Popular Spring Exchange in Houten (NL) is the leading event for the European pigeon sport

On March 3rd and 4th, the organisation will open their doors for the many thousands of visitors who all want to join the initial starting shot of the coming season. To join the latest trends and developments, an event with this scale with 10,000 square meter floor surface needs a considerable preparation time, which is now nearing its completion.

The organization reports a growing interest of exhibitors from one loft races and strong fanciers.

The last group sells their first or second round youngsters. Exhibitors who offer their first round for sale usually pair up around the turn of the year and have the pigeons in this period on eggs. There is also a considerable preparation time for them to participate in such an event.

The registrations for Europe's biggest spring event are already in full swing for several months. With a few free places to go, the complex of Expo Houten is full to the brim. For this 23rd edition, the organization predicts a growth of 10% of the number of exhibitors. In order to keep up with all this growth, some corridors have been shortened and the small terrace in hall 1 has been sacrificed. Seating places are sufficient in Expo Houten anyway, because on the large terraces in hall 2 and 3 and in the cozy café and restaurant some 700 visitors can stretch their legs.

First full service event in the world

Last year, the organization revealed that Houten is the first event in the world where purchased pigeons can be transported by exhibitors present at the exhibition. Purchased birds are easily delivered to the address of the buyer. Most pigeon transporters and even quarantine companies are present during the Spring Exchange to transport pigeons to all corners of Europe and even worldwide by plane. The trend is set last year, exhibitors and visitors will see in the coming years that more and more visitors will travel to Houten by plane. With this, the largest Spring Event in Europe will appeal to new target groups and the event will become even more international. Especially for UK and Irish fanciers, a trade stand will be occupied by Walkers Euro Transport to deliver your purchased pigeons to your doorstep within no time!

More than 250 exhibitors are unique in Europe

To see everything in Houten, it is impossible to race across the exhibition floor. If you are planning a visit to the Spring Exchange, plan sufficient time. In more than 20 years, organizer Pieter Kos has built an exhibition with name & fame. It is precisely this charisma that guarantees fine pigeon fun every year, but also renewed acquaintance with like-minded people. So, just enter the exhibitor’s stall and pick up info, that is, as already mentioned, the ultimate chance to get the best possible information and products for your pigeons as a fancier.

We recommend potential visitors who organize a bus trip or enthusiastic fanciers who are planning a visit by plane, to contact the organization by e-mail. With their years of experience, they have many tips that they would like to share with you. The email address is: toonf lni.frps@pofr

The exhibition plan 2018 with the impressive list of exhibitors will be released in early February. Also then you will be further informed via this website. Don’t forget;

Save the date: March 3 & 4!

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