Spring exhibition The Netherlands in Expo Houten (NL): a major success in a warm atmosphere

Last weekend saw the 23rd edition of the annual spring exhibition in Houten. This pigeon fair has become one of the most appealing and most enjoyable pigeon events across the globe.

No spring exhibition without them: sellers of youngsters and a whole range of pigeon products

The exhibition halls in Houten, where Pieter Kos organised his spring event for the 23rd time, welcomed approximately 8,000 paying visitors last weekend. We talked to Pieter after the event, and he told us he could not be happier with how things have unfolded last weekend. The number of visitors turned out to be almost the same as in previous editions, despite the fact that about 40 to 50 international bus trips were cancelled due to the weather. In fact, many more potential visitors from abroad were planning to make the trip on their own, but were also forced to stay home due to the conditions. If all these fanciers had made it to the event last weekend, we would have no doubt seen a record breaking number of visitors to the exhibition halls in Houten.

With so many international guests having to stay home, the pigeon sellers had to put in a bit more effort compared to previous years, and we saw a number of exhibitors selling pigeons on Sunday, the same exhibitors that had been sold out on Saturday in previous editions. One of the few advantages of the weather conditions was that visitors still had a better chance of finding an interesting pigeon even on Sunday.

Several one loft races were attending this year's event as well

We asked Pieter Kos about how he felt about his exhibition: "There has been a very positive atmosphere around this event: there was a positive vibe in and around the exhibition halls, most visitors spent a lot more time here compared to previous years, and people were still queueing to get in even after 3pm Saturday afternoon." In other words, The Netherlands can look back on another highly successful exhibition weekend.

The PIPA stand attracted many visitors, as always.

The winners of the PIPA rankings were there as well, although not everyone was as eager to get his picture taken

"De Allerbeste" sports gala – Neerlands Postduiven Orgaan NPO

The first ever "De Allerbeste" sports gala took place on Saturday 3rd of March, hosted by the NPO. It was an interesting event for anyone attending the exhibition in Houten either on Saturday or Sunday.
It proved a fantastic event, where all the winners were celebrated over the course of an entertaining evening, with a big audience and good food.
Their championship was based around the FCI Olympiad regulations, making this "De Allerbeste" championship a preliminary round for the upcoming Olympiad.
This approach gives them the most honest results, and many fanciers were already suggesting to use this method in the championships as well.
According to this method, each winner is also the best of hundreds of thousands of pigeons. And what makes things even better, is that a fancier does not have to send in his results; it all goes automatically. The very best pigeons were displayed in gold cases over the course of the event, at the stand of NP Orgaan. This is what it looks like:

Another unique feature is that the winner in each category was given an NPO sports award of the "Allerbeste", the equivalent of the oscars for Dutch pigeon fanciers.
Enjoy our short photo report.

Ballroom dancers entertained the audience throughout the evening.

All the winners of the "De Allerbeste" awards together in one picture.

Yearlings:1: W.B de Kruijf, 2. W.A. de Bruijn, 3. G&S Verkerk

Old birds: 1,3; Derksen vd Keuken, 2. H&E Eijerkamp

All Round: 1. Derksen vd Keuken, 2. Huib Edelenbos, 3. J.Kat & Zoon

Harrire Meijners of the NPO handing out the NPO sports awards to the respective laureates.