Verreckt-Arien (Tessenderlo, BE): Catalogue with top pigeons online

Next week, the total auction (minus a few young birds) of one of the best Belgian racing lofts in the past decade: Verreckt-Arien.

Below you can download the pdf version of the catalogue, presenting a few of the best birds.

Click here to download the pdf.


PIPA presents

Verreckt-Ariën from Tessenderlo (B)

Total auction (minus a few youngsters 2011)

This auction will take place via the internet in 2 parts, and can be followed on …

Part I : Start 28 November – End 11 December

Part II : Start 5 December – End 18 December

The auction which the entire ‘International pigeon world’ is eagerly looking forward to

This internet auction will be organised by PIPA ( and can be followed there ‘online’!  

More information?

Send us an e-mail auctions@pipa.beor call  0032 472 71 77 28 or 0032 9 374 38 87


This gonna be another great auction ! good luck to everyone ! Wink

Pascal & Agy,

best wishes for the auction and also to you both and the boys for the future.

I have been fortunate to visit your home and see and handle this fantastic team of pigeons several times and the sheer depth of quality housed in the lofts took my breath away. I have to say they are the finest team of one day pigeons I have ever had the pleasure to handle (and I have visited plenty of top lofts in the UK/Belgium/The Netherlands) in the last 25 years.

As a subscriber to De Duif it was impossible for me to ignore the performances put up year after year (getting stronger every year)the pigeons of Verreckt-Arien were putting up and I had to visit to see for myself, I was not disappointed with what I saw, handled and learnt.

I have recommend the pigeons and Agy and Pascal as people to several fanciers in the UK and all those who took the advice were of the same opinion as myself and purchased pigeons.

Kind Regards


Well Said Stuart I couldn't agree more with you . I had the pleasure of visiting this good loft with my very good friend Paul Douthwaite From Scarborough,who was purchasing bird from this loft ,and like Stuart,I just couldn't find fault with the whole set up . Good luck