Dirk & Bart Delodder (Waregem, BE) take national first prize from Argenton young birds

Several bottles of champagne were uncorked in Waregem last Sunday, as the ‘344/15’ of Dirk and Bart Delodder took a convincing national yearlings’ victory. She was also the fastest of a total of 15,394 pigeons with a velocity of 1231.48 m/min.

Dirk and Bart Delodder showing their national winner

Across the country

There was not much discussion about last weekend’s releases. The baskets were kept closed for a day due to bad weather but the release eventually took place on Sunday, in nice weather and with a headwind.  As a result, the first ten prizes were divided across the country. The national winner was BE15-3095344, a blue coloured hen of the father and son combination of Dirk & Bart Delodder from Waregem. The old hen proved to be the fastest of a total of 15,393 old birds, yearlings and young birds after having taken a week’s off. She took the national victory from Argenton against 11,215 young birds, and she took a provincial first prize with quite a big lead. We take a look at her palmares this season:

Clermont    (184,201 km)  05/07/15  Club            572     10
Fontenay    (311,336 km)  11/07/15  Club            710     153
Tours       (437,969 km)  25/07/15  Provincial      6083    123   
                                    Club            575     30 
Bourges II  (429,322 km)  01/08/15  Provincial      5855    914   
                                    Zone A2         11401   2272
                                    National        36307   7896
                                    Club            811     177
Argenton II (498,975 km)  16/08/15  Provincial      2264    1     
                                    Club            314     1 

The 344/15 had a great day in Argenton and she inspired the entire racing team of Dirk and Bart to put in a great performance as well::

Argenton II Provincial  2264 YBs: 1-71-72-109-110-142-150-215-221-222-421 (11/16)
Argenton II Club         314 YBs: 1-17-19-24-25-33-34-48-49-50-83 (11/16)


“Only the really strong pigeons will take the lead in a headwind”, grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele once said. And as we said, the pigeons in the national race from Argenton on 16 August faced a strong wind blowing from north-westerly direction. We were not surprised to find out that Dirk & Bart’s national winner is heavily based on the lines of Vandenabeele. She is rather small in size as well, which is also a common feature of many Vandenabeele pigeons. The dam of 344/15 is the 343/12, a daughter of the outstanding racing bird Orlandor of Geert & Annick Vanrenterghem, two pupils of Vandenabeele from Deinze. Orlandor originates both from Bliksem and Wittenbuik, two of the most well known Vandenabeele pigeons, and he managed to win several zonal and national top 100 prizes as well:

Tulle       2012:  34th Nat. Zone   3473 p.
                   39th Nat.       10251 p.
Argenton    2012:  38th Nat. Zone   8476 p.
Tulle       2013:   1st Nat. Zone   2572 p.
                   12th Nat.        7350 p.
Argenton    2013:  15th Nat. Zone   3455 p.
Cahors      2013:  50th Nat. Zone   2801 p.
Châteauroux 2013:  72nd Nat. Zone   4390 p.
Cahors      2014:  44th Nat. Zone   2110 p.
                   63rd Nat.        7140 p.
Limoges II  2014:  84th Nat. Zone   2993 p.
                   85th Nat.        7221 p.
Tulle       2014:  92nd Nat. Zone   2295 p.

The bloodlines of herparents Orlandor x Nicofelia are of excellent quality, as you can tell from the palmares of one of Orlandor's sisters: Orlandia (BE13-4035500) won no less than 3 zonal (and two national) top 20 prizes. It seems that a new successful pigeon breed is in full development. Click here for the pedigree of BE12-3097343, the dam of the 1st National Argenton II Yearlings 2015.

At cruising speed

They had already won a 7th provincial and a 8/20 per 10 from bourges II in early August, before winning a 10/16 per 10 in Argenton last weekend. It seems that the entire team of young birds of Dirk and Bart are in great form. We wonder which of their pigeons will take a leading role in the next couple of weeks.

The lofts in Waregem, where the racing team is having a great season.


Een dikke proficiat met deze prachtoverwinning.Enkele malen dichtbij geweest maar nu de ultieme bekroning voor dit sympathieke duo.
Ignace Slots

Dikke proficiat aan Bart & Dirk.
Het is een prachtig en slim duifje.
Paul & Carlos

Beste Dirk en Bart,

nogmaals PROFICIAT met deze prachtprestatie !!!

Meer dan verdient en loon naar werken.

Doe zo verder, jullie kunnen het.


Annick en Geert

Hallo Delodder Dirk & Bart ,

Heeft deze duif ook een vader ?????

Proficiat ,

Proficiat Dirk § Bart !!
Dit duifje heeft een heel sterke prestatie geleverd.
Om tegen het windvoordeel in nog 10 m/m los te vliegen, moet je een superduif zijn !
Ook proficiat aan Geert § Annick voor het kweken van de moeder van dit duifje.
Het interesseert mij ook wel, wie de vader is ... dat blijft een mysterie ??

Beste Ruth en Dirk

Op het moment van publicatie was er geen informatie over de vader van de nationale winnares beschikbaar. Vandaar dat we in de reportage enkel over de moeder konden schrijven. Tot op heden hebben we ook nog geen bijkomende informatie over de vader ontvangen.

Met sportieve groeten

Nicholas Van den Berghe

Dirk, Ruth

Dirk Delodder stuurde net wat informatie over de vader door. Die staat intussen bij de reportage.

Met sportieve groeten

Nicholas Van den Berghe