PIPA launches brand new auction platform

PIPA has been working hard over the past twelve months developing an entirely new auction system. A more attractive layout, more logical navigation, and the possibility to place a bid on each page should contribute towards an even better buying experience. It begins on 4th of September.

Prioritizing user comfort and customer service

We strive for constant progress, and with this in mind PIPA decided one and a half years ago to develop a new auction system. The goal was to offer better service to our buyers and sellers, before, during and after the bidding process. It finally begins on 4th of September, with the first auction on our brand new platform. Here are some of the new features that will be available:

  • a more attractive presentation of our auctions, whether it be on a computer or a mobile device
  • a visual overview of the pigeons on auction with pigeon pictures and more
  • a more logical navigation system with just an overview and the adjacent pigeon pages
  • a bid button on each auction page: on the overview page as well as on the pigeon and favourites pages
  • a 'follow button' for future auctions so that you get automatically notified when an auction that you follow begins
  • the option to add multiple billing and delivery addresses

These are perhaps the two most important changes:

  • The prolonging of the closing time due to a late bid is shortened from 15 to 5 mintutes. This will quicken the bidding process and it ensures that auctions will not continue to run for several more hours, as was the case with the previous system.
  • The closing time for each pigeon will no longer be displayed in Belgian time but in accordance with your location, based on the time zone that you selected. An example: the closing time of a given pigeon is 4pm Belgian time. If you live in England, you will have selected the time zone for London (Great Britain), and as such the displayed closing time will not be 4pm but 3pm (1 hour earlier). For someone from New York the closing time will be 10am (6 hours earlier), assuming you have selected the New York time zone.

In short, we bring you a carefully developed system that will more than ever improve every single aspect of the bidding process.

Six years of valuable insights

The new auction platform goes online six years after introducing the previous rendition. Over these six years we came across many possible improvements to better serve our suppliers and buyers. After an extensive analysis, a detailed development process and thorough evaluation along the way we are convinced that our new auction platform will provide an even better buying experience for every single one of you.