Beukenne Père & Fils, "National Champion KBDB Short Middle Distance (2007)"

Bruyelle :
Frédéric Beukenne is 39 years old, has been a butcher for nineteen years and races in combination with his fourteen year-old son Maxence. Frédéric has raced the pigeons since 1994.

The old pigeons are raced in widowhood, as well as the young cocks that are paired with old hens.
After weaning, the young hens are separated and round about the 15th of June they are paired with old cocks, and this is repeated round about the 5th of August and they are raced with the natural system from La Souterraine et Gueret.

Composition of the colony :
The loft consists of 48 widowers, thirty old and eighteen yearlings. Every year sixty youngsters are ringed and the breeding loft contains 10 breeding couples. Proving once more that you don't have to have a mega-colony to become National champion...
During the racing season the pigeons are fed depurative mix Casaert, followed by the "Widowers mixture" and this for the last six meals before the race.
Veterinary surgeon, M. Brasseur from Manage is visited twice per year.
Vaccinations : Paramixo + Vitamin Kapuvit-B.
It is important to mention the fact that every year the form in the attic loft comes LATER than in the garden loft.

Championship from Belgium 2007 : Short Middle Distance
coefficient 35.4286
04/08 Bourges 171 p 9th and 10th
27/05 Bourges 271 p 10th and 2nd
12/05 Pithiviers 390 p 11th and 15th
02/06 Pithiviers 346 p 5th and 29th
10/06 Pithiviers 265 p 1st and 8th

The pigeons that won the championship:

Championship KBDB Short Middle Distance 2007
9 times classified in the championships KBDB since 1999.
Provincial champion Henegouwen in 2001 and 2003.
"As des as" - "Belgium pigeon sport" 2001.
4th Nat Brive 2006.
4th Nat Souterraine 2001.
3rd and 4th Nat. Tulle 2006.
5th Inter-Nat Beziers 2004.
7th Nat Beziers 2002.
9th Nat Narbonne 1999.
42nd and 81st Nat Guéret 2006.
49th Nat Aurillac 2006.
"King of Delory" 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007.

Provincial Championships Henegouwen 2007
1st Ace pigeon Short Middle Distance Old pigeons with the 9125096/04 "L'Artiste"
1st Ace pigeon Short Middle Distance Yearlings with the 9103027/06 "Frère Artiste"
1st Ace pigeon Grand Middle Distance Old with the 9125129/2004 "Le Tigre"
2nd General Champion
1st Champion Grand Middle Distance
1st Champion Middle Distance

Cultivated pedigrees :
Casaert from Nechin, Vandenabeele, Chantraine, Denorre, Baert, Moreau, no further pigeons bought since 2003 ... up until 2007

Acquisitions : 20 late pigeons from Peiren Noel Zedelgem and Limbourg Eric Brussegem.