New auction: Les Green

Today, Tuesday October 31, 1 new auction started. This auction will end on Sunday November 12.
Youngsters of Dirk van den Bulck breeders + racing bird
Les Green is generally considered to be one of Great Britain's best fanciers of the past twenty years. A member of top trio Wall-Lunt-Green, Les has been breaking numerous records, meanwhile becoming one of the UK's greatest stars. He managed to develop an outstanding breed in recent years, based around pigeons of Dirk Van Den Bulck. These include youngsters of such renowned racing birds as Kittel, Olympic Rosita, Greipel and New Kittel, as well as Goede Rode, Broer Goede Rode, the parents of Olympic Rosita, Ouder Kittel, Golden Leo 999, etc. A group of youngsters from some exclusive pairings will now be put up for auction on PIPA.