C&G Koopman - Ermerveen (NL) - Manage new ‘stunt’ with 1st, 2nd and 3rd NPO Blois 3.079 pigeons

Just over 5 years ago the national short middle distance race from Le Mans attracted all the media attention in the Netherlands, with in the region of 120.000 basketted pigeons… actually one of the biggest competitions ever organised worldwide. It was superman Kees Bosua who signed for 1 and 2 nationally just ahead of Cornelis and Gerard Koopman who laid seizure to place 3…

Le Mans was a race that was discussed worldwide for a long time, and that was contagious to our northern neighbours, so that in the following years this national NPO-race was once again placed on the agenda, only the liberation place was changed to Blois with an identical distance. Last weekend (20th of June) this national Blois stood for the 3rd time in a row on the Dutch racing calendar … a not to be missed appointment for anyone who has name and fame in the Dutch small middle distance races. You can be certain that the majority of these ‘toppers’ have worked towards this race, brought the condition to its highest level, brought the motivation to its top, with that one goal in mind… peaking, winning and/or shining from Blois!
One of these authoritative colonies is without doubt that of Cornelis & Gerard Koopman from Ermerveen… and also here all the sails were put out in order to strive for maximum success in what could possibly be the ‘best classic’ of the sport season!
Once again the result was ‘amazing’ with
20/6 Blois NPO Prov 10 3.079 p.  1-2-3-6-9-23-24-30-32… and a total of 40 prizes from 92 pigeons (per 4)
At national level they will probably have 5 pigeons in the ‘top-10’, because not everybody had doubled their pigeons! The expectations were stretched high, and looking back the satisfaction of the Koopman-team with this result was overwhelming. We can write a result ‘à la Koopman’, because the ‘superstar’ from Ermerveen has pulled more of this stunt work out of his sleeve the last few seasons! This Blois-team earlier shined in previous small middle distance races from Ablis and Châteaudun:

23/5 Ablis Prov 10 (586 Km) 10.725 p.  4,5 ( 2nd nom), 6, 7 (1st nom) and 60 prizes from 90 basketted pigeons 1:4 (per 4)

This team also excelled from the Châteaurdun two weeks ago with
08/6 Châteaurdun (648 Km) 876 p. 3,5,13,14,16,22,23,25,31,32,36,42,43,52,54,56,57,58 (and 47/83 per 4l)

Up until now 4 small middle distance races have been raced, and each time the Koopman colony ‘managed telext’.. which immediately strengthens the ambition, of being candidate for the title of ‘National Champion 1-day long distance 2009’

The preparations
Because the previous race from Châteaurdun was not liberated until the Monday, these pigeons were only given 12 day’s rest before having to perform seriously again from Blois! The pigeons were not trained away from home in-between, but trained from home. According to Gerard the ‘training races’ aren’t really necessary, because they don’t contribute anything once the pigeons have made their ‘kilometres’. A week of rest can than be more beneficial. In the preparation for these ‘1-day long distance races’ they  are taken away to be trained, because the pigeons have to be sufficiently trained and must have trained the necessary kilometres, since the first races in the ‘small middle distance’ are on the calendar quite early! For motivation before they leave the cocks were allowed to see their partners for the first time this season, and then for half an hour… and that seemingly gave extra motivation because the first 2 pigeons from Blois were cocks! The hens also get to see their partners, but that happens more often in order to keep them well-paired!

Magnificent breeding stock
With this victory the Koopman-colony is once again a few pigeons ‘richer’ that have flown in the national picture, a number that is quickly getting ‘bigger’ over the last few seasons. Since Gerard started with his new loft accommodation in 1997, the top successes are  chaining themselves together… Of course he had the great advantage of being able to start with real top pigeons, with descendants of the ‘48’, the ‘Gouden Duifje’, the ‘Raket 84’ (a Janssen Gebr Arendonk) and the Louis Van Loon-pigeons (Gerard’s teacher), and of course the wonder couple ‘Gentil x Golden Lady’ (a daughter of the now world famous ‘Kannibaal’ Van Dyck).. who has brought many cracks and super breeders into the world! The first breeding year they immediately produced the figurehead and sign board of the Koopman colony, namely the world famous ‘Kleine Dirk’ NL98-5821416… the prototype of the modern small middle distance pigeon, which not only shined with 1° Nat NPO Troyes (530 Km) against 17.884 pigeons, and 1° Nat NPO Bourges against 7.165 p. in province 10, 1° Maaseik 3.522 p… he later developed in the breeding loft into the predominating character… a ‘remarkable’ breeder, and without doubt one of the best, if not the best breeding pigeon in the world of the last century! The number of direct children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren that have achieved heroic performances is countless… who have reached the height of ‘top breeder’! There are an incredible number… almost impossible to equal. In the meantime other racing and breeding phenomena came to reinforce the Koopman colony  so as the highly coveted De Rauw-Sablon pigeons, in the form of the ‘Dromer’, ‘Mr Expensive’ etc… while Gerard seems to have been successful in crossing his own pigeons with the very best of the Belgian long distance celebrity Chris Hebberecht from Evergem, a few pigeons from Jan Hermans-Hoekstra, Jos & Jules Engels and Van Hove-Uyterhoeven!
The most important and most talked about descendants of the aforementioned Koopman pigeons are without doubt
-‘Mister Ermerveen’ 470/98: 1° National Ace pigeon 2000 and Olympiad pigeon Kaapstad 2001… a half-brother ‘Kleine Dirk’… coming out ‘Noble Blue’ (S Beatrix cock) x ‘Golden Lady’
-‘Miss Ermerveen’ 353/99: full sister of aforementioned and winner 1° Troyes 13.137 p.
-‘Ermerveens Hope’ 193/00: Olympiad pigeon ‘Allround’ in Liévin (Fr) in 2003 and winner 1st National Orléans against 9188 pigeons; 1st Boxtel against 2397 pigeons; 2nd NPO Ablis against 13020 pigeons etc… He is a son of ‘Judy 399/98’, a full sister ‘Kleine Dirk’!
-‘Annelies’ 341/99: Sister  „Kleine Dirk“. She raced a.o.: 1st Chimay (345 km) against 15438 pigeons; 2nd Troyes (530 km) against 13137 pigeons; 2nd Chimay against 10000 pigeons
-‘Amoré’ 949/00: Olympiad pigeon (long distance) 2003 in Lievin and 1st national Ace pigeon ‘1-day long distance’ 2002. She flew a.o. 5th Chimay against 4149 pigeons; 6th NPO Ablis against 13022 pigeons; 14th NPO Orléans against 10825 pigeons; 18th NPO Sourdun against 13022 pigeons… and comes out ‘Black Power’ x ‘Yi Min’ (a sister ‘Kleine Dirk’)
-‘Miss Maniwan’ 560/05: Winner national and international from  St. Vincent  against more than 25.807 p… she is a granddaughter of the phenomenal ‘Miss Waalre’. She gave with the ‘den Dromer’ from  De Rauw-Sablon the ‘Milko’ 353/04, who with ‘Miss Nelly’ 436/03 from Hermans-Hoekstra, gave this ‘Miss Maniwan’!
-‘Miss Wonderful 455/04’: 1° National Ace pigeon ‘1-day long distance’ 2006, and daughter of an inbreed coupling ‘Jorn 060/02’ (grandson of ‘Queen of Netherlands 400/00 coupled with ‘Ons Louis’) x ‘Queen of Netherlands 400/00’ (self out ‘Noble Blue’ x ‘Annelies’).
-‘Doran’ 117/05: winner 1° NPO  Orleans 9.670 pigeons. For this he raced a.o. 21° from 13.008 p., 58° from 5.737 p., 159° from 15.431 p., and  118° against 10.512 p. His father is „Mr. Expensive“, a brother of ‘Den Dromer’ from De Rauw-Sablon. The mother of „Doran“ is a pure Koopman pigeon via  Marijke Vink, the „Marijke“ NL-04-2031628, is a daughter of ‘Aladin’ (also a super breeder by Seelbach-Jung) , son of  ‘Kleine Dirk’x ‘Farah Diba’ (out ‘Tips’ x ‘Geschept Kannibaaltje’).
-‘Daydream’ 626/07: Won 1° NPO Ablis against 8.519 pigeons,  70° Chantilly against 12.742 p.,  101° Morlincourt against 12.480 p… She is a daughter of
002/02 (an inbreed product of ‘Kleine Dirk’ x  his sister ‘Annelies’) x ‘Miss Mookhoek’ 763/04 (out the stock couple from Marijke Vink: Tips X Geschelpt Kannibaaltje).
And then we haven’t even said a word about the other Koopman toppers so as ‘Abelle’, ‘Zina’, ‘Miss Jaidi’, ‘Deng Lin’s Favorit’ etc… one for one amazing crack pigeons! But now back to Blois, where Gerard achieved 1-2-3 NPO against 3.079 p… our curiosity is aroused as to which pigeons are hiding behind this new top success!

‘Mister Allennig’ winner Blois NPO
The winner of the 1° NPO Blois 3.079 p. answers to the name ‘Mister Allennig’ ring NL08-5821643… Gerard gave him this name, because this clapper had raced a large part of the route ‘alone’ on his way to his sound victory (‘allennig’ is the Drents dialect for ‘alone’). This cock was clocked at 16h37’14” from a distance of 692 Km and achieved a velocity of 1269 m/min. Before his exploit from Blois he had earlier won other top prizes including
Boxtel  17.075 p. 10
Duffel  12.744 p. 27
Gennep  11.424 p. 275
Chateaudun 7.497 p. 186
Duffel  3.162 p. 171
Blois NPO 3.079 p. 1

He stems, on his father’s side from ‘Jason 413/01’ (half-brother ‘Miss Wonderful’, and son of famous Koopman pigeons so as ‘Ons Louis 913/88’ x ‘Queen of Netherlands 400/00’, self daughter of ‘Noble Blue’ x ‘ Annelies’)… Mother is ‘Choni 413/06’, half-sister ‘Kleine Dirk’… and coming out the ‘Jonge Sprint’ from Albert Marcelis x ‘Golden Lady’, a.o. mother ‘Kleine Dirk’ (stock mother and daughter ‘Kannibaal’ Van Dyck)… resounding names in the breeding lofts of Koopman!
At 16h41’14” number 2 reported home (1260 m/min), once again a cock, named ‘Vakir’ ring NL08-2048875, who was trained at the end of last season in the late races (characteristically called ‘cake races’ in the area).  This year he has already won:
Arras  7.781 p. 39
Duffel  3.652 p. 17
Boxtel   11.887 p. 333
Châteaurdun 7.497 p. 521
La Ferte 11.470 p. 1045

And now 2° Blois NPO 3.079 p… and beaten by his own loft companion ‘Allennig’! He is a half-brother of the previously mentioned ‘Daydream’ (1° NPO Ablis 8.519 p.), and comes, on father’s side, out ‘Cassius 002/02’ (from an inbreed coupling ‘brother x sister’ with the ‘Kleine Dirk’ x ‘Annelies’) x ‘Hebberecht 941/05’, a half-sister ‘Champion’ who was 2° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB (she comes out a son of the other 2° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB by Chris Hebberecht: the ‘Pancho’, namely the ‘Pancho-Jelle 282/04’ x ‘Mother Champion223/99’).
A minute later, at 16h42’19” to be precise (with 1258 m/min) the third pigeon landed at the trap, a hen, this time answering to the name ‘Faira’ ring NL08-5821696, who already had a fine honours list with:
Arras  7.781 p. 5
Ablis  10.725 p. 136
Boxtel  17.075 p. 234
Duffel  12.744 p. 193
Boxtel  11.887 p. 207
Blois NPO 3.076 p. 3

She is a daughter of ‘Blue Star 743/05’ (originating from the winner West-European Counties cup Middle Distance 2008: Comb. de Vries out Klazienaveen) x ‘Limsa 498/06’ (a daughter out ‘Golden Dirk’ x ‘Miss Wonderful’ who was 1° Nat Ace pigeon ‘1-day long distance’ 2006. ‘Golden Dirk’ is a son from inbreeding with wonderboy ‘Kleine Dirk’ coupled with his own mother ‘Golden Lady’).
Several other fanciers were also very successful  from Blois with pigeons that had ‘Koopman-blood’ flowing through their veins, so as among others Peter vd Merwe – Dordrecht, Jan Hooymans – Kerkdriel, Mario Doornenbal – Didam, Fam Eijerkamp – Brummen, Henri Van Venrooij – Deurne, and of course Marijke Vink – Mookhoek (With a pigeon that is closely related to ‘Mister Allennig’, who also won 4° Orleans NPO in prov 5 South-Holland 2 weeks ago)…

This ‘triple’-victory from Blois is a new jewel in the crown of the Koopman-team, and definitely not the last. People who practise the pigeon sport with a professional approach day in, day out… a team that now has a new team member ‘Louis’ who originates from Shanghai, and who will take care of the international contacts in the Far East so as China. Coaching the pigeons professionally, not leaving anything to chance, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s… and then trying to peak towards certain ‘classics’! The groundwork that is necessary to achieve such magnificent and often surprising performances… so as Cornelis & Gerard Koopman have let lose on pigeon world from Blois once again! More than 11 National victories, and 11 National Ace pigeons and/or Olympiad pigeons… that is no coincidence, you have to enforce something like that… and this testifies the professional skills of the men at the wheel, and the performance competence of the team of pigeons in question! This is just ‘CLASS’, and deserves all respect, praise and honour! Performances from a different planet, which the Koopman Household now seems to have a ‘patent’ on!
Warmest congratulations to the entire Koopman-team and enjoy this triple victory from Blois to the full!


Dear Koopman team;

Congratulations for your great success.


Congratulations Mister G.KOOPMAN for results pigeon.My name is Radu Stefan Daniel,from Romania,fancier race pigeons currently holds few items that are based on birds KOOPMAN.As be deligted if l could l purchase my two pigeonsto the loft and compete successfully with followers their races in my country .Pigeon KOOPMAN think are the best racers in the world without .As want to answer my message.A good day.

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