Another successful season for Pieter Veenstra (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) with his Dolce Vita line

Pieter Veenstra started the 2011 season with a team of latebred youngsters. He races his birds in a relaxed and spontaneous way but without losing sight of the quality of the pigeons. Pieter has won a 4th NPO Orléans with a latebred youngster that was bred from a brother of Dolce Vita.

After a clearance sale of all pigeons (except for the latebred youngsters which are now the racing team for 2012) it is not always easy to get things going again. Pieter was honest enough to say that it was not his main objective this year to have excellent results. In 2012 he wanted to spend more time with his wife and kids instead of being a fancier, day in day out. But still, he has managed to have a few good results this season with a small racing team of about twenty 2011 latebreds. They have only had a few races as preparation, but despite this they have done very well in 2012, with for instance a 4th NPO Orleans 2012.

Last weekend Pieter basketed his hens for the one day middle distance race from Orleans and to keep things simple they were raced on the natural system. They had just laid eggs and it seems that that was enough to keep them motivated. This resulted in another teletext notation from Orléans (4th NPO) against about 7,160 pigeons.

The winner of this prize was once again a Dolce Vita bird. Its sire, which was sold at the clearance sale, was Dolce Still Novo. This makes this descendant a relative of several first prize winners which are also descendants of Dolce Still Novo. In case you forgot we have published another picture of his world famous daughter Dolce Vita:

This is not the only success for the 2012 racing team. Let’s have a look at some of their best achievements this season:

Wychen     1,731 p.   1-33-41-51-59-68
Boxtel     1,945 p.   3-10-32-33-34-35-36-37-58
Boxtel       821 p.   9-34-36-64-93-94
Quievrain  1,084 p.   2-4-5-6
St.Truiden   748 p.   1
Pithiviers   482 p.   3-28-39-45-67
Orleans I    408 p.   3-14-65
Orleans II   518 p.   3-58

This proves once again that there is plenty of talent at the lofts of Pieter Veenstra. Even though pigeon racing is no longer his only focus, this year he is still capable of winning prizes. This is quite remarkable: few fanciers can actually be successful with a (rather inexperienced) round of latebred youngsters. It goes to show that the lines of Dolce Vita, Sissy, Mr Blue and Special Blue (and many more) are a very versatile family of pigeons. His latest result gives you an idea of the value of the Veenstra stock, both as racers and as breeders!

We wish Pieter and his family all the best in the up and coming races for youngsters. It seems that the Veenstra pigeons can also be successful in the races for young birds.


Pieter en Gea

Proficiat met jullie schitterende resultaten 2012 met deze kleine aantallen.
Maar weer een bewijs dat het om pure klasse gaat en niet om aantallen.


Diego en Noortje Wouters,


Dear Pieter &Gea,
Well done !!
Not only Pieter &Gea have super bloodline birds , but also have sparkling personality !
You have made a shinning example for all pigeon fanciers .
Your passion and your sharp eyes can lead you to a higher level for sure .
Yours sincerely

Congratulations Again Pieter and Gea !

Super performance !

Look for more in the Future !

My Veenstra Pigeons here at Little Reata Loft are breeding me winners too !

Thanks for all you have done for me and others in the Sport !

Gary Nelson
Little Reata Loft



Didier wailly

dear mr. veenstra,

kindly tell us which pigeons, in your almost total clearance sale except for one male super pigeon and one female super pigeon, were not chosen by the chinese buyer?

thanks and best.