PIPA launches PIPA Collectors Edition V at the Poznan Olympiad – order online from 28th of January

The fifth edition of our PIPA Collectors Edition will be presented for the first time at the Poznan Olympiad, from 25 to 27th of January; the book in premium quality print will be handed out for free. They will also be given away during the Fugare expo (Belgium) and the spring exhibition in Houten (The Netherlands).

With the high quality PIPA books being in such high demand, we increased the number of prints from 20,000 to 25,000 in English and Chinese. As such, the PIPA Collectors Edition reaches a worldwide audience. We remember people crowding around our stall at China's biggest pigeon expo in Lang Fang in November 2018 to try and obtain a copy. We now have stacks of copies ready to be distributed at the upcoming exhibitions in Europe, waiting to be added to your bookshelf.

Order a copy of the PIPA Collectors Edition online!

You are interested in getting a copy of our PIPA Collectors Edition V, but you are not planning on visiting one of our exhibitions? You can also order a copy online, from 28th of January! Just go to