Erik Limbourg - Brussegem (BE) experienced triumph in 2010 purely with a group of yearlings!

In 2009 Erik Limbourg sold all his old birds. The experts were in agreement that ‘mister magic’ from Brussegem would definitely return to the international top over three or four years, only the inveterate optimist dared to say 2 years.

In contradiction to all the laws, Erik and companion Geert de Clercq have, with a rare passion, managed to direct their limited group of 38 yearling widowers to unknown heights! Erik Limbourg is without doubt ‘the special one’ of the International pigeon sport!
Actually the young team of Erik and Geert have been in marvellous form all season, a few highlights naturally jumped out, such as:

· International Bordeaux the 1. prize against 13.386 pigeons andan 18 minute lead on the rest.
· Limoges (theclassic with the yearlings), National against 14.211 pigeons 3.-7.-12.-51.-83. and 20 prizes from 33 prizes National
· Libourne provincial 1.-2.-4.-5.-6. against 644 pigeons, National in Zone 1.-6.-14.-16.-26.-96. against 2.212 pigeonsand

National beginning with 16, and 39. against 6.767 pigeons … whilst all the front pigeons were in West-Flanders, Erik and Geert raced in the middle of the country 16.

Ace Pigeon Loft
Against all advice, Erik and Geert decided that after the auction of the old birds in 2009 they would seal their partnership with a new name for the colony. It was playfully named ‘Ace Pigeon Loft’, naturally referring to the large number of  National Ace pigeons that Erik had created over the years, "the men will firstly have to prove it in 2010", said the critics. No-one is as dangerous as a tormented Erik Limbourg; they should have known better. And so at the end of the 2010 season we can note down a.o. the following titles:

· 1.-2.-3.-4.-5.-6. Nat. yearling 2010 National races Soustons Limoges Libourne Tulle 3 prizes (PiPa) 2010
· Nat. yearlings 2010 National races Soustons Limoges Libourne Tulle 2 prizes (PiPa) 2010
· 1.-2.-3.-4.-5. yearlingsAce pigeonlong distance Brabant Union 2010
· 1.-2.-3. prov. Ace pigeonlong distance KBDB Flemish-Brabant 2010

The last class in particular; occupying the entire podium by the provincial Ace pigeons has never been done before. The third Limbourg pigeon even had a better coefficient than the 1.Ace pigeon old birds.
Super toppers ‘Gilbert’ and ‘Witpen Patron’
Fabulous class pigeon in 2010 is without doubt ‘The Gilbert’, the International Bordeaux winner which now has an impressive honours list and  - almost logical – various prestigiousAce pigeontitlesto his name:

 1.  Ace pigeonlong distance Brabant Union 2010
1.  prov. Ace pigeonlong distance KBDB 2010
1.  Nat. Ace pigeonlong distanceDuivenkrant 2010
1.  Internat. Bordeaux against 6.686 pigeons 2010
Fastest pigeon Bordeaux 13.386 pigeons 2010
7.  Nat. Limoges against 14.211 pigeons 2010
8.  s-Nat. Libourne 1.815 pigeons 2010
60. s-Nat. Argenton against 3.078 pigeons 2010
85. s-Nat. Chateauroux II 5.077 pigeons 2010
95. s-Nat. Chateauroux I 4.056 pigeons 2010 

His father is a grandson of Dream Pair ‘Albert’ x ‘Paola’, as well as from 1. Nat. Ace pigeonlong distance KBDB 2006 and Limbourg icon ‘Lucky 85’ … a full sister of this giant bred ‘Moluco’, the National sensation by Verreckt-Ariën with 1. Nat. Zone Limoges in 2009 and 2010! Mother of ‘Gilbert’ is granddaughter of Aelbrecht wonder couple ‘Marseille’ x ‘Fijn Blauw’.
Another magistrate within the yearling team of widowers is ‘Witpen Patron’, a beautiful cock which couldn’t keep away from the top of the Nationals!


His honours list reads:

 12.  Nat. Limoges against 14.211 pigeons 2010
39.  Nat Libourne 6.767 pigeons 2010
44.  Nat. Zone Tulle 2.742 pigeons 2010
80.  Interprov. Chateauroux 2.264 pigeons 2010
28.  Interprov. Angerville 1.029 pigeons 2010
129. s-Nat. Argenton 4.194 pigeons 2010
151. Nat. Zone Chateauroux 8.353 pigeons 2010
Always after ‘Gilbert’, this gave him the followingAce pigeon titles :
2.   Ace pigeonlong distance Brabant Union 2010
2.   prov. Ace pigeon KBDB long distance 2010
3.   Nat. Ace pigeonlong distanceDuivenkrant 2010 

Father of this giant is ‘Blauwe Patron’, a direct out Aelbrechts ‘Patron’, the famous 1. Nat. Ace pigeonlong distance KBDB in 2003 with 2 x 1. provincial.
At the time ‘Patron’ was paired with a daughter of Limbourg icon ‘Slimmen’. Mother is granddaughter of ‘Marseille’ x ‘Klein Blauw’ and even full sister of the mother of ‘Gilbert’, as if good blood would ever disavow itself; there couldn’t be any more proof!

We ask Erik and Geert if the team of youngsters will produce such talent again, they break into a smile, a young wonder, nothing less than grandson of ‘Lucky 848’ –named by insiders as the greatest living De Rauw-Sablon breeder –with the last numbers 061 shined as a youngster and won 3. prov. youngsterAce pigeontitles KBDB and 3. Nat. Ace pigeonyoungsters ‘As des As’. His honours list:

 03/07/2010    1. Angerville     291 pigeons     2. Angerville         1.253 pigeons
10/07/2010    7. Angerville     472 pigeons    19. Angerville         2.416 pigeons
17/07/2010    3. Vierzon        158 pigeons    64. s-Nat Vierzon      1.460 pigeons
24/07/2010    3. Bourges        526 pigeons    60. Nat Zone Bourges  11,739 pigeons
                                              175. Nat Bourges       30.742 pigeons
31/07/2010    1. Blois          404 pigeons    10. I.prov.            2.413 pigeons
28/08/2010    3. Angerville     160 pigeons 



Well, if they are calling it an exceptional talent there in Brussegem then it is a pigeon which we have by no means heard the last of. For now it was ‘Gilbert’ and ‘Witpen Patron’ which pinched all the prizes as exponents of a breeding loft full of young gold. Erik and Geert are taking good care of  the treasure and have managed to make the impossible happen in 2010.


Congratiulations Eric and Geert! The Jose Mourihno's of pigeon racing ! Smile

Super prestatie met de jonge garde !!!

Een enorme uitdaging om in de toekomst tegen zulke concurrenten op te gaan boksen op Nationaal vlak,daar heb je 200% inzet voor nodig en een portie geluk zal wellicht ook welkom zijn.

Gr. Frederik

Erik and Geert, it is great to see after a total auction minus youngsters, you are back so soon on top ! I think you are miracle men...!

Erik en Geert straf ze mannen Wink proficiat!!

Ben vorige week bij die mannen langs geweest, als sommigen nog maar de gedachte hadden dat die jaarlingen nu afgevlogen zouden zijn zal ik hen moeten teleurstellen vrees ik.
Wie er volgend jaar voor pakt zal vroeg staan...

Proficiat met jullie prachtige prestaties,Antoine & Rudi De Saer

This bitch with a bottle as he he best regards from Serbia