Fabrice Dereux (Perwez, BE) wins the 1st interprovincial Cahors 1,302 old birds!

With this victory, the hairdresser from Perwez, who already managed to win the national victory from Perpignan in 2009, proved that he is one of the best long distance fanciers in the French speaking part of Belgium.

Remember: during the last international race of the 2009 season, an unknown fancier achieved a strong performance as he won the 1st national Perpignan against 7,364 pigeons in front of Georges Carteus, the international reference of this race. The victory was won by the Perpignan Master (2nd international 18,354 p.). At this time, Fabrice had already won several national top 100 positions in the long distance races which are seen as the main goal of the loft. This national triumph will stay undoubtly as an unforgetable moment, triumph who... calls for more! That's why the interprovincial victory of Cahors must be seen as the continuation of what was set during previous years. Moreover that, on the previous national race, Montélimar, Fabrice won the 20th national against 5,952 pigeons! You must know that for a long distance fanciers, the national top 100 postitions are a must that you must win several time during a season, otherwise you will be dissatisfied! Fabrice is satisfied now!

A solid and... exceptionnal basis

Fabrice (46 years) began racing with his father. When he retired, our friend decided to focus on the long distance races because he always found they were the most beautiful races. When he first started to race this distances, his results were poor and the fanciers from his club laughed at him! Tired of this situation, he quickly came to the conclusion that he had to change something in his loft. As he wanted to shine in the long distance races, he always thought it was only possible to do that if he purchased high quality pigeons. That's why he started to analyze the national results so that he could identify a pigeon fancier who could lead him to the next level. After a while, he found the right fancier. It was nobody other than Jos Thoné (As), the several world champion, the man with the 8 provincial victories (!) in 2013! Fabrice started to come in contact step by step with the grand master of the Belgian pigeon sport. He first bought some eggs, than pigeons. Actually, several pigeons coming from the best lines of As (Sedmos, Sedna, Gerda, Arnold, Poco, etc) moved into Perwez. Now, Dereux is seen as a one of thew closest lofts to Thoné! His pigeon loft, it's like the anteroom from Thoné... call it a Thoné branch!

The winner - Aly (BE 11-1503233)

Late bred from 2011, the winner of Cahors was christened Aly. As he was bred and raised late in 2011, he was only trained a few times during his birth year. In 2012, his lack of experience was clearly a disadvantage He was entered to only two races of 500 kilometers and, following his owner, Aly quickly understood he had to eat well to recover. Seeing that the career of the racers from Dereux only begin at the age of two, he was kept for the 2013 season. This year, before his victory on Cahors, the pigeon was entered in two sprint races, three of middle distance and this before being engaged in Limoges, the first long distance race of his career, where he won the 706th interprovincial against 2,590 p. You know what he did later with the 1st interprovincial Cahors, good for the 7th national place against 8,570 pigeons! But with such a pedigree, Aly couldn't stay in the darkness too long:

Father: Full Sed (BE08-5061860), direct Thoné, son of Sedmos, a super breeder for Thoné, father of Girder who won two provincial victories on Cahors & Pau. Sedmos was bred from the famous Sumo, grand-father of the 1st & 2nd international Dax as well as the 1st & 2nd international Narbonne. The mother of Sedmos is Sedna I, 1st international Narbonne and grand-daughter of Sumo!
The mother of Full Sed comes from the Full Try (1st National Ace Pigeon Heavy Long Distance KBDB - Bracke Jozef) x Sister Sedna I.
Mother: La Petite du Bonte (BE04-2194471), direct G. Verbruggen, daughter of the Bonte Verbruggen who managed to win the 75th nat Béziers 5,420 p, 34th nat Barcelona 13,021 p. & 144e international 26,928 p! Pure class!
Click here if you want to check the pedigree.

Fabrice, congratulations on this victory and good luck for.. Perpignan !


encore toutes nos félicitations Fabrice pour tes très bons résultats dans le fond et grand fond , tu es un ami et un redoutable adversaire


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