New auctions: Marcel Sangers & May Auction

Today, Tuesday May 15th, 2 new auctions will start. These auctions will end on Sunday May 27th.
Marcel Sangers (NL)
Youngsters from best breeders

The renowned Dutch fancier Marcel Sangers has really come forward as one of the most successful pigeon fanciers in The Netherlands in recent years. The team of Sangers-Ung really started to deliver just two years after introducing pigeons of Van Den Bulck & Stefaan Lambrechts. Sangers x Van Den Bulck proved a success formula; these fantastic bloodlines led to brilliant results, including a 3rd and 15th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance in the 'Allerbeste' competition and 10 first prizes in 2017. The early 2018 season has been great as well! We are now selling an exclusive group of birds from the best Van Den Bulck bloodlines, most of which are inbred to youngsters of Kittel, Olympic Rosita, Goede Rode, Broer Goede Rode, Ouders Olympic Rosita, Ouders Kittel, etc. We are also selling youngsters of the Lincia dynasty, the phenomenal Lambrechts pigeon whose youngsters and brothers/sisters are found across Marcel's pigeon family.

May Auction
Unfortunately it happens occasionally that a fancier betrays our confidence, especially when a fancier places a bid that turns out not to be within his financial means. Pigeons that do not change owners are now offered for sale a second time in this non-payers auction' on PIPA.