Bart, Luc & Jurgen Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE) achieve double national victory with first and second national Argenton against 16,363 old birds!

This is quite an unusual achievement! We have to say that this is not the first impressive feat from the fanciers from Wommelgem. For instance they took the first three prizes in Zone B1 from Montluçon two weeks ago. Impressive stuff!

Jurgen (left), Bart (central) and Thomas Gyselbrecht (right)

As soon as we heard about their national victory we began to wonder if the fanciers from Wommelgem have a special link with the race from Argenton. Exactly one year after their 2012 win they achieved a second consecutive national victory from Argenton in the old birds category. Last year they took the national first prize with their cock Luck. This season their hens did an excellent job: two Geerinkx hens landed simultaneously at 14h26. They were electronically clocked with a one second interval, which is a shame. If the two hens had been clocked at exactly the same time they could have shared the national win. They both deserved this first prize because they did the race together. This would have been a unique event in the history of pigeon racing in Belgium. Instead, the two hens were clocked at 14h26min12sec and 14h26min13sec respectively, which resulted in an average speed of 1445.79 and 1445.73 m/min for a distance of 558.366km. They took the first and second national prize against 16,363 old birds. It is too bad for Bart and Jurgen that the winner of the second national prize is not listed in the preliminary national results.
This is already the third national win for the Geerinckx family in about four years, after their first nat. Limoges 11,814 old birds in 2009 and the first nat. Argenton 12,447 old birds in 2012. This is an encouraging experience for Bart and Jurgen after the loss of their father Luc last year, who died too soon. His two sons successfully took over his pigeon breed, winning a second national victory within two years. 

A sound and talented basis

We guess most of you already know that the Geerinckx pigeons are among the strongest in Belgium. It was their father Luc who formed the basis for this breed with the pigeons from his neighbour Jos Soontjens. This was a direct hit; these pigeons formed the basis for a superior sprint team for years. Later on he successfully switched to the middle distance and the grand middle distance competition. The real breakthrough came in 2004 as the Geerinckx breed was awarded as first National Champion Yearlings KBDB. The successful bloodlines of Gladiator, Willyke and Wittekop Sylvester turned this into a famous pigeon family and the Geerinckx pigeons became very popular even outside of Belgium. Their popularity further increased as they won more provincial first prizes and of course their third national victory.

A proud Bart Geerinckx showing his national winner 'Just Wait'

But back to today’s topic. We noticed that the two successful hens from Argenton are closely related.

-Just Wait BE11-6226277

The national hen won three top 20 provincial places last year and this season she also took a second prize from Dourdan-Angerville and a second nat. Zone B1 from Montluçon two weeks ago, only being beaten by a loft mate. These are the most important prizes on her list of achievements:

’13 Argenton  Prov  1,446 p. 1
              Nat  16,363 p. 1
’13 Montluçon Zone  2,545 p. 2 (behind a loft mate)
              Nat  18,568 p. 236
’13 Angerville        615 p. 2
’12 Blois  Intprov  1,108 p. 4
’12 Montlucon Prov  1,322 p. 12
’12 Bourges   Prov  1,975 p. 20
              Zone  5,333 p. 26
              Nat  14,598 p. 110
’12 Salbris   Prov  1,100 p. 44

She is a daughter of Rapido I BE04-2298053 (a direct Patricia Verhaegen, a great breeder and sire of Miss Rapid, Fast Boy, Rapid Girl, Favoriet and of course Just Wait) x Xena BE06-6413719 (winner of a 2nd nat. Argenton 5,034 p. and third fastest of 35,344 p, 89th nat. Bourges 11,759 p. etc. She is a pure Marcel Wouters hen. Click here for the full pedigree

-Black Lady BE11-6226316
She was electronically clocked just one second behind Just Wait and she had to be satisfied with a second national place. She also won a 9th nat. Bourges and a first prize from Dourdan-Angerville earlier this season:

’13 Angerville        615 p. 1
’13 Argenton  Prov  1,446 p. 2
              Nat  16,363 p. 2 (behind loft mate Just Wait)
’13 Angerville      1,799 p. 23
’13 Chateauroux Zo  3,270 p. 26
’12 Bourges   Prov  1,975 p. 2
              Zone  5,333 p. 2
              Nat  14,598 p. 9
’12 Blois  Intprov  1,108 p. 9

She is a daughter of Favoriet BE06-6346026, an excellent racer (winner of 1st Noyon 566 p.) and breeding pigeon and a half brother of Just Wait (as a son of Rapido I x Witpen Bourgeske) x Black & White BE06-4346099, winner of a 2nd nat. Ace Pigeon Entente Belge with an 8th nat. Argenton 5,208 p, 49th nat. Souillac 7,315 p, 65th nat. Argenton 7,353 p, 151st nat. Limoges 11,995 p. etc. (as a daughter of top pair Wittekop Sylvester x Willyke). Click here to see her full pedigree.

Black & White, the dam of Black Lady - 2nd Nat Argenton

Top class breeder Wittekop Sylvester, grandfather of 2nd Nat Argenton

They had won the first and second national prize but that was not the end of the story. There was a whole group of pigeons that arrived at the loft shortly after. The overall result from Argenton at provincial level in Antwerp looks as follows:

Argenton Prov  1,446 old birds:
1-2-78-99-100-108-128-193-195-196-255-280-368-369-399-411 (16/21)
Argenton Prov 2,768 yearlings:
4-26-32-39-67-74-204-233-269-272-293-298-452-652-810 (15/40)

The national top three in the yearlings’ category was won by fanciers from Antwerp as well and Bart and Jurgen will win a 4th national place with their first yearling. In fact they basketed the exact same team for Argenton as they did for Montluçon two weeks ago, where they had a great result as well:

Montluçon  Nat Zone B1 against 2,545 old birds:
1-2-3-6-9-14-24-70-78-80… (en 20/24)
Montluçon Nat Zone B1  against 3,721 yearlings:
2-4-5-9-16-17-19-23-26-27-28-44-51-105-106… (26/51)

The Geerinckx pigeons have been performing very well in other lofts as well. Premier Van Tilburg from Baarle Hertog won for instance a third national prize yearlings with a 100% Geerinckx pigeon, a grandson of Gladiator. In fact both parents are direct Geerinckx pigeons.

Many congratulations to the Geerinckx team! Bart and Jurgen, keep up the good work!


Dag Bart en Jurgen.

Van harte gelukgewenst met uw fenomenale prestatie.

Ik heb een vraag:

De zwart-bonte duiven...

Ik denk daar tekenen van Theo Gilbert(Zulte) duiven in te herkennen.

Uit de totale verkoop 1985 in Beervelde.

Waarom vraag ik dat?
Wel omdat in de jaren zestig deze soort bij mijn vader fantastische resultaten behaald heeft.
En deze soort blijft bij interesseren.
Of ben ik helemaal mis...?


Dag Georget ,

waarschijnlijk hebt ge maanden geleden mijn berichtje gemist ? Ik heb al eens gemeld dat Bart en Jurgen ook de panter soort van Fons Slaets op de hokken hebben m.a.w dus de soort van Gilbert uit zulte als ik me niet vergis .

met vriendelijke groeten



Dank u Gunther.
Nu is mij alles duidelijk.

Congratiulations guys ... TOP !!! TOP !!! TOP !!!