Crehan & O’conner (Manchester, UK) – The Manchester Maestros!

Just a stones throw from the Theatre Of Dreams in Manchester, home of the world famous Manchester United football club lives a team of pigeons that can be likened by genius to there football playing neighbours, the partnership I’m referring to is Crehan & O’connor of Salford.

Head of the partnership is John Crehan and the other partner name is Andy O’connor who unfortunately no longer plays an active role in the partnership, Johns silent side kick is Dave “Bongo” Hulmes who’s effort and drive John feels help keeps them both on their toes.
There team of pigeons and their performances have been creating and breaking records year in, year out over the past 4 or 5 years, there bloodlines are a fine cocktail of some of Europe’s finest, Koopmans, Alwin Petrie,  Harm Vredveld, Van Dykes among other top lines are all housed here.

Without boring the readers with performances of years gone by of which John feels have little bearing as you are only as good as your last race, I asked him to give me a run down of this lofts performances in the 2011 season of which we have been hearing so much about, I think you will agree the following list of merit would be a “Dream” season for any pigeon loft in the world today, this seems to be the norm for this loft now year after year in one of the most competitive pigeon racing areas in the U.K.
Only racing on Saturdays of every week.

The season commenced on the 9th April 2011:


9th April 1,2,3,5 club 169 birds 6,10,11,12 fed 1052 birds
16th April 1,2,3,4 club 222 birds 5,7,9,10 fed
23rd April 1st club 238 birds & 1,2,4,7 club 227 birds 1,2,18
fed 1422 birds 1,2 combine 3145 birds
30th April 1,2,8,9 club 243 birds 2,3,13,14 fed 1490 birds
2,4,14,16 combine 3104 birds
7th May 2,5 club 206 birds 8,11,13 fed 1300 birds 13,16,17
combine 4933 birds
14th May 1,3,5 club 157 birds 9,11,13 fed 20,23,25
combine 4462 bird
21st May 1,6 club 173 birds 4,17 fed 1096 birds 15th
combine 3654 birds
28th May 1,2,3,4 Club 161 birds 3,5,7,8 fed 462 birds.
4th June 1,2,5 club 92 birds 5,10,14,15 fed 909 birds
6,12,17,18 combine 3313 birds
11th June 1,2,3,4 Club 58 birds 1,2,3,4 fed 361 birds
18th June 1,2,7,8 club 96 birds 2,4,17,18 fed 706 birds
25th June 1,2 club 70 birds 1,2 fed 288 birds.
2nd July 1,2,3,4 club 96 birds 1,2,4,5 fed 591 birds.
9th July 1,2,3,4 club 44 birds 4,5,6,7,8 fed 240 birds.



30th July 1,2,3,4 club 224 birds 1,2,3,4 club 155 birds  4,5,6,8,18,19,21 fed 1169 birds.

Stars of the race and stock team and lines which have made a massive impact on the yearly performances is ref A: Rip x Spitfire (Spitfire unfortunately no longer lays) Sire/dam & Grandsire/dam of at least 30 x 1st Provincials  also grandparents of 1st National Saintes 400 miles.

Brother Maestro, this Alwin Petrie cock has bred winner after winner at club, federation and combine level with different hens and his children are just as good at transmitting these winning genes onto there offspring.

Mystique, wow where do we start with this special pigeon, and I don’t use the word special lightly, this hen has won a total of 14 x 1st prizes with 1st prizes in races with  over 4000+ birds competing, she was regional ace pigeon in the 2010 season and she was also 2nd national ace (1st Hen) of the whole of the UK in 2010. 3 from the 1st 4 young birds from this outstanding hen have already won 1st prizes and John feels she is going to become a vital hen to keep him at the top.
She has blue blood in her veins being a direct daughter of one of the best ever breeding sons of TIPS X Gesp Kannibaal “DRUM” of Syndicate lofts/Peter fox who is a good friend of Johns.
On the Dams side she is from a daughter of  Golden lady so has the world famous Kaanibaal on both sides of her ancestry, blood tells!

Johns aims for the future are to simply keep enjoying his pigeons and competing at the highest level where he truly deserves to be, and I’m sure he will remain for a long time in the foreseeable future as one of the U.Ks finest racing lofts. Later in August John has offered 12 birds ... his finest for PIPA !




Hallo Pipa,

Zet svp in het vervolg het aantal ingekorfde duiven van de liefhebber erbij om een juist inzicht te krijgen in de prestaties van de liefhebber.
In het lokaal 58 duiven of 96, 70, 96, 44 duiven mee is wel erg weinig. Hoeveel waren er van deze liefhebber?

Zou eigenlijk een vast item moeten zijn dat in alle reportages van pipa de aantallen gemeld worden van de liefhebber hoeveel hij er mee had en hoeveel prijzen hij op die vlucht had.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Wim Willemsen

Hi Wim we very rarely sent more than 24 birds to any club race in any race in April & May, in June & July we was sending just 7 cocks. Hope this answers your query. Regards. John Crehan.

Hello John Crehan,

Thanks for your answer.

Wim Willemsen