New auctions: Collector's Items & One Loft Race Special

Today, Tuesday February 7th, 2 new auctions started. These auctions will end on Sunday February 19th.

Collector's Items


In this auction series we sell youngsters from highly renowned pigeons, which have often been sold to foreign countries for a lot of money, or were no longer fertile due to their age. These pigeons are high value collector's items, and PIPA has brought together some of these pigeons in an online auction. This is an auction to look forward to, with a surprsing collection of pigeons with special origins.

One Loft Race Special


The world of One Loft Racing has grown substantially in the 21st century. Some of the world’s best fanciers have been competing in these races, hoping to gain international fame, and some pigeon breeds have been created solely for this special discipline. Besides the world famous Million Dollar Race in South-Africa there are many more one loft races in and around Europe that have been very popular among European fanciers. PIPA has brought together the best bloodlines of the most successful One Loft Race fanciers in a prestigious auction.

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