Who wins the grandchild of New Laureaat in our 2017 Barcelona quiz?

The 2017 edition of Barcelona was a particularly demanding race that took a lot out of our pigeons. The rather low speeds came as a surprise to most of you that had joined our quiz, since no more than nine fanciers had guessed an average speed of less than 900 m/min. And as aways, there can be only one winner.

Our Barcelona quiz was a close call, with two fanciers finishing very close to each other: Gerard Rens (Herselt, BE) and Darko Milovic (Essen, BE). In the end it was Gerard Rens who made the winning bet of 876.000 m/min, taking a grandchild of New Laureaat with him to his loft in Herselt in Antwerp, Belgium. Congratulations to the winner and thanks to everyone who joined our quiz!

Gerard Rens will soon be expecting a grandchild of New Laureaat