Deprez Benny, "Home of national winners..."

Benny with his sons Jeroen & Robin, on the right: Jean-Pierre Bogaerts
National Bourges 10829 Old pigeons of July 29, 2006 won by Deprez Benny, Oplinter

Linter, consisting of municipalities Wommersom, Overhespen, Orsmaal, Drieslinter and Neerlinter seems to be the “place to be” for national and even international victories. Emiel Materne did it during previous seasons and won Marseille, San Sebastian, …. Johny Jonckers won Bourges for old pigeons, even first and second national, more recently there was Jean-Pierre Bogaerts who won the “Queen’s race” in Barcelona (in 2002) with "Red Barcelona" and now, on the 29th of July, Benny Deprez in Oplinter (hamlet Stok) won Bourges old pigeons against no less than 10829 pigeons. The first national yearlings and young pigeons are situated in East-Flanders, which is perhaps a bit illogical. Excellent performance of the 21087792003 which had no name but is called "De Bourges" from now on, although his stay in Belgium will soon be over. "De Bourges" dropped a fourth feather on one side the day after his triumph. But first, a couple of eggs will surely be collected. 5 pigeons were sent to Bourges.

Benny is a young fancier of only 38 years old. He started independently in 2000 in his new house which is situated within a stone’s throw of his parental home where he used to race pigeons together with his dad Alfons. He built some very nice garden lofts and there certainly is no room to spare to participate in modern pigeon sport. He started this season with 12 widowers of which only 7 are left. He only races cocks and about 50 youngsters get a ring.

The clubs Benny usually visits are Overhespen for short middle distance racing where he has to compete against toppers such as Johny Yonckers and Tony Reniers. For long middle distance races he goes to the club in Tienen. Stimulated by Jean-Pierre Bogaerts, he has been thinking a lot about long distance racing lately. Numerical strength however is too limited at this moment but he’s on the right track with Jean-Pierre as a master.

The winner
The winner is a 3-year-old cock that is raced on widowhood. Before he was put into the basket a nest dish was placed beside his and he let no other loft mate near it. This appeared to be a good motivation factor and enabled him to hurry without weakening to his final destination, Stok Oplinter. "De Bourges" is a beautiful blue cock that never misses a prize and always goes into the basket as first nominated. His brother, whose back is less flat, is second nominated. The hens are always shown before basketing. Benny did not expect to win a first national … besides, who did?
Father: comes from Simpels René in Vissenaken.
Mother: Pypel Frans in Oplinter.


National winner Bourges 2108779/2003

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Apart from that, the loft is also populated by pigeons of Frooninckx Roger, of his father-in-law Willy Schouters (Vissenaken) who was even more nervous when he heard that there was a chance of Benny winning on a national level. Around 8:00 PM they received the liberating message and the necessary checks were carried out.

May this story be a stimulus to everyone because it proves that every participant, big or small, can win on a national level. Benny can still hardly believe it but his achievement is not worth less because of that.