André and Bert Leideman (Hardenberg, NL) show their cards very early on in the season

We are just a few races into the season and yet André and Bert Leideman already know that their racing team is ready to deliver some great results in the next couple of months. Their racing birds have already won a number of top prizes and some great overall results as well.

André (l) and Bert (r) Leideman

Over the years André and Bert Leideman have been able to almost dominate some of the most popular pigeon races on the calendar, as you can tell from their numerous first prizes against large numbers of competitors. They showed their potential again in the 2017 season, even though it has only just started. They competed in a race from Budel (162km) on 22nd of April in CC De Witte Paal (an informal Entente), winning a 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-etc. They added several more top prizes in Rayon 7 and Province 10 in the two weeks after that race as well:

29 April Heusden-Zolder Rayon 7 191 km.  2,267 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-6-18-19-20-21-22-24-25-39-
                                                   40-41-44-50-etc. (59/104)
                        Prov. 10        11,336 p.: 2-3-4-5-6-7-28-29-30-31-32-34-35 etc.
 6 May   Asse-Zellik    Rayon 7 247 km.  2,214 p.: 1-6-7-9-16-19-20-23-25-26-30-38-42-
                                                   43-44-45-47-48-49-50-etc. (65/105)
                        Prov. 10        11,343 p.: 1-16-17-21-42-49-50-etc.

Their excellent results in recent seasons can be mainly attributed to a select group of pigeons, which we will now discuss in closer detail. These are for sure the leading names in the Leideman pigeon family.

DV07237-11-1620 Golden Dream

Golden Dream originates directly from W. Stellerman (DE). The sire of Golden Dream is Blue Dream (A. Wouters, BE), a great racing bird and 1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB. He won 10 first prizes, each time from Quévrain against an average of 450 pigeons. The dam of Golden Dream is a daughter of Fieneke 5000 (Flor Vervoort, BE). Fieneke 5000 represented Belgium at the Blackpool Olympiad of 1999. Click here for Golden Dream's full pedigree. Her most valuable youngsters include Crack 19 (see above), Tesla (1st Asse-Zellik 11,745 p.) and One O 5.

NL14-1466919 Crack 19

Like we said, Crack 19 is one of Golden Dream's most highly regarded youngsters. Click here for the pedigree of Crack 19, which became 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Rayon 7 in 2016. His most important results include:

 4th Soissons    6,403 p.
 5th Morlincourt 5,943 p.
 6th Sens        4,237 p.
 6th Lorris      1,769 p.
11th Hapert      5,572 p.

DV07237-11-1597 Silver Dream

Silver Dream is a half sister of the aforementioned Golden Dream, and she comes from W. Stellerman as well. The sire of Silver Dream is again Blue Dream (1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB). The dam of Silver Dream is Aline, and she is a daughter of the outstanding Kleine Dirk (G. Koopman, Ermerveen, NL). Click here for the pedigree of Silver Dream. Silver Dream is the dam of Floyd (1st of 11,474 p.) and Voltar (1st of 342 p.), and she is also the great-grandmother of Vitória, which we introduce below.

NL14-1466945 Vitória

Vitória won a 1st NPO Nanteuil against 3,926 pigeons with a seven minute lead (467km). Click here for the full pedigree of Vitória. For our extensive report on Vitória's victory click here.

DV01274-14-72 Mentho

Menthol comes straight from the loft of German champion Wolfgang Roeper, which Bert and André met in the Utrecht Olympiad in 1995. The sire of Menthol became 7th National Ace Pigeon of Germany (2012) and he was an Olympiad Pigeon in Nitra in 2013. Menthol's dam is a daughter of Big Boss, 1st National Ace Pigeon Germany 2012. Click here for Menthol's full pedigree. He was paired to Golden Dream for a while, and together they bred One O 5, winner of the following prizes:

 2nd Niergnies    9,897 p.
 4th Tessenderlo 10,314 p.
 5th Asse-Zellik  2,573 p.
13th Reims        4,913 p.

DV01274-14-71 Torsten

Torsten is a full brother of the aforementioned Menthol, which means he comes from Wolfgang Roeper as well. Click here for Torsten's full pedigree. He was paired to Silver Dream when he became the sire of Voltár. Voltár won three top prizes in races of over 600km as a yearling, the least of which was an 11th prize of 800 pigeons.

DV01274-13-482 Antar

Antar is another of the many talented pigeons that André and Bart obtained from Wolfgang Roeper. He is a son of the 269, which represented Germany in the Nitra Olympiad, category H. The 269 attended the pre-Olympiad in Dortmund the following season as well, now in the all-round category. Click here to find out more about Antar's pedigree. Antar has shown to be quite a valuable breeding bird for the two brothers, having bred the '044', winner of a 2nd of 10,314 p. and a 3rd of 8,458 p. He is also the sire of Magrit.

NL16-1075866 Margrit

Margrit won the Juniors Derby from Morlincourt (417km) as a young bird in Province 10 in 2016, beating 4,634 fellow competitors. Besides this great victory she also won a 5th Asse-Zellik (201 p.), a 14th Wijchen (202 p.), a 238th Boxtel (9,108 p.) and a 734th Quiévrain (8,046 p.). The dam of Margrit has some excellent origins as well, coming from the Geeloger bloodline of Koen Minderhoud. Click here for Margrit's pedigree.

Another victory for a daughter of Silver Dream

The descendants of the aforementioned pigeons continue to win top prizes season after season, and the most recent example is racing bird NL15-1234091. This hen is a full sister of the aforementioned Voltár, and she won a 1st Asse-Zellik of 11,343 pigeons on Saturday the 6th of May. This 091 is a direct daughter of Torsten x Silver Dream, which we talked about earlier on in this report.

NL15-1234091 (1st Asse-Zellik 11,343 p.)