Etienne Meirlaen (Deurle, BE) excels from Pau right away

Etienne Meirlaen gets an impressive result in the opening classic of the extreme long distance from Pau, with a club win and 5 pigeons in the national top 100, including his first and second nominated.

The pigeons of Etienne Meirlaen were pretty much outstanding in 2017. They had a memorable racing season, claiming the title of 1st Nat. Champion Extreme Long Distance Olds KBDB, a 1st and 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2017, as well as a title of 'Best Yearling of Belgium in the extreme long distance' (PIPA Ranking). Things couldn't get any better.

The two national ace pigeons have now been moved to the breeding loft, which meant a considerable loss in quality for the racing team. It is crucial to find new blood for the team as quickly as possible, and to find new champions among your newcomers. This is often a matter of luck and of patience, right until the first classics of the season. Etienne Meirlaen had some doubts heading towards Pau as well, unsure whether his racing team would be any successful in the first marathon race of the season, the first extreme long distance classic of 2018.

Pau is a race mainly for the racing cocks in the team, although Etienne also basketed 4 hens, with a total of 13 Meirlaen pigeons being basketed for Pau. They really did a tremendous job, winning a first prize at club level, a 3rd provincial, and a 13th national. He also had 5 pigeons in the national top 100, and 11 out of 13 pigeons won a national prize.

Pau  club  114 olds: 1-8-9-11-13-18-26-27-31-37-38 (11/13)
     Nat 2,587 olds: 13-70-75-80-97-222-273-310-459-602-636 (11/13)

A sigh of relief for fancier and pigeon: a new generation of prize winners has come to the fore. The racing team is showing to be in great form, ready to excel in the international classics in the next six weeks.

The first pigeon to arrive home was the 4th nominated (13th National), followed by the 1st and 2nd nominated (as 2nd and 3rd clocked pigeon), which claimed a 70th and 75th national. These are both direct sons of Monar, winner of a 1st Internat. Narbonner 12,605 old birds in 2011.

-Son Monar 054 BE13-4077054 (1st nominated from Pau)

70th  Nat Pau            2,587 p. ’18
45th  Nat Perpignan      4,620 p. ’17
63rd  Nat Perpignan      4,191 p. ’16
105th Nat Perpignan      5,254 p. ’15
316th Intnat St.Vincent 11,569 p. ’17
350th Intnat St.Vincent 10,643 p. ’16
co-winner of the title of 1st Nat. Champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2017

Monar: himself an international winner from Narbonne and now the sire of the 1st and 2nd nominated from Pau, which won a 70th and 75th Nat. Pau.
He is also the great-grandfather of a 13th Nat. Pau 2,587 old birds. Monar is a top class breeder, just like his dam Yelena.

-Son Monar 031 BE13-4077031 (2nd nominated from Pau)

22. Nat Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2017
25. Nat Pau        2,135 p. ’17
75. Nat Pau        2,587 p. ’18
78. Nat St.Vincent 3,053 p. ’17
141 Nat Libourne   5,024 p. ’15
213 Nat Brive      5,952 p. ’16

The pigeon that claimed a first prize at club level and a 13th National comes from Old 7 x Barcelona BE03-4364240, a racing cock with great strength that completed 7 different races from Barcelona, winning a 68th Nat. and 84th Nat. Barcelona. The dam is another granddaughter of Monar.

-Son Old 7x Barcelona BE14-4261230

13th Nat Pau 2,587 p. ’18 – 3rd Prov. 519 p. – 1st Club 114 p.
50th Nat St.Vincent     3,053 p. ’17
80th Intnat St.Vincent 11,515 p. ’17
47th Nat Montauban      4,327 p. ’16
53rd Prov Limoges       3,111 p. ’18 – 319th Nat. 15,789 p.
92nd Nat Zone Brive     3,405 p. ’15

All the pigeons basketed for Pau originate directly from the lines of stock dam Yelena, which means they originate at least to some extent from this invaluable breeding bird. The Yelena dynasty shows that a top quality bloodline will never disappoint.

Etienne Meirlaen was off to a great start in the extreme long distance opening classic from Pau. This looks really promising, with another extreme long distance classic now coming up almost every week. Many eyes will be on the team from Deurle.