Daniel Poussart (Bourlers, BE) puts an end to his brilliant pigeon career!

The news we learned last month came like a bomb: due to personal problems, Daniel Poussart has decided to call a halt to his pigeon activities!

Daniel and his 2nd son, Guillaume, who was involved more & more in the pigeon sport

In the world of the pigeon sport, the decision of our dear friend Daniel surprised a lot of people! After having racing pigeons his whole life, the news of this decision came as a bombshell in our office! Daniel was in fact, one of the first pigeon fanciers who engaged a long time collaboration with PIPA, the very first one in Wallonnia! But in life, you sometimes have to take hard decisions, even if you simply don't want it to go that way...

In the coming weeks, the 106 pigeons from the loft will be sold, so it is now the occasion for us to come back to the history of the loft and look at what's made him so special and so successful: in short, his philosophy.


Daniel was born and raised in what we can call a pigeon fancier family. He contracted the bug thanks to his grandfather, the late Zénobe Mercier (former national winner from Bourges), together with his brother, Olivier. His uncle, René Mercier, is also a pigeon fancier and he won 1st national from Marseille in 2000. He is still one of the best pigeon fanciers from the area of Chimay. It was in 1985 that he first teamed up with his brother Olivier, who is still a pigeon fancier today and a specialist of the races with the young birds, despite being in an unfavourable geographic situation. The colony of the Poussart brothers was one of the best lofts in the area at the sprint and the middle distance competition.

In 1996, Daniel built his new house at his present address (rue du bois in Bourlers) and, as it often is, the pigeon loft was built before the house! Daniel housed a few descendants from the best lines of his previous colony, soon strenghtened by two pigeons from Daniel Dutranoit, in fact two sons from his Bandit. From these two pigeons were bred Portos & Aramis, two of the first champions from the off.

However, as his geographic situation was poor for the sprint and middle distance, Daniel decided to focus more on the long distance races. That's why he decided to look for some long distance performance pigeons.

Two important meetings

In 1997, Daniel met Jean-Marc Calice (Bourlers), a branch from the loft of the late Denis (Bailleux), a pigeon fancier who was known to have won numerous early prizes from Barcelona during the last century. As he wanted to race the long distance, he received 5 youngsters from Calice and the pigeon that he will call later his Crack was one of them. He didn't know it then, but this pigeon would soon become the cock of his golden pair.

At the same time, thanks to his profession, Daniel met Paul Santens, one of the two members of the famous partnership of Santens Brothers. Paul had just bought a hen during the auction of  Franck Harring. He bought her because she was handled by Etienne Devos who found her really wonderfull. As he didn't knew what to do with this hen, he offered her as a gift to Daniel who quickly paired her to his Crack. This is how the golden pair of the Poussart loft was founded: The Crack x The Didi Rhône Valley, parents of the famous dynasty of the Montauban's which made the loft of Daniel Poussart so famous!

The small racing loft... the motto: 'Quality above quantity.'

The Poussart philosophy : The story of David against Goliath

In the pigeon world, Daniel is seen as a man with a small loft. He became famous in the pigeon sport thanks to his magnificent presentations for his favourite races (a.o. Montauban & Narbonne), races for which he only basketed a few pigeons which had the duty of representing the Poussart colony at the highest level of the national & international pigeon scene! Even though he was only focused on the long distance races, Daniel didn't care for the preconceived idea that if you want to be successful for the long term at the long distance races, you have to manage a large team of racers. Even though he was young and he owned a house with a large garden, he only built one small loft so that he could break free from this philosophy to apply his own: quality above quantity, but with an even more reduced number of pigeons than most pigeon fanciers think are required. His racing loft never housed more than 25 widowers while the number of basketed pigeons varied from 2 to 10 pigeons. This didn't prevent him from being considered as the Mister Montauban from Belgium, or achieving numerous national top 100 positions against the best lofts of Belgium! It's a fact that Daniel always basketed pigeons from quality that he shaped himself from a young age until they grew up to reach their maturity which, for him, begins at the age of 2 years. In fact, Daniel always had the dream to race pigeons at full power around this age, that's why he never looked at the results won by his youngsters (who are only basketed a few times during their year of birth). It is the same for the yearlings which are only raced until Jarnac (+/- 600 km) and not even Narbonne (+/- 800 km). The most important thing to his eyes was their shape when they came back home.

You will realise that his selection lasts almost two years. That's right. But seeing the size of his colony, he never became slave to his livestock and it never diverted him from his ultimate obsession: to shine in the national races of long distance!

It's now time to give you a few examples of the performances Daniel managed to achieve over the years :

1) Narbonne, July 2000:

Last race of the season for the colony and Daniel decided to basket two yearlings for their first long distance race. They were entered for Limoges two weeks before and the results were super: 107th & 1,087th from 23,550 pigeons. The conditions for Narbonne were really hard: heat and a head wind, only a few pigeons would be clocked during the first day. Result: the two pigeons were clocked in 18 minutes, good for the 26th & 51th national positions against more than 8,000 pigeons being the only fancier to clock two pigeons at the national level.

2) Montauban, July 2005:

This race will be forever considered as the best memory for Daniel. He basketed 6 pigeons aged 2 years for their very first big test. The flying conditions were still hard: a terrific heat which will affect the speed of the pigeons as the hours are accumulated. Against 7,303 old birds, Daniel won the 3rd, 41th, 42nd & 96th national and he is the only fancier to place 4 pigeons into the national top 100 from his 6 basketed (4 of which were brothers), a magnificent performance when you take a look at the national result. Just to give you an idea, the national winner achieved a speed of 1.064 m/min while Daniel's pigeon flew at 1.058 m/min. This race is also the beginning of the history of the colony: it is the start of the Montauban Dynasty!

The 'Montauban Family', born during an evening of july 2005

3) Carcasonne, July 2006

Last race of the season on the Rhône line, Daniel basketed two pigeons, as did his brother Olivier, a small detail with great importance: the 4 pigeons were all bred from the breeding loft of Daniel. The result is super: 20th, 43rd & 64th on the national level against 3,911 pigeons and 37th, 88th & 127th at the international level against 10,448 pigeons. The speed? Have a look at it: 1.019, 990 & 973 m/min against 1.084 m/min for the international winner (Etienne Devos).

End of a wonderful story...

In a few weeks, the loft will be definately empty. While he was determined to enter his racing team for the national long distance classics, Daniel had no other choice than to take the hardest decision. His misfortune will make result in happiness of others: pigeon fanciers from the whole world could soon strengthen their breed with the pigeons from this incredible stock. Daniel acted like a craftsman, like a goldsmith who shapes his jewels for numerous hours and who tirelessly restarts his work until he achieves his ultimate goal: perfection. It is now your turn to enjoy perfection! 

Daniel, we just have to wish you good luck now and we hope, once more, to see you amongst the ranks of top pigeon fanciers.  Congratulations for your work so far!


Une superbe colonie qui va être dispersée!!!

J'espère que Daniel reviendra un jour dans le giron de la colombophilie

Bonne réussite pour la vente & le futur



good luck daniel whatever your chosen path, ypu may hav quit the sports but dont quit on giving us
worthy advises if you hav time..

Contrairement au titre de l'article, ce n'est pas sa plus belle aventure qui se termine. Connaissant les qualités humaines et le parcours de Daniel, il réalise et réalisera encore beaucoup de très belles choses! Concernant la colombophilie, je suis certain qu'il reviendra un jour. En ce qui concerne la vente, c'est une occasion unique de se procurer un oiseau de qualité dans une des dernières souches homogènes existant en Belgique. Chaque pigeon issu de cette vente peut devenir le pilier de votre colombier de reproduction! Acheter un pigeons chez Monsieur X aux 50 couples de reproducteurs ne signifie rien mais acheter un pigeon issu des 6 couples de reproducteurs de Daniel est un véritable pas en avant!!!!! La colonie de Daniel ne repose pas sur du papier mais sur des faits : des top 100 nationaux qui produisent des top 100 nationaux depuis 4 générations!!!! Beaucoup de succès pour la fin de la vente et pour l'avenir Monsieur Poussart!!!

Dear GZT,

if they succeed in the hardest race in Belgium, i think they will compete perfectly in China and anywhere else in the world ! I think that it is clear

Je me suis amusé à traduire le commentaire chinois écrit ci-dessus. Quelle belle blague, les pigeons de Monsieur Poussart ne seraient pas adaptés à la dureté des concours chinois. A mon avis, ce monsieur confond le premier mai et le premier avril dans la culture européenne. Le premier mai, c'est le grand départ des pigeons et le premier avril, c'est le jour des blagues.
Je suis allé dans mes archives revoir les exploits de la colonie Poussart et justement, j'ai remarqué que c'était toujours durant des concours avec des vitesses inférieures à 1200m/min.
Ces pigeons sont donc faits pour les épreuves difficiles où le pigeon doit se battre toute la journée pour regagner son colombier. Ce sont donc des pigeons taillés pour les combats les plus pénibles.
Quand je relis les résultats sur Montauban de ces dix dernières années, je remarque une moins belle constatation pour Monsieur Poussart mais les premiers pigeons avaient une vitesse de 1550m/min!!!!
J'avoue être un admirateur depuis des années de la colonie Poussart et je ne peux accepter que l'on écrive n'importe quoi sur Pipa comme commentaire même si se sont des écritures asiatiques que peu d'entre nous peuvent comprendre. Pigeons Poussart = prix de tête par temps très dures!!!!

Good luck Danie!!!


I met you many years ago for the first time. I saw all your breeders and I was astonished by the quality. I am sure your pigeons will compete anywhere in the world in the hardest races.

The people who buy here will succeed.

You have super pigeons and you are a gentleman.

Best regards,