Christian Deroux (Mesvin, BE) shine under the national spotlights thanks to his 'Solitaire' !

Almost unknown on the international pigeon scene, Christian Deroux is booking some great performances since several decades. In 2016, his pigeon christened Solitaire put him on the national map after he classified himself as 9th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB with the 1st national zone Cahors to his name.

Christian Deroux and his crack.

A fantastic champion

A pigeon career can know several peak moments with happiness and a prosperious period. Of course, it always depends of the level of performances of a fancier, and so of the pigeons housed in your racing loft. Considered as one of the best fanciers from his area since the middle of the '90's and the beginning of the new century, Christian Deroux added to his name some great performances booked on the national scene with a.o. 1st Vierzon semi-national from 11,237 pigeons, 2nd Limoges national from 11,503 pigeons, 3rd Limoges national from 9,119 pigeons, 5th Limoges national from 24,479 pigeons and again 10th Bourges national from 10,652 pigeons. At the beginning of the new century, his racing team was lead by the Specialist, one of the best champions from its generation:

- The Specialist (BE03-9150359)

50. Bourges nat  - 12,549 p. '07
51. Argenton nat -  3,735 p. '06
53. Bourges nat  - 11,875 p. '08
63. Argenton nat -  5,001 p. '07
258. Bourges nat - 14,207 p. '04

However, it is well and truly in 2016 that he achieved one of the best seasons of his career, especially thanks to the performances won by his favourite pigeon, Solitaire.

- The Solitaire (BE13-9011408)

This pigeon owes his name to the performances he achieved when he won the zonal victory from Cahors in 2016 (32th national against 6,164 pigeons at national level) while he was totally off-line (at more than 60 km from east to west of the closest pigeon) compared to the dominant mass of this race: Flanders. If you make a deep analysis of this race, the performance of this pigeon is as dazzling as the performances done by the pigeons clocked into the top 10, as he flew alone the biggest part of his trip without falling into the trap of being a follower. During that same racing season, he continued to show his skills as he booked another two early prizes in the national long distance races, good enough to classify himself between the ace pigeons at the end of the year.

9. National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB '16
1. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Derby Hainaut '16
5. Ace Pigeon Long Distance CFW '15
1. Cahors nat zone - 3,328 p.
   32. National    - 6,134 p.
1. Montélimar reg  -   378 p. '16
   35. National    - 4,000 p.
28. Brive Iprov.   - 1,708 p. '16
   51. Nat. Zone   - 2,757 p.
21. Poitiers prov  -   930 p. '14
   72. Iprovincial - 1,930 p.

Father: The Barcelona, a super racer with several prizes per ten from Bourges until Barcelona (a.o. 573. Barcelona Internat 21,169 p. 99. Bourges Iprov 2,539 p., 603. Cahors nat 7,140 p. 743. Brive nat 8,674 p, etc).
His father was bred from the line of the famous L'Espoir from Luc De Roeck while his mother is a granddaughter to the Souillac from Yvon Deneufbourg x line Carus from Marc Roosens.
Mother: Half-sister Specialist (see above for the infos about Specialist') and bred from a crossing Yves Samain x Jean Carlo.
Click here to check his pedigree.

Note: this pigeon finally ended at the 9th place of the official ranking of the KBDB ace pigeons but he should have been classified at the 5th place, an administrative mistake  cost him 4 places in the final ranking. Click here to check the official ranking.

Christian Deroux likes to breed with his racers before the season. It is then not a surprise to already see a son of the Solitaire shining in the racing loft while the racing career of his father only ended after the season 2016. The 686/14, a son of Solitaire, won in 2017 the title of 1st Interprovincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance with a brilliant 5/5 in the long distance races. The proof that the Solitaire has already showed some skills in the breeding loft.

A complicated season in 2017

The least we can say is that the whole season 2017 had been really difficult for Christian who unfortunately needed some surgery before the end of the season. He tried to hold it down until the end but the situation had become too painful and he had to go to the hospital. That's why he never spent enough time on his lofts to take care of his pigeons like he wished to do and you could feel it in his results at the end, despite a super prize percentage. Today, it seems this bad period is behind him. Let's hope he will come back in power for the coming racing season. Our congratulations Christian!

Results 2017

08/04 Laon -154 yearlings: 7, 8, 9, 15, ... (14/19)
15/04 Soissons - 182 old birds: 1, 4, 5, 17, ... (13/27)
20/05 Nanteuil - 328 young birds: 4, 7, 8, 9, ... (9/11)
27/05 Bourges I - 2,852 old birds: 45, 64, 65, 243, ... (10/15)
27/05 Bourges I - 1,556 yearlings: 22, ... (3/3)
04/06 Toury - 127 old birds: 2, 6 (2/3)
10/06 Valence - 2,301 old birds: 23 (2/3)
08/07 Nanteuil - 339 young birds: 5, 9, 10, 15, 17, 26, 27, ... (17/22)