Pigeon fair Fugare focuses on health and internationalization

The 7th edition of Fugare – the international pigeon racing fair – will take place in Kortrijk Xpo on 25 and 26 February 2017. With over 18,000 pigeon lovers, including quite some prominent fanciers, Belgium remains a leader in the sector. With exhibitors and visitors from over 15 countries, Fugare again prepares for the ultimate international pigeon meeting of the year.

Health is hot

Health is an important item in pigeon racing, which is why this is the key topic at the fair. Fugare boasts a wonderful offer in nutrition and food supplements as well as in the medical care of pigeons. A large variety of feed suppliers and providers of food supplements are present. If you like, you can pay a visit to Vanrobaeys, Versele-Lagae, Teurlings, Beyers, Natural, Vanhee, BIFS, etc. It is also possible to gather information from respected pigeon doctors, without prior appointment. In this respect, Ruben Lanckriet & Pascal Lanneau, specializing in GEN and DNA research in racing pigeons, will be happy to answer your questions. However, other big names such as Vincent Schroeder, Ferdi Vandersanden and Raf Herbots will be present. Finally, during Fugare, an exhibition on ‘Health and Care in Pigeon Sport’ will be set up, in collaboration with Tom Aerts.


Over 15 countries are represented at Fugare. Besides Belgian suppliers and pigeon fanciers, there are also companies from the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Croatia and even Taiwan. The fair has also quite an international public when it comes to the visitors. This internationalization of Fugare is also expressed in the range of exhibiting internal one loft races and award ceremonies supported by the FCI. The presence of foreign transport companies and auction sites such as PIPA, Herbots and One Pigeon Taiwan complete the international picture.

Extensive offer

At Fugare, it is not only pigeons, pigeon sale, nutrition and supplements. You also find all you need for your pigeon loft. Go to the stand of loft builders as Demster or the Dutch Habru for a turnkey or a customized solution. For the latest novelties in the field of electronic recording systems, you go to Benzing, Bricon, Unikon, Tauris and Mega Systems. This offer will be expanded with numerous accessories that are offered for sale.

Top fanciers from Belgium

Fugare again brings together some top fanciers such as Gino Clicque, Joël Verschoot, Marc and Geert Pollin, Marc and Franky Van De Walle, etc. and many Dutch fanciers who can serve the needs of the visitors and assist them in word and deed.

Practical information

FUGARE 2016 will take place in hall 6 of Kortrijk Xpo on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February 2017. Tickets cost € 9, women and children visit the fair for free. Discount vouchers of € 1 can be requested via the new website ( but are also available in all pigeon clubs. For clubs who arrange a bus, we have special conditions: free parking for the bus and 1 free ticket for every 10 paying visitors (please request via oeg.r muri@jopckxatorfk)!

(Comment from the editor: Subject to the decision of the Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain pigeons will be present at the Fugare fair.)

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