Benny Steveninck, Hamme seems ‘unstoppable’ in the opening classics of the ‘grand middle distance’!

Chain results… Benny Steveninck from the East-Flemish Hamme seems to have a patent on it. It is almost inconceivable how the Steveninck pigeons are raging at the moment in the provincial and national ‘grand middle distance’… dominant, even occasionally outclassing!

The pigeon game with which the Benny Steveninck colony is currently bombarding the opposition seems to be from another planet! There are not enough superlatives to describe the performances of Benny & Karin!

Weather, wind, mass… nothing or no-one seems to be capable of calling a halt to the ‘reign of control’ of the Steveninck pigeons… there is no measure to their ‘mastership’ at the moment! Impossible to race against them sir… as one of their opponents repeatedly told us! A ‘mastership’ that was also the reason that last year in the so-called ‘casino’ of fond club Lokeren they preferred to see the heels of Benny than his toes… they threatened to show him the door just because he was ‘too’ strong! Benny held his head high and went in search of another location, and found a new homeport in the ‘Land van Aalst’… where the Steveninck pigeons also took over the leadership and bombarded their opponents. Take a look at the percentage of prizes, of top pigeons… with 1st prizes booked down every week! Whether it is about the races raced with speeds of more than 1500 metres or barely 1100 metres… nothing made them loose their grip or be caught off balance… it apparently leaves these pigeons cold! Winning, triumph… it’s in their blood, anchored in their genes… like a lion in the ‘jungle’, lurking for its prey!

Last weekend the Steveninck pigeons also displayed their true talents. In ‘the battle of the strongest’ the quality of the modern Steveninck pigeon once again floated to the top, with the following impressive performances in the national Chateauroux: 

Chateauroux Club 354 o.b. :
1-2-3-5-9-18-32-48-68-77-83-92-109 (13/13)
Provincial 4.571 o.b.: 5-17-19… (prognosis)
National it will probably give 3 pigeons in the ‘Top 100’, beginning with prize 26 
Chateauroux Club 418 yl :
2-8-10-14-15-23-31-34-39-42-43-44-63-70-112-118 (16/20)

Marvellous …as our ‘voice of Europe’ would say !

Mister ‘Chipo’

The distinguished gentleman who opened the gates to the ‘hall of fame’ for Benny & Karin Steveninck, firstly by becoming 1° Prov. Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2003… and later in the breeding loft, where he became a real ‘stock father’, a real stock bear… is wonder boy ‘Chipo’ (Ring B03-4329022)! Without fear of any form of exaggeration or overstatement … this super pigeon has grown to be the main character in the Benny Steveninck success story… and is currently without doubt one of the best breeding pigeons active on our globe! His breeding results are gradually assuming airs and graces of a ‘Kannibaal’ Van Dyck, a ‘Wittenbuik’ Vandenabeele, a ‘231’ Engels, a ‘As’ Verbruggen… and so on. All pigeons which have made their mark over the last quarter of a century in the ‘grand middle distance’ and ‘light long distance happenings’ in our country! It has been made more than clear over the last few weeks that this ‘Chipo’ is well on his way to following in the footsteps of such illustrious wonder pigeons!

Because both the 1st pigeon from Bourges which managed to lay claim to a 37th place national against 24.676 o.b.… and the 1st pigeon from Chateauroux, which adorns place 26 national against 20.139 o.b.… are both direct sons of stock bear ‘Chipo’, but with different mothers, which are also ‘full sisters’ !

-‘Bont Genopte Son Chipo’ B09-4188100

As his name says, a direct son of Chipo x ‘Blue white flight Hautekiet 89’ B03-4328989, which are also parents together of the 3° Nat Ace pigeon Middle Distance 2007 and 2008, and the 6° Nat Ace pigeon Middle Distance 2005…from whom this ‘Bont Genopte Son Chipo’ is a  ‘full brother’! His honours list includes toppers so as :

2° Prov Bourges   4.214 p.
37° Nat Bourges   24.651 p.
90° Nat Argenton  19.816 p.
 3° Dourdan          748 p.
 6° Dourdan          891 p.
10° Noyon            466 p... etc. .


-‘Vale Son Chipo’ B09-4188093

Also a son of the ‘Chipo’ this time coupled with the ‘Hautekiet 87’ B04-4138987 (full sister of the Blue white flight Hautekiet 989/03). His honours list includes :

 5° Prov Argenton  4.571 p.
26° Nat Argenton  20.139 p.
21° Prov Limoges   3.709 p.
91° Nat Limoges   14.211 p.
14° FCD Vierzon    1.743 p.
 4° Dourdan          874 p.
 7° Noyon            466 d… etc. 


In the lofts of the Dutch virtuoso Gerard Koopman a ‘Grandchild Chipo’  (out ‘Son Chipo’) has this year already added 2nd NPO and 10th NPO to his name! Do you need more?

Whoever thoroughly analyses the result of Benny Steveninck so as we did, can’t do anything but come to the conclusion that currently the Steveninck-colony is flying high… has the wind in its sails! The pigeons have clearly reached top condition, and we don’t have to convince you anymore that there is ‘class’ in the lofts in Hamme! A ‘class’ in combination with ‘top condition’… can produce fireworks, they experienced that first-hand over the last few weeks there in the ‘Land van Aalst’, the ‘FCD’, even in the entire province of East-Flanders! Do you want to bet that over the coming weeks we can expect more ‘fireworks’ from Hamme? All the ingredients are present… and whoever is holding the best trump card, definitely has the advantage over the rest! t!

What preceded 

14/5 Dourdan 878 o.b.:
3 4 5 8 10 42 48 63 90 97… (19/24)
14/5 Dourdan 223 yl:       
1 7 12 19 20 41… (20/28)

14/5 Vierzon club Land van Aalst 701 o.b.:
1 3 5 6 8 10 11 13 15 19 27 37 56 58 (22/24)
Doubling FCD 1743 o.b. :
1 3 7 8 9 11 13 14 21 23 33 58 82 119 121 181 184
And 23/24!

14/5 Vierzon 360 yl:
2 3 5 7 9 10 11 12 16 17 18 19 32 46 53 (23/29)
Doubling FCD 1.027 yl:
2 3 8 14 18 20 21 23 36 37 38 42 66 98 111 (21/29)

29/5 Bourges club 423 o.b.:  
1 6 29 45 56 (5/7)
Doubling FCD 1.201 o.b.:
2 15 81 121 154 (5 op 7)
Provincial 4.214 o.b.: 2-27… etc (prognosis top-50)
National 24.676 o.b.: 37…

 29/5 Bourges club 395 yl:  
3 7 9 12 15 16 17 21 25 26 34 35 42 (16/22)
Doubling FCD 1.290 yl:   
5 21 24 28 46 52 53 65 75 78 104 125 (16/22)
Provincial 3.660 yl: 11… (prognosis top 50)



Good strains castmagnificently

Hello Benny Steveninck

Congradulation on the top result keep up the good work

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