Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race: Hotspot 4 – Prize Money Results

Hotspot 4 was held on Saturday 30th December from Mlonyeni, 279 km South East of Victoria Falls. The degree of difficulty is increasing and this race proved to be the most difficult so far. The wind has swung to a prevailing North West wind (headwind) and on race day there were clear skies and high daytime temperatures.

Most late birds sit and wait for cooler weather to continue home, coming late afternoon or the next day.

  • 1547 pigeons went to the race.
  • 36 pigeons arrived in the first 5 minutes of winning bird  2.3%
  • 187 pigeons arrived in the first 15 minutes  12.1%
  • 384 pigeons arrived in the first 30 min 24.8%
  • 534 pigeons arrived in the first 1 hour 34.5%
  • 613 pigeons arrived in the first 2 hours  39.6%
  • When the race was stopped there were 363 pigeons missing 23.5%

We would like to formally congratulate the following fanciers for taking the first 10 prize money positions:

The ACE bird standing after Hotspot 4 is as follows:

The ACE Bird competition can be followed at this link.