New auctions: Derby Arona, Gevaert-Lannoo, Pieter Oberholster, Jelle Jellema, Annick Goeteyn, Jan Kuijzer, Kas & Karel Meijers, Jelle Roziers, May Auction & Arpad Sudicki

Monday the 13th of May, these new auctions will start: Derby Arona (ES), Gevaert-Lannoo (BE), Pieter Oberholster (UK), Jelle Jellema (NL), Annick Goeteyn (BE), Jan Kuijzer (NL), Kas & Karel Meijers (NL), Jelle Roziers (BE), May Auction & Arpad Sudicki (SR)

Derby Arona (ES)
Winners and ace pigeons

Derby Arona has become a Household name in the fast growing world of one loft racing. This prestigious event gained a reputation as one of the world's most demanding one loft races, with long stretches across the water. This race is favoured by pigeons with exceptional endurance, pigeons from world class breeds. Many leading fanciers have sent some of their very best birds to the Derby Arona. We are now selling the best pigeons in the final and the best ace pigeons. This is your chance to obtain something truly special!

Gevaert-Lannoo (BE)
Youngsters of his best breeders
A big champion with a small team, that is how Paul Gevaert and Carlos Lannoo are often referred to. The successful Chateauke and Kaafke bloodline gained quite a reputation within team Gevaert-Lannoo; it proved an invaluable bloodline that combined really well with the Bliksem bloodline of Gaby Vandenabeele. It was a combination that led to terrific results. Ivanka became the team's new leading name in 2018, as 1st Belgian pigeon in the Olympiad in category H. Team Gevaert-Lannoo is now selling a fantastic collection of birds from their best breeders.

Pieter Oberholster (UK)
Youngsters of his best Gaby Vandenabeele breeders
Pieter Oberholster has quite a collection of invaluable breeding birds: a unique and very rare son of Bliksem, several youngsters of Bliksem's successor Rudy, and youngsters of top breeder The Returned Bliksem. These bloodlines have delivered in races across the globe, and they are almost guaranteed to lead to great results. Pieter came up with some fantastic inbred pairings from his best breeders, and some of their youngsters will now be sold on PIPA.
Jelle Jellema (NL)
Youngsters of the best racing birds of 2018

The breed of Jelle Jellema is without doubt one the most successful extreme long distance families of the past decade. His super class hen Kleine Jade put the icing on the cake in 2014 with a 1st International Barcelona, and he has been winning races at international level since! Jelle is now selling youngsters of his best racing birds of the demanding 2018 season, in what promises to be a highly exclusive auction. This is a unique opportunity for fanciers looking to obtain the best of the best in the extreme long distance.

Annick Goeteyn (BE)
Youngsters of her best racing birds

We have another group of pigeons of Annick Goeteyn about to be sold in auction. This time the 'grand dame' of pigeon racing picked a small group of pigeons, bred from the three leading breeding pairs of her team today. They are descendants of the old basis Tsaby 1 x Kim 1 and Orlando x Nicofelia. These pigeons have in turn paved the way for a long series of terrific results almost on a weekly basis. This is fantastic auction from a world class team from Belgium.

Jan Kuijzer (NL)
Total sale
The total sale of Jan Kuijzer marks the end of a glorious career of one of the best fanciers ever in Northern Holland. For decades, Jan has been the man to beat in the sprint and the middle distance, with the help of his Janssen Brothers bloodlines. Jan's deteriorating health has forced him to get rid of his reduced but carefully put together pigeon collection. This is a group of winners and renowned breeders from the family that dominated the north of Holland for many years; they will be sold in a top class auction.
Kas & Karel Meijers (NL)
Olympic Nicole Special, incl. top daughter of Olympic Nicole
Karel & Kas Meiers stole the show at the 2019 Olympiad in Poznan with their super class hen Olympic Nicole. This Heremans x Lambrechts star wins four first prizes, including a first prize of 7,115 and 1,315 birds. Meanwhile she also bred the winner of a 1st Duffel of 12,904 pigeons. And this fantastic hen is the star of the show in this PIPA auction. The other pigeons in this auction all originate from that same Olympic Nicole bloodline, which is based around some iconic names.
Jelle Roziers (BE)
Youngsters of his best breeders

The PIPA auction of Jelle Roziers from late 2018, in which he sold pigeons from his best breeders, was a major success. He had an average sale price of almost 7,000 euro, which illustrates the popularity of the Roziers pigeons. And they deserve to be popular: Jelle has been winning national first prizes and ace pigeon titles season after season with the young birds, which is his favourite competition. His many top results can be attributed to a solid team of breeders. Jelle could not have dreamt of a better breeder than Queen L; everything she touches turns into gold. And his direct Geerinckx pigeon Whity Bart has grown to become quite a successful breeder as well. Jelle is selling a group of pigeons from his best breeders.
May auction
When one door closes, another door opens. That pretty much sums up this PIPA auction. Unfortunately it happens occasionally that someone betrays our confidence, namely when a fancier places a bid that turns out to be beyond his financial reach. Pigeons that did not change owners are now offered for sale a second time in this 'non-payers auction' on PIPA.
Arpad Sudicki (SR)
2 Olympiad pigeons
A few of the best racing birds of Arpad Sudiciki from Serbia will be sold in an exclusive PIPA auction. He is arguably one of the best players in the Balkans. The first pigeon is his Olympiad Pigeon Boeing 747: winner of two first prizes, and originating from the bloodlines of De Rauw-Sablon x Marcelis. He is also selling his Olympiad Pigeon long distance White As. This bird comes from De Rauw-Sablon, with a bit of Dirk Van Den Bulck mixed in. And that's it: these two top class pigeons will be sold in a small but exclusive auction.