DVV Pigeons (De Vroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte) (Moortsele, BE) confirm their status with a number of excellent results in 2014

This combination has been increasingly successful in the past few years, and they had an equally promising start to 2014 with great results in the middle distance, the extreme middle distance and now the long distance as well.

The right person in the right place

This combination can be described as a group of three passionate fanciers with a professional approach. All three have spent their youth in and around pigeon lofts and they decided a few years back to start working together and to try and make it to the top of the sport with a well thought out approach. Johan, Tom and Rudi, the three members of the team, have plenty of experience, but we have seen in the past that it takes more than just dedication to make a successful career. They decided that each of them would focus on one key area to get the most of their individual talents. Johan manages the breeding loft and the young birds' team (DVV pigeons), Tom takes care of the widower cocks and hens (Van Gaver - De Vroe), and Rudi runs a team of old hens (Rudi Vandeputte). Each member is specialized in one particular aspect and they consult each other regularly as well.

Johan and Tom are proud of their Brother Tiets, the winner from Cahors

Achievements above pedigree

This might sound a bit short sighted, but there is no denying that this breed is based on pigeons that perform well and pigeons that are obtained from the greatest champions only. The fanciers have their own existing pigeon breed, of which only the very best pigeons were used for breeding. This breeding loft is founded on a number of top class pigeons, including the 1st provincial Châteauroux of Etienne Baudewijns (Moortsele, BE), De Groten of Marnix Van Gaver, the 1st provincial of Lucien Vandergucht, and Son Turbo of Andre De Coene. In addition, a hen of Erik Limbourg (granddaughter of 1st national Cahors), a number of pigeons of Rik Cools, and a purchase from the top loft of Rudi De Saer have also played a key role. A successful joint breeding was organised with a number of successful fanciers from around the region as well, including Jan Pappens from Zwalm. It was in fact a youngster from this joint breeding that won a 1st Poitiers yearlings in the basketing club in Zottegem.

An already successful 2014

This loft has won a number of national victories in the past, and they had a very promising start to 2014 as well. Their new objective is to put their current team of racing birds to the test in the long distance and the extreme long distance. This means they no longer focus on the middle distance and extreme middle distance only. We would say that their pigeons need to have a lot in store. Both the cocks and the hens have to complete races of up to 500km, while the longer distance team is basketed every two weeks. It seems this is a successful approach, as both the cocks (Tom) and the hens (Rudi) have been doing really well lately.

Well ventilated widower lofts

One of the pigeons that stands out is New Drinker (BE12-4253470), from the bloodline of top class racer Den Drinker x a hen of Aelterman-Limbourg. Click here for the pedigree of New Drinker. He was 9th Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance in the PIPA ranking with 7 prizes in 7 national races in 2013. In 2014 alone, he has won a 1st in the club (164p.) and a 2nd prov (2018 p.) from Blois, a 1st in the club (832 p. and a 27th provincial (8,394 p.) from Vierzon, a 1st in the club (370 p.), a 7th provincial (3,142 p.) and an 18th national (12,379 p.) from Potiers, as well as many other great prizes. He is an outstanding racing pigeon that is particularly successful in demanding conditions. 

This loft hosues three more top quality racing birds, including the winner of a 1st prize in the club from Cahors. To illustrate, we give you the results of Tom's widowers and the achievements of Rudy's team of hens. As you can see, this is an impressive number of excellent results, and the crowning achievement is a great performance in a tough race from Poitiers (14 June), in which they won 14 prizes with 14 old birds (370 p. at club level), and 28 prizes with 29 pigeons against 690 yearlings, including the first prize in both categories. This team managed to win 6 prizes with 8 pigeons and a first prize in the club from Cahors on the same day as well.

Brother Tiets (winner from Cahors) in his nest box, apparently in great form

It will not be easy to maintain this level of performance, but we expect their best racing pigeons to win several more prizes this season.

Their approach and the caretaking of the pigeons can be described as follows:

- Their seven stock pairs are never changed
- Several youngsters from these breeding pairs are crossed with each other
- All pigeons breed youngsters and the eggs from the 10 best old birds are kept
- The pigeons are kept in aviaries in the open air during the moult and in winter, and caretaking is not really strict in that time of the year
- During the season, the pigeons are taken great care of
- They prefer not to provide regular treatments but there is a regular medical check-up
- There is a mixture of different feed brands and the pigeons get plenty of feed
- Supplements are mixed with the feed as much as possible
- There is strict selectioning at the end of the season

We are in the end of July now and this has been a great season already. This combination has also been very successful in the young birds' competition in previous years, so we expect them to do equally well in the months to come.


Bij deze wil ik ook zeker mijn vader Marnik vermelden, die steeds een handje toesteekt waar nodig!!

Bedankt Pa!

Aan iedereen veel succes dit weekend!!

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2014 verloopt vlot zie ik op naar een nationale overwinning !

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