De Buck - Baele, Assebroek

Maurice Baele (L) and Paul De Buck (R)

The tandem De Buck- Baele fromAssebroek is again week after week in the spotlight. Among many great results that their pigeons have achieved this month are also 5 superb victories and a 3rd provincial. They both swear that it is a little bit thanks to using Kaucabam but they are both realistic enough  know that it is just as much thanks to the hard work of their loft manager Eric and many pigeons  that have been brought in. 

The Provincial and the others…

It has never been a secret that the “De Buck-Baele” team have some very nice pigeon homes. Without a doubt, “De Provinciaal” is the eyecatcher of the loft… Last year he won two provincial flights, more specifically from Orleans against 2,886 pigeons and from Chateauroux against 6,071 pigeons. Also this season he put himself into the headlines by bringing home several excellent results. From Chateauroux he was 22nd  against 4,061 pigeons, from Limoges he was localy 2nd out of 383 pigeons, provincial 17th against 2,606 and national 372nd against 13,502 old pigeons. He comes from the strains of Raymond Plovier from Assebroek, Luc Waldack from Gavere andGarré-Vandeberghe from Vichte.

Another champ is
 “De Frans”, a 2-year old cock that was brought directly from j Frans Vanwildemeersch in West-Kapelle. This season he brought in a 3rd provincial place from Tours for the “De Buck-Baele” team. He won this race against 1,915 pigeons. Further on he flew 1st from Tours  against 147, 81st against 2,048, 48th against 663 and 302nd against 5,149 pigeons. From Limoges it was the “De Jan”, who broke his record this year. On the local level he won against 383 old pigeons, on the zone level he became 35th against 6,076 pigeons. This boy has also flown 1st from Chateauroux against 142 pigeons, Brive 3,034th against 19,477 and Limoges 42nd against 1,016 pigeons.
“De Jan”
 was bred out of a pigeon from Jan de Clercq from Maldegem together out of a hen from Lionel Debusschere from Hulste.
The strain “De Buck- Baele” is based on pigeons from Raymond Plovier from Assebroek, Frans Van Wildemeersch-Vyncke from West-Kapelle, Garré-Vandeberghe from Vichte, Jan de Clercq from Maldegem,Lionel Debusschere from Hulste, Marc Pollin from Snellegem, Hendrik Mortier from St-Kruis, Luc Waldack from Gavere, Ignace Viaene from Loppem and Cools-Blancke from Ruiselede,

Some of the nice results  that Paul and Maurice has achieved this season are as follows:
Clermont 178 yearlings: 2., 6., 7., 10., 20., … (12/ 19)
Clermont 250 yearlings: 1st., 5., 6. … (9/ 18)
Blois 232 old pigeons: 5., 17., 26, … (5/ 6)
Tours 122 old pigeons: 1st., 8., 17., 28, … (6/8)
Poitiers 218 old pigeons: 3., 16., 23., … (4/ 4)
Chatauroux 407 old pigeons: 4., 46., 58, … (4/ 5)
Chatauroux 142 old pigeons: 1st., 5., 13, … (4/ 5)
Limoges 225 2-year olds: 1st., 2., … (5/ 7)
Limoges 383 old pigeons: 1st., 2., … (5/ 7)

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