Today is the final day for 4 auctions! A.o. Jewels of the Sky & Long distance collection by Roger Debusschere

Today is the final day for 4 auctions. Below an introduction on every auction. You find these auctions by clicking "Auctions" in your menu.

S&L Knowles: Auction of best racers & breeders
Stuart Knowles caused a big sensation with his Vandenabeele & Lindelauf breeders in England. Both children of Lindelauf’s ‘Mirakel’, ‘Wonderboy’ and their exceptional family as Dentergems class breeders of the ‘Wittenbuik’ dynasty gave them an enormous boost of quality. All the best breeders together with top children will be auctioned … and they are not just any old pigeons, with many winners in big races!

Jewels of the Sky December I
Pipa presents Jewels of the Sky 2011-2012 - The 360°edition … the 7th edition of the most prestigious pigeon auction in the world in which the top of the global pigeon world offer extra classy pigeons … from October to January, two auctions every month in which super breeders, racers and youngsters are sold … and every year all records are broken! In these auction you can find pigeons from Norbert Ally, Gino Clicque, G.&C. Cooper, Rudi De Saer, Chris Hebberecht and Vredeveld-Leemhuis.

Long Distance Collection by Roger Debusschere
The urge to distinguish himself turned out to be the basis for the unique extreme long distance collection of Roger Debusschere. A rare collection, including many pigeons which are no longer attainable! Together with PIPA a very strict selection was made for the pigeons on offer.

Europa Classic One Loft Race
The Europa Classic One Loft Race is the Longest running One Loft Race in Europe, that has also paid out more money than any other One Loft Race in Europe over its Ten Year History. It has attracted many thousands of birds from some of Europes top flyers like of Janssen Bros, G Koopman, D Van Dyke, A&H Reynaert, etc. They have all competed in this great race! Each year the birds are flown over the Very tough route from Scotland in the North, to the Bottom of Wales in the South! During the race, the pigeons fly over the Penine Mountains (the highest point in England), with invariable head winds that are a constant test for the birds along the entire route together with the rain that Wales is famous for at the home end!



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