Astounding performance from Pieter Veenstra (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) in Sens

Pieter Veenstra showed in the race from Sens that he will be a force to be reckoned with once again this season. He had a great overall result in the one day long distance race from Sens, with no less than 12 pigeons getting a 1 on 100. A magnificent result.

The Veenstra family

Sens, a brilliant result

The one day long distance race from Sens took place on 10th of June 2017 in Province 11 Friesland, with as much as 5,481 pigeons at the start line. Pieter Veenstra had basketed 33 pigeons, and 24 of them have managed to win a prize, including several early arrivals. After a disastrous race from Pontoise Pieter did not really know what to expect for the remainder of the season but he was pleasantly surprised with the performance of his pigeons in Sens; here is a look at their impressive overall results:

9-16-17-19-20-21-29-40-41-42-46-54-92-115-153-158-203-206-253-277-etc. (33/24)

Pieter races his pigeons in double widowhood. They have two one hour training flights per day. Pigeons that fail to keep up will not be allowed in the team, because they might disturb the training regime of the other birds. Pieter has kept the lights on in the loft for the past three weeks, this to improve their fitness for the one day long distance competition. You can tell from the race from Sens that this has been a very successful approach indeed.

Top class pair Da Vinci x Special Blue

We have taken a closer look at the pigeons that won a top 100 prize in the race from Sens. We noticed that almost every single one of them is related to the renowned pair DaVinci x Special Blue. Here is an overview:

prijs  9: NL16-1817727 hen  (pedigree)
prijs 16: NL16-4280044 hen  (pedigree)
prijs 17: BE16-6092571 hen  (pedigree)
prijs 19: NL16-1098490 hen  (pedigree)
prijs 20: NL16-1817739 cock (pedigree)
prijs 21: NL16-1817686 hen  (pedigree)
prijs 29: NL16-4280017 hen  (pedigree)
prijs 40: NL16-1817778 hen  (pedigree)
prijs 41: NL15-4273190 hen  (pedigree)
prijs 42: NL16-4280054 hen  (pedigree)
prijs 46: NL16-4280006 hen  (pedigree)
prijs 54: NL15-4273232 cock (pedigree)
prijs 92: NL13-1817409 cock (pedigree

As you can see, the descendants of breeding pair DaVinci x Special Blue have been among the most successful pigeons in Drachtstercompagnie. Pieter is well aware that this bloodline has become an integral part of his family. It has been crossed with other renowned birds on a regular bagsis as well. We take a detailed look at this prominent breeding pair:

Da Vinci 

Special Blue

Mr. Blue, the sire of Special Blue

The pigeons that we discussed in this article have played a major role in the race from Sens, where Pieter Veenstra proved particularly successful. Da Vinci and Mr. Blue were excellent racing birds themselves, but they proved even more valualbe in the breeding loft. On top of that, their super class daughter Special Blue has bred several talented racing birds as well, making her arguably one of the world's best breeding hens at the moment.

A pleasant surprise

Pieter Veenstra was pleasantly surprised with his great result from Sens. Did it set a new bar for the remainder of the season? We will be watching him and we'll keep you posted. In any case, he has already one top result on his palmares this season. Congratulations!