Eijerkamp Team 1st and 2nd Blois from zone 2 Noordelijke Unie

The Eijerkamp Team races under two names: H. Eijerkamp and sons with Piet Schrijvers as carer and Lotte Eijerkamp with Gerard Boesveld as carer. Together they had basketted 76 pigeons for this 1-day long distance race. The expectations were high for this race.

Especially when they heard from Falco Ebben from Beneden Leeuwen who had clocked at 14h50 from a distance of 565 kilometres. The velocity of their pigeon was 1284,659 m/m. At around 15h00 I was talking to Hans Eijerkamp on the telephone and we calculated that they had to clock a pigeon at around 15h26 in order to beat Falco Ebben.
Two minutes before our calculated time Hans went to his fixed waiting place and remained staring in the direction from where the pigeons were expected. He had just got there when he saw two dots appear on the horizon. The dots began to get bigger and bigger and they were two pigeons, flying wing to wing. The tension rose to unknown heights by Hans as the two pigeons dived down above their lofts: one flew into the gauze behind the lofts of Evert-Jan Eijerkamp and then went to the loft of Piet Schrijvers, the other pigeon landed at the trap of Gerard Boesveld’s loft.
The pigeon that was clocked first at 15h26.14 was from Lotte Eijerkamp: “Ursula” NL08-1100913. She made a velocity of 1283,488 m/m. The pigeon that was clocked second was from H. Eijerkamp and sons: “Armand” NL08-1100180, she was clocked at 15h26.38 and made a velocity of 1282,411 m/m. The distance from Blois to the Eijerkamp-lofts is 611,239 kilometres.

The Eijerkamp Team should nationally, against over 52.000 pigeons, win the 32nd and 34th prize, whilst in province 8 they began with an exceptional series of 2-3-6-7-23-27-36-40-71 etc. against 6.220 pigeons. This meant that in the Noordelijke – Unie they had 1st and 2nd prize in Zone II (number of pigeons unknown) and in the total competition of the Noordelijke Unie 3rd and 4th against 21.650 pigeons.
The 3rd and 7th National were also from Hans Eijerkamp and Sons and with 14 prizes from the 22 pigeons entered they had a fantastic weekend, or so as Piet Schrijvers says: “We did everything we could”.

The winning hen
“URSULA” NL08-1100913 is a daughter of “Son Clarence” x “Helena.

“Helena” NL03-1911077 is a daughter of Miss Saigon x Chicago.
Helena was 2nd best youngster zone Zutphen 2003.
She won a.o.:
• 3rd  Chantilly against  4.385 pigeons
• 19th   Harchies  against  1.734 pigeons
• 20th   Quentin  against     894 pigeons
• 27th   Boxtel   against  6.168 pigeons
• 38th  Bourges  against  1.834 pigeons
• 41st   Hensies  against  8.510 pigeons
• 50th   Peronne  against  1.349 pigeons
• 64th   Haasrode  against  2.143 pigeons
• 67th   Orleans  against  3.625 pigeons
• 71st  Tessenderloo against  2.353 pigeons
• 82nd  Boxtel   against  7.979 pigeons
She is mother of:
 3rd Geel   against 2.147 pigeons
 5th NPO Offenburg against  3.677 pigeons
 5th Morlincourt against  3.971 pigeons
 5th Peronne  against 2.479 pigeons

“Clarence” NL04-2079482 won a.o.:
• 1st   Morlincourt against  1.091 pigeons
• 2nd   Morlincourt against  12.671pigeons
• 1st   Chateauroux against     104 pigeons
• 8th   Chateuaroux against      942pigeons 
• 36th   Morlincourt against  1.564pigeons
• 47th  Niergnies  against 5.757pigeons

Miss Saigon   2nd Sprint pigeon of the Netherlands WHZB 2000
Chicago  top breeder and father of a.o.
Goliath: 1st St. Ghislain against 4.362 pigeons
Gigi:    1st Houdeng against 9.727 pigeons
Abel:    3rd national ace pigeon yearlings from The Best of the Best 2004
              Abel is a fine breeder: grandchildren won 6x a 1st prize.
Kaïn:   1st Peronne against 5.535 pigeons
  Kaïn is in turn father of:
     1st NPO Breuil le Vert (403 km.) against 7.793 pigeons        3rd NPO Peronne       (332 km.) against 10.274 pigeons
Achilles: 10th ace pigeon 1-day long distance
       Achilles is father of 5th NPO Bourges against 3.405 pigeons.        
         Michigan: father of 1st national München against 1.580 pigeons.
       Grandfather of 1st national Arras NPO against 11.529
                                                  pigeons and 2nd Ace pigeon Amalgamation 2007.
Gesto: this excellent breeder is father of:
   2nd national reserve Olympiad Porto cat. D all-round
   9th national ace pigeon WHZB 2004
   1st ace pigeon young birds region 2 1998
   He is grandfather of:
   2nd national NPO Orleans  against 14.285 pigeons
   6th national Blois   against   5.638 pigeons
   9th NPO Orleans   against 5.596 pigeons
   10th NPO Orleans   against 6.348 pigeons

The winner of the 2nd prize
“ARMAND” NL08-1100180 is a son of “Kaïn” and “Gracia”.
“Kaïn” comes out the famous breeding couple “Chicago” x “Miss Saigon”.
“Gracia” comes out “Ché” x “Tara”.

Ché NL04-1560084, a grandson of “Chicago” x “Miss Saigon” won a.o.:
• 1st national Orleans  against 14.285 pigeons
• 1st Arras    against 9.641 pigeons
• 9th national Orleans 2005  against 18.184 pigeons
After Ché won a first prize twice within the space of just 6 days, he was placed in the breeding loft.
In his short career as breeder he directly showed that was from good quality.
“Tara” was bred from the world famous “Kleine Dirk” from G. & C. Koopman and “Amira” from Van Hove-Uytterhoeve.
“Tara” was only raced as a youngsters and she flew amongst other things, the following prizes:
20th Etampes  against 8.794 pigeons
6th Boxtel   against 2.347 pigeons
51st Houdeng  against 16.027 pigeons
127th Wychen  against 13.410 pigeons
226th Orleans  against 10.039 pigeons

In province 8 Gelders Overijsselse Unie the Eijerkamp Team achieved 4 teletext reports against 6.220 pigeons:
2nd Lotte Eijerkamp
3rd H. Eijerkamp and sons
6th Lotte Eijerkamp
7th H. Eijerkamp and sons
They were beaten by just over 1 metre per minute by a pigeon from W. & F. Ebben from Beneden Leeuwen.

Earlier successes in season 2009
The Eijerkamp Team was also very successful in the first two 1-day long distance races.

From Orleans “Carly” from Lotte Eijerkamp was 2nd from province 8 GOU against 15.468 pigeons. In Region 2 from province 8 GOU 53 prizes were won from the 85 pigeons basketted against 3.195 pigeons.
From Chateaudun H. Eijerkamp and sons achieved 3rd place in province 8 GOU  against 5.300 pigeons with the NL07-1369885, daughter of “Vale Piet”.

Double victory from St. Quentin (20-06-2009)
On the day that Blois was raced there was also another middle distance race from St. Quentin (323 km). Hans Eijerkamp and sons had entered 46 pigeons from the total widowhood loft for this race. Over the previous few weeks these pigeons returned home exceedingly well, but a lot of  time was wasted because the pigeons wouldn’t go inside.

The pigeons were expected from this race at about 12 o’clock and the entire team was on the lookout when Piet Schrijvers, the carer by Hans Eijerkamp and sons, suddenly saw two pigeons, which nipped their wings and fell. Without any ado both  cocks landed at the trap and they were clocked one second after each other at 11h50. They had to be early pigeons, because they hadn’t seen a single pigeon and only minutes later did they see a few other pigeons flying. All in all it was 7 minutes before the next pigeons reported back to Greenfield Stud, but then there followed a bombardment of pigeons.
In Region 2 against 4.262 pigeons it was eventually 1-2-7-8-10-12-16-26-27-28-29-36-38 etc. With 40 of the 46 pigeons in the prizes, Piet Schrijvers achieved an absolute top performance.

The first prize was won by ‘Diablo’. This yearling cock was bred from a son of the top couple ‘Peter’ x ‘Charlene’ ( Heremans-Ceusters) whilst his mother ‘Demeter’ is also a daughter of the titan couple ‘Chicago’ x ‘Miss Saigon’.

The second prize was won by the first nominated ‘Damien’. This cock is a 100% Heremans-Ceusters out the ‘Lichte Blauwe’, son ‘Olympiade’ coupled with a granddaughter of the same ‘Olympiade’. ‘Damien’ hadn’t yet missed this season and last week won the 20th Morlincourt against 5.280 pigeons. As a youngster last year he also showed his qualities with a 12th NPO Peronne against 10.274 pigeons.

Team Eijerkamp, on behalf of PiPa and her readers: congratulations on your fantastic range of successes.



Félicitations pour votre exploit mais je comprends pas comment vous annoncez 1er et 2e international alors que ni la belgique, ni la Germany et ni l'Angleterre et ni la france ne jouent ce concours. C'est un concours organisé uniquement au Pays-Bas qui doit être considérer comme un national. Ceci dit je connais la valeur du colombier Eijerkamp, et ceci n'enlève rien à la qualité de leurs fonciers.