Today the final day of the August Auction! You can find the auction by clicking the banner in the left top corner

Today is the final day of the first auction of the PIPA Auction Season, 78 birds in total are auctioned. You can find the auctions also by clicking 'Toppigeons for sale' in the menu on top.
To go directly to the auctions: Click Here


wow!!amazing if only i have the resources to purchase this amazing flying machine of yours!!it would be great start for me in racing pigeon here in philippines. Very Happy

This is amazing birds ... i want this birds but the cash is to small for this pigeons . Sorry for my ,, english ,, i don't know more .... Very Happy

hi christian... san ka sa antipolo nakatira.. i am also a nwe pigeon enthusiast.. hope we could meet up one time... i also live in antipolo