Delrue-Vanbruaene (Lauwe, BE) claims title of 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon extreme long distance KBDB 2019 with Klein Donker

A new superstar has emerged from the noble Vanbruane breed: Klein Donker. He is a fantastic racing cock with many top prizes to his name, ranging from Bourges all the way to the extreme long distance. This is the only Belgian pigeon that managed to win five national top 50 prizes in international races in four years' time.

The golden Vanbraune breed

The name of Vanbruane will always be linked to the Barcelona classic, and with good reason. The late André Vanbrauene - often referred to as Mister Barcelona or the toreador from Lauwe - became an internationally renowned player as the two-time winner of a 1st International Barcelona with world famous pigeons Barcelona I (winner in 1966) and Barcelona II (in 1984). And several other international winners in Barcelona have added to his reputation - think for instance of Laureaat Barcelona of the Gyselbrecht family, or New Laureaat of Luc Wiels.

The Vanbruane pigeons are notoriously hard to beat in difficult weather conditions. Think of races into a strong headwind, races in high summer heat or other demanding circumstances - these are the favourite conditions of every Vanbruane racing bird. This is when they win their most important prizes, and it explains why they are often regarded as a breed for hard races. Given their many great results in this race, fanciers from across the globe consider the Vanbruane pigeons to be genuine Barcelona birds. But they are more than that.

Grandson Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene wanted to keep the pigeons of his grandfather André as pure as possible. He wanted to excel in the international races with clean, untainted bloodlines. And this has been a great success! Patrick kept this golden marathon breed as pure as possible through (often close) inbreeding, and he was able to excel in the races of the long distance and especially the extreme long distance. Patrick transformed this successful old long distance breed into a modern-day family that is suited for the (extreme) long distance. This breed can excel in a variety of races: in Bourges, in 800km long races with same-day arrival, and even international overnight marathon races of around 1000km!

Fellow fanciers with a good understanding of the pigeon racing scene were already well aware: with speeds of around 1200 m/min or less, the Vanbrauene pigeons can also be very successful in Chateauroux, Limoges or Cahors, or even Narbonne and Perpignan with a same-day arrival. Their all-roundedness has always been one of their main assets, back in the day of the late André Vanbraune, and today in the lofts of Delrue-Vanbruaen and many other lofts across the globe. They demonstrated this rare trait again in 2019, in the form of Klein Donker (see later), which is a perfect prototype.

The imperium of superstar Gouden Vleugel

One of the stock breeders for Delrue-Vanbruane is Superkweker Donkeren BE97-3088639 (himself a grandson of Geschelpte Stier 534/88 and stock breeder Geschelpten 362/82), which formed a great pair with de Schuwe BE01-3246891. Together they became the parents of Gouden Vleugel BE03-3239132, the winner of a Gouden Vleugel title in 2010, and a 2nd Primus Inter-Pares Barcelona 2006-2010 (2nd best Barcelona pigeon in five years of Barcelona). Here is a brief list of achievements:

-De ‘Gouden vleugel’ B03-3239132

Winner of ‘Gouden Vleugel’ 2010 BBC!
2nd ‘Primus Inter Pares’ Barcelona 2006-2010
’06 Barcelona Nat. 11,802 p. 505
’07 Barcelona Nat. 12,612 p. 822
’08 Barcelona Nat. 11,484 p. 199
’09 Barcelona Nat. 13,502 p. 1453
’10 Barcelona Nat. 12,657 p. 2

This Gouden Vleugel also won a national top result in Limoges, Cahors and even Chateauroux. Click here for his pedigree.

Soon after his impressive results Gouden Vleugel became the new stock breeder for team Delrue-Vanbruaene in Lauwe. He was paired to nest sister Iniesta, and together they bred breeding cock Klein Goud BE11-3046609. When paired to his half sister 'De 002' (which is another daughter of Superkweker Donkeren 639/97), Gouden Vleugel became the sire of Syrah BE11-3046696.

Klein Goud x Syrah are the parents the current number one star in the Patrick Delrue-Vanbruane racing lofts: a superstar called Klein Donker, winner of 17 prizes at least per 10, including an impressive six national top 100 prizes in the extreme long distance! And there is more: this fantastic Klein Donker showed his enormous potential being the only bird to win 5 national top 50 prizes in international races over the past four years! This is quite an achievement. He is yet another exceptional performer from the tried and trusted Vanbruane family!

We take a closer look at his impressive list of achievements:

-Klein Donker BE14-3006213

 2. Nat Ace Pigeon extreme long distance olds KBDB 2019
10. Nat Agen          3,938 p. ’19
15. Nat St.Vincent    2,949 p. ’19    
23. Nat Agen          3,648 p. ’16 - 86. Intnat 11,826 p.
48. Nat St.Vincent    3,053 p. ’17 – 78. Intnat 11,515 p.
49. Nat Perpignan     3,966 p. ’18 – 164 Intnat 12,349 p.
87. Nat Perpignan     4,620 p. ’17 – 227 Intnat 14,851 p.
19. Prov Bourges I    2,101 p. ’15
62. Prov Narbonne       683 p. ’16
134 Zone Gueret       2,707 p. ’14
249 Nat Agen          4,524 p. ’15
324 Zone Argenton     4,348 p. ’14
357 Nat Brive         9,132 p. ’17
367 Zone Chateauroux  3,956 p. ’14
421 Nat Agen          4,477 p. ’18 – 1107 Intnat. 13,325 p.
544 Nat Limoges I    15,789 p. ’18
1333 Nat Chateauroux 25,126 p. ’16 
1493 Nat Limoges I   14,937 p. ’17

Klein Donker stems from an inbreeding of half brother x half sister, involving two youngsters of Gouden Vleugel. Moreover, his sire is a grandson of stock breeder Superkweker Donkeren 639-97, with his dam being a double grandchild of this fabulous breeder. This is quite a pedigree.
Click here for the pedigree of Klein Donker

Creating a new dynasty with the help of Klein Donker

This incredible pigeon is now on his way to the breeding loft. It will be his goal to help with the further development of the modern-day Vanbruane bird. It has been 110 years since the birth of long distance champion André Vanbruane (in 1910), and the noble Vanbruane breed continues to claim prestigious titles and first prizes! They are outstanding in the long distance but even more so in the extreme long distance: Vanbruane is a world class breed in the international classics. This success story took root somewhere in 1931, with this breed's illustrious first stock breeder Schuwen 933/31. Today, almost 90 years later, many birds are still related to this phenomenal breeder. The descendants of this bloodline are still playing a lead role in many competitions, and they have won quite a few races as well!

We have to admit: this is something not too many pigeon breeds have been able to do. It illustrates their inbreeding potential, their strong constitution, their perseverance, their remarkable vitality and of course their hereditary traits. This is a super-strong pigeon breed that stands the test of time seemingly with ease!