New auctions: Youri Deblanc, Kurt & Raf Platteeuw, Ben de Keijzer, Rik Cools, WD van Tuil, April auction, Samuel Mbiza, Eddy van der Pijl, Olivier Carlier, Mike Ganus, Alfons Klaas & Marc de Cock

Monday the 15th of April, these new auctions start: Youri Deblanc (BE), Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (BE), Ben de Keijzer (NL), Rik Cools (BE), WD van Tuil (NL), April auction, Samuel Mbiza (SA), Eddy van der Pijl (NL), Olivier Carlier (BE), Mike Ganus (USA), Alfons Klaas (DE) & Marc de Cock (BE).

Youri Deblanc (BE)
Youngsters of the best racing and breeding birds

The Belgian upcoming talent Youri Deblanc has been making big strides in the national and international competitions in recent years, with the help of the Julien dynasty. Julien (Vermander x Lippens) was himself a very successful racing bird with a 7th Nat. Irun, a 51st Nat. Pau and an 80th Nat. Chateauroux to his name, before transforming into an invaluable breeding bird! His bloodlines were paired to pigeons of the PIPA Elite Center; youngsters of Porsche 911, Boxter, Porsche Cayenne, etc. Youri is now selling four carefully selected late young birds from 2018, originating from the best breeders in his team today: Crack Julien (6th Nat. Montauban and 51st-60th Nat. Zone), Young Julien (8th Nat. Brive), Zoon Crack Julien (2x 1st prize and 3rd Nat. Brive 2016) and Princess Julien (3x 1st prize & 3rd Int. hens St. Vincent 2017). Pigeons from each of these talented youngsters of stock breeder Julien, paired to the best bloodlines of the PIPA Elite Center will be sold in auction!

Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (BE)
Youngsters of their best breeders

The name of Platteeuw was once again the center of attention in Belgium! Kurt and Raf claimed a 1st and 2nd National Tulle yearlings, which was a crowning achievement after a fantastic season, in which they scored a record-breaking 124 x top 100 National prizes, and adding to their previous 3 x 1st National wins. Kurt is known as “Mr All Round”, winning 7 in the top 9 KBDB National Ace Pigeons All Round, and a total of 10 x KBDB National Ace Pigeons in just one year. This achievement has never been seen before, and possibly will never be seen again! He puts his success down to his revolutionary system, with his incredible team of birds racing 5700 km in 10 races over 12 weeks! In addition, the two fanciers had the 1st and 2nd best yearling in the Belgian one day long distance PIPA ranking 2018 in their team. PIPA asked the multi-winners to come up with a selection of youngsters from their best breeders. An invaluable group of birds will be put up for auction, mainly centered around the line of Cannibal, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon sprint KBDB olds 2017 for Rony Calus. This bloodline is now thoroughly incorporated into the existing breed of Kurt & Raf Platteeuw. In fact, many of their recent results can be attributed to this very line, including 3 of their KBDB National Ace Pigeons 2018.

Ben de Keijzer (NL)
Jonge Supercrack collection

Ludo Claessens has an incredible legacy in the international pigeon racing scene. After his total sale on PIPA in early 2009, his pigeons proved exceptionally valuable to those that were willing to invest. Dutch top fancier Ben De Keijzer is proud of his fantastic pigeon collection, in which the Ludo Claessens breed takes up a prominent role. Ben is now selling mostly (inbred) grandchildren of the famous Jonge Supercrack, the world's most expensive pigeon worldwide with a 110,000 euro price tag. Fanciers from China have been highly successful with the descendants of this top breeder over the past 10 years.

Rik Cools (BE)
Youngsters of his best breeders

Rik Cools has been a reputable breeder and supplier of highly talented birds for many years now. He claimed quite a few provincial and national top results at home, but what really boosted his reputation was the fact that so many other lofts have excelled with the help of his pigeons. Many fantastic results have been won with the descendants of the invaluable stock dam Marieke. We are now selling a group of young birds from 2018 bred from his best breeders, which are all closely related to Marieke. And some pigeons are also inbred to the fantastic Schone Bliksem, the Super Pou Pou bloodline, the Lady Messi bloodline, 1st prov. ace pigeons Bolleke and Florence, 2 x 1st prov. winner Amigo Debacker, and many others.

W.D. Van Tuil (NL)
Total auction

The pigeon racing community lost a colourful character with the passing of Wim Van Tuil. Wim had been the man to beat in Province 7 for many years, and his 1st-1st-2nd-3rd NPO in 2018 underlined the many qualities of this top class pigeon breed. Wim also won four cars in various pigeon races, which explains his nickname 'Car specialist in The Netherlands'. This fancier had quite a palmares, including a number of national titles. PIPA was asked to offer his pigeon collection for sale. The pigeon breed of one of the great champions of central Holland will now be put up for auction.

April auction

When one door closes, another door opens. That pretty much sums up this PIPA auction. Unfortunately it happens occasionally that a fancier betrays our confidence, especially when a fancier places a bid that turns out not to be within his financial means. Pigeons that did not change owners are now offered for sale a second time in this 'non-payers auction' on PIPA.

Samuel Mbiza (SA)
Dam Prince Rudy + Gabriella & youngsters of Golden Prince

Samuel Mbiza was making international headlines for quite some time following the record-breaking purchase of Gino Clicque's Golden Prince. Samuel Mbiza purchased Golden Prince as the world's most expensive bird ever at the time, with a sale price of 360,000 euro. Meanwhile, Golden Prince changed owners in late 2018, with PIPA taking over the pigeon from Samuel. As a result of this transfer, the two hens that Samuel usually paired to Golden Prince will be sold in auction, along with a fantastic group of youngsters of 2018. These come straight from Golden Prince himself, paired to the two hens in question. Golden Prince's descendants have already won two titles of 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB for Gino Clicque. He is on his way to becoming an invaluable stock breeder and a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

Eddy van der Pijl (IT)
Best racing birds, including 2 2019 Olympiad Pigeons

This is an auction comprising nothing but national top class racing birds! We are selling pigeons from renowned Dutch and Belgian lofts, whose youngsters have claimed national titles, (inter)regional victories and numerous other top prizes in Italian pigeon racing competitions! A selection of fantastic racing bird from the world class breeds of Gaby Vandenabeele, Gerard Koopman, Dirk Van Dyck, Willem De Bruijn etc. will be put up for auction, including some Olympiad Pigeons and national ace pigeons! This is a unique opportunity to obtain pigeons with some Southern European flair!

Olivier Carlier (BE)
Performance pigeons, proven breeders & youngsters from the best pigeons

Like several other fanciers, Olivier Carlier became successful after the introduction of the Geerinckx pigeons. In partnership with his friend Adrien Mirabelle, several children of the most iconic pigeons from the Wommelgem based loft were purchased, like for example ‘Gladiator’, ‘Wittekop Sylvester’, ‘Wittekop Gladiator’ or ‘Luc’. The team Carlier started then to come to the fore and booked some astonishing performances with several victories and early prizes on the national races. The current best pigeons of this team will be auctionned on PIPA, like for example ‘Benny’ (1. Pithiviers Iprov 2.754 p., 3x top 48 national zone & top breeder), his full brother ‘Bart’ (1. Villemandeur Iprov 1.837 p. & top breeder) and also the ‘Olympic Patron’ (4. Belgian Olympic Pigeon Cat G Brussels 2017 & 1. Ace Pigeon Gouden Veer 2016), etc.
But the star of this auction is certainly the ‘Kleine Luc’ (son of the pair ‘Luc x Nationaal Treasure’ Geerinckx), a super breeding cock father & grandfather of several fantastic racers, including in the one loft races.

Mike Ganus (USA)
Sun city special

One of the leading names at international level is without doubt Mike Ganus. Over the past ten years, Mike has made it his goal to excel in the most prestigious one loft races, including most notably the Million Dollar Race, Victoria Falls and the Golden Algarve Derby, which are very demanding competitions. Mike has been working to create a most appealing team of breeders, including a large selection of Million Dollar winners and ace pigeons. These in turn enabled Mike to claim victory in the 2016 Million Dollar Race, and to dominate the 2017 Victoria Falls Classic. The number one breeder in his loft is Sun City, the sire of two different Million Dollar Race winners over the past 8 years. This is probably not a coincidence. This auction is all about top breeder Sun City.

Alfons & Helmut Klaas (DE)
Youngsters of their best breeders

The Klaas pigeon has a fantastic reputation across the globe. The pigeons of Alfons have demonstrated their enormous potential repeatedly over the years, in One Loft Races worldwide. And the 1st ace pigeon in the 2018 Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race is another major achievement for this breed. Breeding bird Purdey is on her way to becoming the team's new number one breeder. She claimed a 3rd place in the final of the Million Dollar Race a few years ago, and she developed into a highly valued member of the breeding loft later on. A nice selection of pigeons from the best OLR breeders will be sold in auction, making for a PIPA auction with international appeal.

Marc de Cock (BE)
Youngsters of his best breeding and racing birds

The breeding potential of Marc De Cock's team of champions is nothing short of phenomenal. The list of De Cock related pigeons with national first prizes or national championship titles to their name continues to grow every season. The list of references has almost grown out of proportion. One of the rising stars in Belgium is super class racing bird Rockefeller; he was 1st National Ace Pigeon Allround 2018 and he carries the invaluable LDHA AB DRD4 CTCC genes. This bird looks to have a bright future as a breeder indeed, stemming from a family of national winners and ace pigeons. In this Marc De Cock auction we sell a group of youngsters from Rockefeller and his sire, youngsters of 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Johan 275 (a renowned breeder) and of his brother Johan 275, as well as youngsters inbred to Superkweker 801 Aelbrecht. This is an auction of exceptional quality!