Benny Steveninck (Hamme, BE) wins 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. Argenton yearlings

Benny's first nominated yearling, top class hen Chen, was very close to winning a national first prize. She was in fact the second fastest of 31,992 pigeons basketed for Argenton. She did win a first prize at provincial level, where she was also the fastest of 8,103 pigeons. Still, we assume Benny will be slightly disappointed.

2016 is proving to be another highly successful season for Benny Steveninck, grandmaster of the longer middle distance in Belgium. Benny is an excellent fancier with a lot of experience. He relies on a team of outstanding racing birds that have excellent breeding potential as well. The undisputed stock breeder of this loft is Chipo. He plays a pivotal role in this loft, as the majority of Benny's top results in the past 12 years can be attributed to him.

The magician from Hamme (and let's not forget his wife Karin, who is closely involved in the loft as well) has been winning numerous provincial and national top prizes again this season. It was just a matter of time before the Steveninck pigeons would claim another important victory this year. As you know, the Steveninck racing birds are constantly looking for new triumphs at provincial, zonal and national level.

Top class hen Chen wins Argenton provincial

Last week's race from Argenton was a great success at provincial level. The one year old hen Chen claimed a national first prize from Argenton but had to settle for second at national level. She was also the second fastest pigeon overall at national level against 31,992 pigeons. Besides her provincial victory in the yearlings' race she was also the fastest of 8,103 pigeons in the entire province.

Chen is not just an ordinary racing hen. She is a very talented pigeon with several first prizes under her belt. She was in great form last week as well, winning a 1st club and a 25th National from Montluçon. It explains why she was basketed as first nominated. In addition, Chen is currently holding a 4th place in the PIPA rankings over 3 national races in the longer middle distance, which puts her right on track for the ace pigeon championships (it takes 4 prizes to win a national ace pigeon championship). We take a brief look at her palmares:

-Chen BE15-4167802

In 2016:
 1st Prov Argenton       4,707 p.
 2nd Nat Argenton       18,363 p.
 8th Prov Monluçon       2,350 p. (1st Club 112 p.)
25th Nat Montluçon      10,753 p.
86th Zone B1 Chateauroux 8,663 p. (10 June)
11th Prov Chateauroux    2,934 p. (1st Club 52 p. on 21st of May)
 1st Noyon                 160 p.
 3rd Noyon                 550 p.

In 2015:
89th  Prov Chateauroux    2,367 p.
105th Prov Issoudun       2,874 p.
10th  Souppes               224 p.
14th  Souppes               445 p.
31st  Souppes               409 p.

This is a racing hen with an impressive palmares, originating from the very foundation of the Benny Steveninck pigeon breed (Chipo x Gueret), combined with some of the best pigeons of Dirk Van Dyck (Kannibaal x Olympic Niels):

Sire: Inbreeding Chipo BE12-4048834
A top class breeder with a top class pedigree. He is a son of racing bird Chihaut 98 BE05-4323998, winner of a 2nd Prov. and 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ’08. Chihaut 98 is a son of stock breeder Chipo BE03-4329022 x Blauwe Witpen Hautekiet BE03-4328989. The dam of Inbreeding Chipo is Dochter Gueret BE10-4128098, which comes from Gueret BE08-4216930 (1st Nat. Limoges YL ’09) x Dochter Birmingham BE07-3129216 of Rik Cools.

Dam: Blauw Van Dyck BE14-6241226
A direct Dirk Van Dyck bred from Blauwe Gaston BE11-6240275 (from grandson Kaasboer) x Dochter Ivo BE08-6338700. Dochter Ivo comes from Den Ivo BE00-6367169 (a direct son of Kannibaal) x Moeder Olympic Niels BE06-6210110.
Click here for the full pedigree of Chen.

The Steveninck pigeons were overwhelmingly strong in the race from Argenton, winning 15 prizes with 15 old birds, and 7 top prizes with 10 basketed yearlings. Besides, they had a solid 88% prize percentage at national level:

Argenton FCD 855 yearlings: 1-21-24-30-133-167-199 (7/10)
  Prov 4,707 yearlings: 1-93… (7/10)
  Nat 18,363 yearlings: 2-250-278-367-2127-2969-3678 (7/10)

Argenton FCD 669 old birds: 3-10-16-25-27-30-38-52-61-65-83-92-161-171-213 (15/15)
  Prov 3,396 olds: 6-25-42-67-76-82… (14/15)
  Nat  13,629 olds: 15-70-108-223-240-255-327-451-517-549-788-1005… (15/15)

The Steveninck pigeons were in great form in the past few weeks, as you can tell from their most recent results:

Montluçon 444 olds: 3-4-6-7-11-23-28-34-35-36-49-51-55-57-62-69-74-76-77-89-93… (25/36)
  Prov  1.723 olds: 16-18-34-40…
  Nat   9.462 olds: 34-41-82-100-151-376-435-511-529-534-739-760-829-871… (24/36)

Montluçon 508 yearlings: 2-9-10-30-31-42-51-64-75-79-86-89-90-97… (17/28)
  Prov. 2,350 yearlings: 8-35-43…
  Nat. 10,753 yearlings: 25-136-172-393-401-711-970… (16/28)

Chateauroux (Gueret) 1,040 olds: 6-9-20-21-30-32-41-42-47-52-65-67-76… (26/36)
Chateauroux (Gueret) 1,299 yearlings: 4-10-22-46-47-58-63-64-66-97… (16/26)

The Steveninck pigeons are tough opponents, and are sometimes impossible to beat. This is why Benny and Karin are among Belgium's most successful pigeon fanciers in the longer middle distance. Their palmares includes quite a number of provincial and national victories, and championship and ace pigeon titles KBDB.

They added another important victory to their list of achievements last weekend, and their provincial first prize from Argenton yearlings might well be the start of a great 2016 season. We reckon all eyes will be on the Benny Steveninck pigeon loft in Hamme in the coming few weeks. Many congratulations to Benny and Karin.