-59-60-61-62-70-... (30/43)
19/05 Orléans - 1.001 yl: 16-19-24-28-44-45-50-61-82-84-89-... (27/41)
26/05 Toury - 1.311 olds: 11-31 (2/4)
26/05 Toury - 1.071 yl: 2-6-10-13-14-15-19-21-31-33-58-68-69-81-... (17/19)

But it was mostly on the interprovincial race from Vierzon that we noticed something magic will happen, mostly with the yearlings:

19/05 Vierzon Iprov - 9.260 vieux: 13-285-418-647-767-... (8/16)
19/05 Vierzon Iprov - 5.462 yl: 16-31-43-45-68-91-92-113-173-231-299-513-535-... (19/44)

- 'Beatrix' (BE15-1011863)

The victorious hen has been christened 'Beatrix' in memory of the mother of Reinald Delaere, deceased a few years ago and who was during all her life a real pigeon lover. This hen has been bred by Jean-Claude Debiève & Fils (Hornu), four times national winner from Bourges (2x 1994, 1x 1998 & 1x 2000) and whose pigeons seems to be clearly attracted by this mythic race.

Like all the hens raced on classic widowhood in Ghlin, she has been coupled on the 02nd of february for 10 days of brooding, after what all the hens were directly put on widowhood. The season started on the 07th of april with a sprint race for the hens and then they were each week on the baskets. During the week, the hens are flying twice a day and over the last few days, the training flights at home were really intensive. Two days before the basketting, the hens trained for about 01h15, proof of their super condition.

The queen 'Beatrix' photographied a little bit later after the confirmation of her national victory.

Click here to check the pedigree from 'Beatrix'.

We would like to congratulate the entire family for this fantastic performance and we wish them good luck for the rest of the season!