Derwa-Luxem (Herent, BE) now officially declared 1° National Champion Yearlings 2011

In the middle of the season Albert and Francine Derwa-Luxem already had a record coefficient to their name for the ‘National Championship Yearlings’… and the fact that they have won this title is certainly no surprise, rather more a confirmation of what everyone presumed!

It was already clear in the middle of June that you would have had to have been very good to keep Derwa-Luxem from the national title by the yearlings, as they already had a record coefficient of 7,7015% to their name! The following splendid results were responsible for this 

Date  Race        Number      1st nom   2nd nom    %
01/5  Nanteuil      615 p.      1         7     1.301%
07/5  Pithiviers  1.263 p.      9        11     1.584%
14/5  Pithiviers  1.373 p.      4         3     0.510%
21/5  Pithiviers  1.200 p.      1        13     1.167%
04/6  Pithiviers    784 p.     14         2     2.041%
11/6  Chateauroux 8.092 p.      5        84     1.0985%

‘De Zoon’ and ‘Ome Willem’ signed for this… 2 robust ‘crack pigeons’ which ensured that Albert and Francine had to get their best suits out of the wardrobe, to stand on the highest podium in Ostend! 

-‘De Zoon’ BE10-2207030

0909/4  Momignies       590 p. 7
17/4  Soissons        212 p. 1
24/4  Soissons        577 p. 1
01/5  Nanteuil        615 p. 1
07/5  Pithiviers    1.263 p. 9
14/5  Pithiviers    1.373 p. 4
21/5  Pithiviers    1.200 p. 1
28/5  Bourges         460 p. 1
           Prov     2.752 p. 8
           Nat     20.544 p. 68
04/6 Pithiviers       784 p. 14
11/6 Chateauroux      367 p. 4
           Prov     1.548 p. 4
           Intprov  8.092 p. 5
02/7 Argenton         407 p. 3
           Nat     19.782 p. 131 

His steady companion with which he won the ‘national title’ is ‘Ome Willem’ , and this clapper flared up a storm, with the following performances to his name: 

-Ome Willem’ NL10-1688331

Pithiviers     252 p. 1
Soissons       577 p. 2
Pithiviers     784 p. 2
Pithiviers   1.373 p. 3
Soissons       212 p. 6
Nanteuil       615 p. 7
Pithiviers   1.263 p. 11
Pithiviers   1.200 p. 13
Chateauroux  1.548 p. 47
   Intprov   8.092 p. 84 

Add to this the ‘Primo’, ‘Vidhi’ (2° Nat La Souterraine 16.665 p. ’11), ‘Vallari’ (3 x 1° prizes in 2011 including 1° Prov La Souterraine)… and you have 5 of the leading players in the racing team, which dominated the majority of the competition happenings in 2011! Yes, you read it right… not one, but no less than 5 crack pigeons which took charge of the competitions and turned them to their own advantage in 2011… wherefrom 4 out the golden line of racing and breeding wonder ‘Paulien’! It must be a dream to have such a team of ‘supers’ and real ‘winners’… I expect that many of us would like to change places with ‘Albert’! Just after the 2011 sport season finished (with Gueret) we wrote about the magnificent exploits raced together by the Derwa-Luxem colony in 2011, you can read it again by clicking  here !

Minimal occupation… greatest successes

Albert normally keeps a total of 30 to 35 old racing pigeons (cocks + hens together), for 2011 this was limited to 20 racing pigeons…  divided over 10 hens (1 o.b.+ 9 yl) and 10 cocks  (2 o.b. + 8 yl, raced with stay at home partners)…  and 80 to 90 youngsters are trained every year (and raced with the sliding door)! There is no room for more, but that’s not necessary according to Albert… who, in his own words, now has his hands full! The return which he knows to get this team pigeons is immensely high… and reflects great class! Something which has finally resulted in the winning of the title ‘National Champion Yearlings KBDB 2011’! More than deserved… after one of the best seasons, if not the best season ever (in 35 years of pigeon sport since 1976), in which the Derwa pigeons were simply ‘outstanding’… at times a bit too big for the opposition! Congratulations Albert & Francine! 


Congratulations from Morocco

Congratulations From Greece
Albert and Francine Derwa-Luxem Your Friends from Greece, Kiriazidis Family.

Proficiat met het behalen van dit kampioenschap.
Super gespeeld dit jaar.


Congratulations my friends. You have top pigeons.
I am very happy with your champion.
Gianis from Greece