PIPA launches two new features aimed at further improving user friendliness

User friendliness has always been a key objective for PIPA, and so we have added three new features to our auction platform: a general search filter that lets you search for pigeons across all our auctions, the 2011-2017 auction archives, and the possibility to download all the details of one pigeon in a single PDF document.

General search function

There was already a filter for each individual auction but we did not yet have a filter that allows you to search for a specific type of bird across all auctions simultaneously. This general filter has now been added to the auction platform. Click the filter pigeons in all auctions button just below the overview of our current auctions, and discover the interesting offers across our entire auction series!

Export to PDF

Did you purchase one of our pigeons? You might want to keep all the details of your new purchase at hand as well. Just click the PDF button below the pigeon's checklist to get all the details in a single document: a picture of the bird, its pedigree, a picture of the eye, and any further details about its origins and the checklist. How easy is that!