Anthony Maes (Waregem) excels in his own loft while breeding the national winner from Chateauroux old birds

In the wake of his previous national first prize and several provincial victories, Anthony now claims a 3rd national Chateaurous Yearlings. Meanwhile, fellow fancier Roger Velle claims the national first prize old birds with a 100% Maes!

​Anthony and Chantal Maes

The longer middle distance

Anthony was determined to make it to the top in the longer middle distance competition, and he clearly invested a lot of time and effort into this project. You can tell from the impressive pigeon lofts and his top quality pigeon collection that there is a highly proficient fancier at work here.

The wonderful lofts in Waregem

A top level player since a few years

Anthony used to race in Roeselare but when he moved to Waregem he was determined to become a top level player. Despite having a busy job, running a successful greengrocer's, he still manages to deliver great results on a regular basis.

And those include a 1st place in the PIPA ranking for the national races of 2015 with top class hen Papillon. He also wins a 1st National Argenton 2016, a 1st and 3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance 2015, and of course several provincial first prizes from Tours, Chateauroux, Argenton, Bourges, etc.

A top quality breed above all else

A proficient fancier like Anthony knows more than anyone else that a top quality breed is of crucial importance. That is why he decided to obtain nothing but the finest birds, capable of excelling in the toughest conditions. The line of Bonten Provinciaal has given some remarkably successful racing birds in particular. The team claimed a 3rd National Chateauroux yearlings, and the national first prize of 8,634 old birds happens to be a 100% Maes pigeon as well! Click here for the full pedigree of this national winner. Both this 3rd and 1st National are related to the Bonten Provinciaal bloodline.

References in other lofts

As we said, the national first prize in the old birds' race from Chateauroux was won with a 100% Maes pigeon, from the team of Roger Velle from Koksijde. In addition, the current leader in the PIPA ranking over 3, 4 and 5 races happens to be a 75% Maes pigeon as well; this bird (3094970/17) belongs to Roger & Jurgen Vervaecke from Deerlijk. These references clearly show that the team of Maes has a bright future ahead. If you can rely on a breed that wins races both at home and in other lofts, you can rest assured that you have everything it takes to become and to stay a top level player in the longer middle distance!