Fahad Alwatri (Kuwait) puts ambitions into practice with a 2nd prize in the final of the Million Dollar Race 2018

Fanciers from the Middle East have increasingly come to the fore in recent years in the world's most demanding and most prestigious one loft races. This time it was Fahad Alwatri from Kuwait who achieved his ambitions with a 2nd prize in the final and $125,000 worth of prize money.

Mr. Fahad Alwatri showing his recently built pigeon lofts


Fahad Alwatri has never made a secret of his ambition to compete for victory in some of the world's most important races. He invested a lot of time and money to get his hands on the best pigeons he could find. He often talks to Sakis Minovgioudis, with whom he spends a lot of time looking for pigeons that can compete with the best. One of those pigeons is the second prize winner of the 2018 Million Dollar Race in South Africa. If you take a closer look at this pigeon's pedigree, you will agree that it would be difficult to find a better one. He is in fact a 100% Dirk Van Den Bulck pigeon, and he is one of a kind. This KWT17-897615 is a grandchild of Kittel and Goed Rood, two of the most renowned Van Den Bulck pigeons.

The pedigree of the KWT17-897615

Last year Fahad Alwatri finished in 125th place in the final with a 100% Sakis Minovgioudis pigeon (click here for this pigeon's pedigree), wherehas this season he was close to a first prize; he did win USD 125,000 worth of prize money.

Alshaheed One Loft Race (Kuwait)

This was not the first major result for Alwatri in this year's one loft race season. Fahad's racing bird Mansoor KWT17-897681 excelled in the Alshaheed One Loft Race in Kuwait, winning a 2nd of 1,163 pigeons, a 2nd of 1,163 pigeons and a 74th of 1,191 pigeons. This Mansoor was bred from a grandson of the 4000-hen of Dirk Van Den Bulck paired to a heavily inbred granddaughter of Olympiade 003. As you can see, Fahad Alwatri only races with the best bloodlines on the market.

Final words

This is clearly a fancier with plenty of determination. His continuous search for good quality pigeons has brought him great results, and will probably lead to many more results in the future as well. Many think OLR racing will be the future of our sport: fair but hard, with pigeons racing against each other in the same conditions. The best bird wins the race, and this time it was almost a bird of Fahad Alwatri's collection. We will be following the next few One Loft Races, where Fahad's pigeons will likely excel again. Congratulations from the entire PIPA team to the fancier from Kuwait.

Fahad Alwatir and his good friend Sakis Minovgioudis