Benny Steveninck (Hamme, BE) is doing great with a first and second provincial Argenton yearlings and possibly an Ace Pigeon Young Bird title

Many of you had already noticed that the pigeon loft in Hamme was having a successful period but they had not yet been able to record a win.

They had won two provincial second places this season and they did even better in the race from Argenton on 10 August, finishing first and second. In fact his old birds, his yearlings and his young birds performed very well in the race from Argenton. Notice the number of top prizes that were won:

692  old birds    7-11-19-...   (18/22)
931  yearlings    1-2-13-19-... (18/22) (zone 1-4 of 862 p.)
3942 young birds  3-27-42-...   (22/26)

The provincial first prize in the yearlings’ category was won by Tibo (BE12-4048991). He had a velocity of 1259.76 m/min so he was slightly faster than Son Lucky 77 (BE12-4048080), which arrived at the same loft. These are two racing pigeons with a proven record. Tibo won, for instance, a first Dourdan (708 p.) a second prize from Poitiers at club level and in the zone (against 629 p. in the club and 2600 p. in zone B), a 29th national Poitiers (13,135 p.) a 12th Guéret (3670 p.) and a 77th national from Guéret (16,988 p.) The provincial win from Argenton is obviously the highlight of a wonderful season. He is a son of Genopte Hautekiet; his dam is a daughter of De Crack, a granddaughter of Chipo. Click here for the pedigree of TiboSon Lucky 77 has been in great form too, winning a 5th Noyon (261 p.), a second Bourges (511 p.), a 12th national Bourges (11,883 p.), a 50th Poitiers (829 p.) a second Argenton (against 284 and 913 p.) and a 112th national Argenton (6801 p.). His sire is a brother of De Gueret (1st national Limoges yearlings 2009) and the dam is a Lucky 77 hen. You can find the pedigree of Son Lucky 77 here.

These achievements again illustrate the sheer talent of this pigeon family and it shows the influence that the descendants of Chipo are having on the top class racing pigeons that are bred here every season.

Sun: an upcoming talent and possibly an Ace Pigeon Young Birds

It seems the future has been secured, judging by the impressive results of Sun (BE13-4096962). This hen has won quite a number of prizes in the national races already. This is her list of achievements:

Bourges (28-07):

Club       3 (216 p.)
FCD        7 (1,121 p.)
FVOV      23 (4,099 p.)
Zone      11 (2,975 p.)
National  44 (18,477 p.)

Châteauroux (02-08):

Club        3 (131 p.)
FCD         6 (643 p.)
FVOV        7 (2,728 p.)
Zone       11 (1,637 p.)
National  118 (12,071 p.)

Argenton (09-08):

Club        1 (239 p.)
FCD         7 (1,204 p.)
FVOV        3 (3,942 p.)
National  420 (19,303 p.)

Indeed, this remarkably successful hen is yet another close inbred to the bloodlines of Chipo. Her sire is a grandson of Chipo while the dam is a direct daughter of Chipo. It appears that pairing pigeons that are very closely related allows him to get the most out of this pigeon breed. You can take a look at the pedigree of Sun by clicking here.

We hope she can repeat this performance in one of the other national races that are still to come. This would make her a strong candidate for the title of National Ace Pigeon!


Theo Menten uit Rummen met 2090200-2013

Issodun 12
Argenton 85
Châteauroux 61
Bourges 139

voorlopige nationale uitslagen

Super seizoen !

Dikke proficiat !

Ulrich & Kim


Van harte gefeliciteerd met deze prachtige uitslagen!
Knap dat je jaar in - jaar uit aan de top van Belgie staat met je duiven.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Danny van Daalen


Met 4 prijzen is die van Ronny inderdaad de beste tot nu toe maar er zijn nog 3 vluchten te gaan.
Als je het klassement bekijkt met de beste prijzen op 3 van de 4 vluchten is die van Benny al een klasse sterker en heeft niet zo dikwijls de wind mee gehad.
Tis maar mijn gedacht hé...

Met drie prijzen is er dan nog eentje beter dan de duif van Benny.



Proficiat met de zeeeeer mooie uitslagen , enkel met goede duiven,een gans team en hard werken kan je dat verkrijgen......


kris steeman

Nice people, super flyers with top pigeons !!

Well done again Benny super pigeons !!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

van harte Proficiat!

本人刚好有幸在比利时现场观看拉索特年2 的当天比赛,并第一个上手观看了太阳女" 和她父母亲•
在此恭喜宾尼• 史帝文

Thank you very much Benny, I was lucky enough to become "lucky 77 " new owner , I hope that future generations can bring me good luck in China

您买了Lucky 77?真的希望他能像名字一样,给您带来更多好运。