Benny Steveninck - (BE) Hamme has an ideal continuation of the golden ‘Chipo-line’ in his ‘Chihaut 98’!

The Benny Steveninck colony has grown from ‘topper’ in the small middle distance to ‘superstar’ in the provincial and national ‘grand middle distance’ and ‘light long distance’ over the last few seasons.

We went to Hamme to find out more, and to take a look at the end balance of the 2010 sport season for you!
For this report we visited the edge of our province, just before the border between the provinces East-Flanders and  Antwerp… in the district Dendermonde, the municipality Hamme to be more precise… where a loft of well-known people live. There is old prof cyclist Ferdinand  Bracke… the old world record holder track cycling, who was appointed as honorary citizen, in addition to Antoine Martens, the old-topman of our NMBS… and of course Kristel Verbeke… indeed, the Kristel from ‘K3’! All people who have become ‘well-known Flemish people’ through the media… al though this municipality should start looking towards the pigeon sport… because at the moment there is a real ‘ambassador’ for the municipality Hamme… someone who is busy putting his area on the world map… namely Benny Steveninck!

Benny Steveninck has built up a solid empire for the middle distance races over the last 10 seasons… firstly by racing strongly in the ‘small middle distance’, usually in the race from Dourdan-Angerville. Within no time Benny was ‘outclassing’ his opponents, simply ‘dominating’… it was the period (read:2003) that the ‘Chipo’ saw the light of day… a chap which boldly imposed since he was a youngster… so that at the end of the season Benny was allowed to stand on the highest podium as 1° Prov Champion Middle Distance youngsters KBDB 2003! It was the start of a fairytale… which in the meantime has grown to be an unprecedented success story! Because there was not only the ‘Chipo’… also his brothers and sisters, even direct children… contributed to this ‘success story’! So much so in fact that Benny was threatened with exclusion from the local middle distance unions from all corners. Something which Benny had expected… so that he made the wise decision to concentrate on the ‘grand middle distance’. The success mill moved up a gear where possible… turned with a higher rpm. So much so that today we can say that Benny Steveninck… anno 2010…has grown to be a ‘top celebrity’ in the provincial and national ‘great middle distance’ to ‘light long distance’… proven a.o. by the 1° Prov Gueret ’08, and the national victory from Limoges Yearlings ’09 just over a year ago. The 2010 sport season only brought confirmation with Benny now winning 1° Zone Gueret 4.675 youngsters to close this once again very successful sport season at all levels!

Benny & Karin
When we were describing the Benny Steveninck colony above, we only cited the name of Benny… but in fact we should also name his wife Karin in the same breath. Because Karin plays just as big, just as important role … in the pigeon household of the Steveninck colony… as a result of which she has an equal share in the successes booked down over these last few seasons! Benny has to go to work every day… and as a train driver he is responsible for the safety of his passengers, bringing them to their destination on time. This often means irregular ‘shifts’… as a result of which Karin takes over the tasks in and around the loft… so that there is some continuity in the caring system. In addition, Benny and Karin also have a large family with 4 children who demand the necessary attention! That’s why we respect and appreciate the performances of these pigeons fully… because it is not easy to race the pigeons at such a ‘champion level’ in addition to having a full-time job and family… and often having to race against profs and semi-profs within our guild… or other people… who have enough free time and space to be able to be busy with the pigeons all day. Because we all know how much time the pigeons take up, and what one has to do to reach such a ‘high level’ in the pigeon sport, let alone… participating at the absolute so as the Benny Steveninck colony has managed over the last few seasons!

‘Class’ and ‘Quality’
Yet the first requirement is and remains the ‘class’… the ‘performance capability’ of the pigeons themselves in order to achieve top successes in the pigeon sport. Even more… it is a ‘decisive’ factor on which everything depends! That that ‘class’… that ‘quality’… is present in abundance in the lofts of Benny Steveninck… is no longer world news… but a fixed fact!
The now world famous ‘Chipo’ was a ‘dominant figure’ at that level… the ‘leading actor’! So as stated earlier, as a youngster he managed to achieve 1° Prov Ace pigeon KBDB Middle Distance… in 2004 he produced the ‘Chihaut 100’… followed in 2005 by the nest brothers ‘Crack’ and ‘Chihaut 98’… it is a success story which has been widely reported to in the smallest details in earlier reports about the Benny Steveninck colony. It was also the ‘Chihaut 98’ who managed to keep the flag flying in the racing lofts. In the meantime Benny & Karin discovered the enormous breeding potential of this exceptional super crack… so much so that we dare to refer to a new ‘breeding line’, a new ‘success line’… as the descendants of this ‘Chihaut 98’, especially when crossed with a touch of ‘fresh blood’, seems to be ensuring a new gulf of top performances… although in fact it is still the ‘further settlement’ of that golden ‘Chipo-line’. Let’s take a closer look at the exploits of this ‘Chihaut 98’ and his direct descendants, and illustrate with a few examples which speak for themselves:
‘Chihaut 98’ B05-4323998
So as already stated, a direct son of the racing and breeding legend in the lots of Benny Steveninck, namely golden cock ‘Chipo’ B03-4329022 (the 1° Prov Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ’03) x ‘Hautekiet 89’ B03-4328989 (100% Michel Hautekiet)… \Next year this ‘Chihaut 98’ will be used to strengthen the breeding team… he raced the following ‘giddy’ honours list together:

 ’09 Angerville   797 p. 1
’05 Noyon        539 p. 1
’05 Dourdan      517 p. 1
’09 Angerville   344 p. 1
’06 Dourdan      342 p. 1
’08 Dourdan      320 p. 1
’05 Dourdan      227 p. 1
’06 Dourdan      226 p. 1
’07 Noyon        181 p. 1
’06 Dourdan      443 p. 2
’05 Noyon        400 p. 2
’08 Dourdan      267 p. 2
’10 Quiévrain    237 p. 2
’07 Noyon        209 p. 2
’08 Noyon        172 p. 2
’09 Angerville   148 p. 2
’08 Dourdan      901 p. 3
’08 Dourdan      743 p. 3
’09 Etampes      465 p. 3
’10 Angerville   254 p. 3
’06 Dourdan      229 p. 3
’09 Noyon        202 p. 3
’08 Noyon        189 p. 3
’10 Orleans    1.029 p. 4
’10 Angerville   498 p. 4
’08 Dourdan      218 p. 4    etc... 

He won a total of 62 prizes, including 9 x 1° prize, 31 x within the ‘first 10’, and no less than 47 x per ’10-tal’! What a ‘giant’ of a crack pigeon… without doubt one of the best middle distance racers over the last 5 seasons in our country! That much was made clear by the winning of the following ‘Ace pigeon titles’:
3° National e Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ‘08
2° Provincial Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ‘08
7° Provincial Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ‘07
4° Provincial Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ‘09

He is also full brother to those other ‘super cracks’ and ‘figureheads’ of the Steveninck colony so as

-The ‘Chihaut 100’ B04-4138100

 6° National Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ‘05
8° Provincial Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ‘05
2° Res. Olympiad pigeon Ostend 2007 Cat b


-the ‘Crack’ B05-4323999
Own nest brother of the ‘Chihaut 998’… he was self a.o.

1° Provincial Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2007
3° National Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2007
3° Provincial Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2006
1° Provincial Bourges 1.687 p. in 2006

This ‘Chihaut 98’ is also following closely in the footsteps of his father ‘Chipo’… because in the breeding loft he has also more than earned his stripes… and can be considered as the basis layer of a new generation of top pigeons developing at the moment.


Coupled with the ‘Mother National’ B07-4372474… mother of the 1° Prov Gueret ‘08, of the 1° Nat Limoges ’09, and full sister of ‘Duivin Chipo 989/03’… is the ‘Chihaut 98’ father of the ‘Inbreed Hautekiet’ B08-4359197… the new ‘breeding talent’ in Hamme. This ‘Inbreed Hautekiet’ is coupled with a ‘Daughter Blue Dream’ B09-6128352 from August Wouters (Daughter of the 1° Nat Ace pigeon Sprint ’09 with 10 x 1° prize within 2 years)… father of 2 superior youngsters, which could compete with the best of our country up to national level, take a look:

The ‘Bont’ B10-4128077
12° Best youngster of Belgium in the 4 Nationals for youngsters!

 Bourges          681 p. 18
    Prov       6.371 p. 350
Argenton         525 p. 20
La Souterraine   353 p. 10
    Prov       4.081 p. 107
Gueret           299 p. 9
    Prov       4.675 p. 94
    Nat       13.885 p. 369 

-The ‘Blauw Gueret’ B10-4129977 (full sister of the ‘Bont 10-077)

 Gueret           299 p. 1
    Nat Zone B 4.675 p. 1
    Nat       13.885 p. 5 

The own ‘nest sister’ of this ‘Inbreed Hautekiet’… the ‘198-Duivin’ B08-4359198 (so also out the ‘Chihaut 98’ x ‘Mother National’) is coupled with the ‘Son Rosse’ B07-6077384 (a direct Hubert Schroyens) mother of that other excellent youngster, namely

-The ‘Blauw’ B10-4128028
10° Best youngster of Belgium in the 4 Nationals for youngsters!

 Dourdan        1.058 p. 64
Bourges          681 p. 6
    Prov       6.371 p. 93
Argenton         525 p. 41
La Souterraine   353 p. 4
    Prov       4.081 p. 18
Gueret           299 p. 12
    Nat Zone B 4.675 p. 117
    Nat       13.885 p. 462 

First inbred with ‘Chihaut 98’ coupled with his own aunty ‘Mother National’ (full sister of his own mother)… and then crossed with strange blood… also seemed to be the success formula here too! Pigeons that open new perspectives…  Benny & Karin are clearly holding a new ‘trump card’ here… one which will also take care of the continuity in the breeding and racing teams! The ‘Chihaut 98’ will now go into the breeding loft, and the above mentioned pigeons clearly show that he will be responsible for the further development of the ‘world fame’ that the ‘Chipo-line’ is now enjoying!

The ‘Chipo’… the ‘signboard’ of the Benny Steveninck colony… in other words the ‘flag-bearer’ of the team, the stock bear responsible for an inimitable series of ‘1° Prize winners’ and ‘Ace pigeons’ at provincial and national level… for weekly ‘stunt results’ in the provincial ‘grand middle distance’, and national ‘light long distance’… ‘stunt results’ which in 2010 were once again the order of the day in Hamme (see underneath). In other words… the ‘mastership’ that the modern Steveninck pigeon has once again showcased…! Via the world of ‘internet’ people all over the world discovered the sublime performances of this very strong and rapid middle distance stock… it is clear to everyone that Benny & Karin Steveninck have one of the best breeding pigeons in the world at the moment with their ‘Chipo’.  His ‘noble blood’ flows through more or less 75 à 80% of the colony! And so as you could read above… the follow-up seems to be insured already … with direct children and grandchildren ready to follow in the footsteps of their ‘stock father Chipo’! No, we are not finished with Benny Steveninck yet… the future will prove it!

The powerful honours list 2010 by Benny Steveninck

 11/04 Quiévrain     371 yearlings  1,2,2,22,25,37,38 etc.
01/05 Angerville  1.020 yearlings  4,17,17,31,42,60 etc
01/05 Angerville    484 yearlings  1,2,5 etc
08/05 Angerville   875 O.b.        3,14,24,28,49,52,70,72,73
                    891 yearlings  6,11,19,27,28,37,42,47,58,84 etc
                    382 Yearlings  2,4 etc.
15/05 Angerville   498 O.b.        4,7,11,16,21,42
                    748 Yearlings  3,35,38,134.
22/05 Angerville   324 O.b.        10,14,19,40,46 etc.
                   178 o.b.        1,8
29/05 Angerville   306 O.b.        2,15,21 etc.
                    557 yearlings  6,23,36,41 etc
05/06 Angerville   275 O.b.        5,7,16
13/06 Angerville    254 O.b.       1,3,9,28,29
04/07 Angerville   726 youngsters  3,2,9,36,44,54
10/07 Angerville 1.058 youngsters  4,11,12,13,28,37,48,55,64,64,84,100,103
14/07 Angerville 1.111 Youngsters  1,8,85
24/07 Ecouen     1.289 Youngsters  15,29,35,36,38,48,57,39,75,77,90,116
31/07 Angerville   513 Youngsters  4,7,13
14/08 Angerville   716 Youngsters  9,10,30,31,41,52
24/08 Angerville   537 Youngsters  8,12,14,42,43,50
                   183 Youngsters  1,9
28/08 Angerville   414 Youngsters  2,3,6,28,33,34,39
                    65 Youngsters  1,2,4

Grand Middle Distance & Long Distance
15/05  Vierzon
Club     427 yearlings: 1,2,8,11,12,15,18,22,25,27,37,42… (20/26)
Prov.  3.614 yearlings: 4,11,70,82,98,109,144,174,182,214,273,313
Club     565 o.b.:      7,12,28 (4)
22/5  Bourges
Club     364 o.b.:      18,43,105,120 (4)
Club    308 yearlings:  8-23-29-31-32-37-49-64 (10)
29/5  Chateauroux
Club     453 o.b.:      49 (2)
Club     453 yearlings: 5-24-48-52-59-68-77-82-89-118-144-148 (16)
05/6  Chateauroux
Club     324 o.b.:      11-23-26-52-66-84 (8)
Club     367 yearlings: 13-20-25-43-55 (10)
13/06  Chateauroux
Club     322 yearlings: 3,4,5,8,9,10,23,27,27,30,31… (14/17)
Prov.  5.547 yearlings: 54,63,97,134,155,160,228 etc.
Zone B 8.353 yearlings: 68,80,111,150,175,181…
Nat.  22.718 yearlings: 203,237,354…
20/06   Montrichard
Club     233 yearlings: 1,5,12,33 (4/8)
Prov.  2.726 yearlings: 12,32,102…
Club    151 o.b.:       5-6-12-22-32 (7)
26/06  Argenton
Club     336 yearlings: 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,11,19,23,26,35… (14/24)
Prov.  5.443 yearlings: 21,22,23,31,73,76,89,133,220,283,308,414.
Zone B 7.123 yearlings: 2,3,4,10,34,53,78,158,212,231,318,881.
Nat.  19.816 yearlings: 51,55,29,90,225,230,275,393,663,850,919 etc
03/07  Limoges Derby
Club     278 o.b.:      10,20 (3)
Prov.  2.754 o.b.:      42,108 (3)
Prov.  1.750 2jaar:     26  (2)
Zone B 3.764 o.b.:      22,79 (3)
Zone B 1.987 2jaar:     13 (2)
Nat.  10.448 o.b.:      128,365 (3)
Nat.  .607 2jaar:       80 (2)
03/07  Orleans
Club   71 o.b.:         2,7,9,18,21,22 (7)
         145 yearlings: 2,21,24,28,29,36,38,39 (11)
Prov.  1.029 o.b.:      4,35,69,128,149,157
       1.525 yearlings: 25,166,184
11/07  Limoges
Club     347 yearlings: 1,2,3,4,10,12,17,22… (9/13)
Prov.  3.709 yearlings: 14,19,21,27,70,131,191
Zone B 5.218 yearlings: 52,61.62,69,184 etc...
Nat.  14.211 yearlings: 72,89,91,107 etc.....
11/07  Bourges
Club     134 yearlings: 1,24 (4)
Prov.  2.230 yearlings: 2
17/07 Blois
Club    57 o.b.:        2,4,6 (5)
Club    147 Yearlings:  8,10,13,17,22 (8)
Club   209 youngsters:  4,14… (6/14)
Prov.    988 O.b.:      10,56,82
Prov. 1.519 yearlings:  80,115,167
Prov.  2.462 youngsters:63,157
24/07 Bourges
Club   224 Yearlings:   1,2,4,8,11,14,16… (14/23)
Club   681 Youngsters:  6,14,18,28,29,40,43… (10/18)
Prov.  2.159 yearlings: 29,30,64,124,149,209
Prov.  6.371 youngsters:93,325,350
Nat.  14.145 Yearlings: 191,194,392
Zone B 5.139 yearlings: 84,86,163,336,390
14/08 Montrichard
Club   170 Youngsters:  1,2,4,9
Prov.  2.146 youngsters:101,131,157
09/08 Argenton
Club    67 O.b.:         1,16,20 (3)
Club   110 Yearlings:    1,2,3,5,7,10,11,13,17,20 (17)
Club   525 Youngsters:   20,28,29,41… (10/14)
Prov.    733 o.b.:       44
Prov.  1.019 yearlings:  16,21,22,45,68,117,119,140…
Nat.   5.763 o.b.:       224
Nat.   7.658 yearlings:  79,118,121,230…
21/08 La Souterraine
Club    20 o.b.:         1,2,4,6… (7)
Club   353 Youngsters:   2,4,10,13,30,34,38,46… (33)
Prov.    540 o.b.:       25,34,78,108 (7)
Prov.  4.081 youngsters: 10,18,107,136,255,283…
04/09 Gueret
Club   299 Youngsters:   1,5,7,9,10,12,13,14,15,18,19,21,22,28… (26/43)
Prov.  3.056 youngsters: 2… etc
Zone   4.675 youngsters: 1,61,87,94,107,117,118,119,140,152… etc.           
Nat.  13.885 youngsters: 5,259,346,369,426,462,465,469,547,591,606,762… (27/43)