Use our club pages to instantly send your club results to your members

Now that fanciers are no longer officially required to keep their birds indoors, everyone is starting to get ready for the first races of the season. This means we will see numerous club results being published every week. The quickest and easiest way to spread them among your club members is by using our highly popular Clubs pages.

Up to date in an instant

In the midst of the racing season everyone wants to know his own results and that of his opponents as quickly as possible. Rather than waiting for the printed results to be delivered, you much rather prefer to have the results on your screen almost instantly. We can tell from the more than twelve milion page views that our club pages get over the course of the racing season. As a club member you can follow any club you want, receiving the latest results instantly, as well as any other club news. No more waiting!

Just a few mouse clicks away

As club manager you want to send your latest results to your club members as quickly and easily as you can. Well, nothing beats digital results in terms of speed, and our club pages will even notify your members automatically when a new result is available. Does it take much time to publish results on your club page? No, you can get your results online in exactly three mouse clicks, available for everyone! It could not be easier.

Create your own club page today

Our club pages provide without doubt the quickest and least time consuming way to send your club results to your members. They no longer have to wait for the printed version and you need not even notify them about an upcoming result. Go and create your own club page today!