Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE) demonstrates form in Issoudun National: 1st National old birds (8,248 olds) & 1st National Zone Yearlings (3,476 YLs)

This has been another fabulous season for Davy Tournelle and his family! They were truly brilliant in recent weeks, winning provincial first prizes from Blois and Montluçon, as well as several other top prizes. And they added a national and zonal victory to their palmares just last weekend.

Davy Tournelle and his parents; a very successful team

In peak form in recent weeks

Like we said in the introduction, the pigeons of Davy Tournelle are in great form at the moment. They were outstanding in the old birds' race from Montluçon a few weeks ago, winning a 1st and 2nd Provincial. That race was a major success overall:

708 old birds: 1-2-4-10-11-34-35-36-37-51-59-63......12 x per 10 and 33/62
1063 yearlings: 3-21-22-27-32-50-67-69-78-84-88-91.....12 x per 10 and 29/70

An extensive report about this race can be found here.

And the Tournelle pigeons raised the bar even further in last weekend's race from Issoudun, where the team from Rummen was truly outstanding:


Issoudun (8,248 old birds): 1-79-168-169-175-199-228-246-277-279-319-320-326-348-358-432-433-
                            (43/59) including 29 per 10!

Issoudun (11,465 yearlings): 6-38-49-98-101-102-108-139-215-236-242-328-376-431-437-463-471-
                             (45/71) including 32 per 10!

National Zone B2:

Issoudun (2,568 old birds): 1-39-85-86-88-107-120-130-150-152-172-173-175-185-192-228-229-...(40/59)

Issoudun (3,476 yearlings): 1-14-20-37-38-39-40-57-96-106-110-152-179-207-211-224-231-253-272-

This impressive overall result sums it all up!

BE17-2058221 - Miss Torres - 1st National Issoudun (8,248 old birds) 

The national winner is one of a kind, which is why she was basketed as first nominated. She did not disappoint, winning a 1st National Issoudun of 8,248 old birds. And Miss Torres has several other top prizes to her name as well:

1st National Zone B2 Argenton (2,901 pigeons) / 3rd National Argenton (8,588 pigeons)
2nd Interprovincial Chevrainvillers (3,118 pigeons)
2nd Provincial Blois (2,953 pigeons)
17th National Chateauroux (4,641 pigeons)
74th National Argenton (15,235 pigeons)
65th National Zone B2 Chateauroux (3,752 pigeons)
9th Interprovincial Etampes (5,830 pigeons)

In other words, Miss Torres is a top level racing bird.

A beautiful picture of a beautiful race winner

The sire of Miss Torres is a great-grandson of Tiësto. The grandmother from her father's side is Thasja, which is also the dam of a 1st Nat. La Souterraine of 4,699 p. The dam of Thasja is Safira, a 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance 2009. Her grandfather from her mother's side is superstar Torres. Torres is a son of Tiësto, another of Tournelle's stock breeders. Torres won himself a 1st National Chateauroux of 4,690 pigeons and he was Belgium's best middle to long distance racing bird between 2009 and 2012. Meanwhile his youngsters and his (great-)grandchildren have followed in the footsteps of their illustrious sires and (great-)grandfathers. Miss Torres is a perfect example. And grandmother Rosie claimed a 1st Prov. Montluçon. Click here for Miss Torres's full pedigree.

BE18-2038330 - Torres Blue - 1st National Zone B2 Issoudun (3,476 yearlings) / 6th National (11,465 yearlings)

Torres Blue won a 1st National Zone B2 of 3,476 yearlings, while finishing in 6th place national of 11,465 yearlings. Among Torres Blue's earlier achievements are a 12th Provincial Blois (3,277 pigeons), a 6th Interprovincial Melun (1,349 pigeons), etc.

This race winner is a grandson of superstar Torres, just like national winner Miss Torres. And with the sire of Torres Blue being a grandson of Tiësto, this champion too was inbred to Davy Tournelle's number one stock breeder.

Zonal winner Torres Blue

Torres Blue does have an impressive pedigree, since his father is in turn the sire or grandfather of several talented racing birds, which have won the following prizes:


10th National Argenton (4,498 pigeons)
14th National Argenton (4,498 pigeons)
15th National Tulle (6,101 pigeons)
23rd National Limoges (9,162 pigeons)
34th National Tours (3,947 pigeons)
88th National Argenton (4,582 pigeons)
95th National Bourges (10,173 pigeons)
95th National La Souterraine (9,580 pigeons)

Click here for a full overview of his pedigree.

The Tiësto descendants continue to play a crucial role in the lofts in Rummen. After all, their two race winners were both inbred to this superstar.

Torres, Tiësto's best well-known son, is a grandfather of these two winners.

The Nationals with the young birds

We have the young birds' nationals coming up soon, and we are likely to see some more spectacular results from Davy Tournelle's racing team, and that includes the old birds and the yearlings, as well as the young birds. The Tournelle breed is currently in great form, and the racing team is ready to claim some more great results in the closing month of this year's national pigeon racing season.